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Creator: Timothy Spall
Timothy Spall is an English actor perhaps best known for playing what most consider repulsive characters, or otherwise, a Gonk. These include Peter Pettigrew from the Harry Potter films, Beadle Bamford in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Mr. Poe in A Series of Unfortunate Events and Nathaniel from Disney's Enchanted. In Shooting The Past, he played Oswald Bates, a bizarre genius who is more like Bunny-Ears Lawyer. He played Winston Churchill in The King's Speech, and Simon Graham in The Last Samurai.

He won Best Actor at Cannes for his portrayal of JMW Turner in the biopic Mr. Turner.

As for his personal life, Spall has been married since 1981 and has three children, the youngest of whom, Rafe, is 25 years old (and also an actor; they appeared together as father and son in the 2007 television adaptation of A Room With A View).

Tropes associated with Timothy Spall

  • Doing It for the Art: He studied painting for two full years before shooting even began on Mr. Turner so that he could knowledgeably portray one of Britain's greatest painters actually pursuing his craft on screen. He developed his skills to a point where he can copy JMW Turner's paintings and have his version be all but indistinguishable from the original.
  • Father Neptune: Although he is quite self deprecating of his skills as a mariner, he and his wife spent nearly seven years circumnavigating Britain in a barge named after their first grandchild. A significant portion of their trip was chronicled in the BBC series Timothy Spall Somewhere At Sea.
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