Creator / Yui Ogura
Yui Ogura (小倉 唯) (born August 15, 1995) is an up-and-coming voice actress and Idol Singer from the Gunma prefecture of Japan. She is a former member of the Idol unit StylipS, and part of RO-KYU-BU! unit with her co-stars of the anime with the same name. She's been typecast as the Token Mini-Moe. Also tends to be a little sister. You should half expect Kaori Ishihara, her partner in the singing duo YuiKaori, to be in the same anime.

Her western counterpart is Christine Marie Cabanos.

Not to be confused with another voice actress who shares the same name as her, but with differing kanji in their given names (結衣). The other Yui Ogura is more active in the eroge business.

Ogura's roles: