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TV3 is an Irish privately owned television network. It launched on 20 September 1998, becoming the country's first commercial broadcaster and a competitor for state broadcaster RTÉ.


The first and main television channel; it broadcasts a wide range of programming, relying heavily in its early years (and still now) on foreign shows. Notable original shows on this channel are:

  • Tonight with Vincent Browne: A news analysis, current affairs and politics programme that airs on Monday to Thursday nights and is hosted by the eponymous Vincent Browne. Browne is very well-known for being no-nonsense, straight-talking and abrasive style, especially when dealing with politicians who try and dodge his questions. He is famous for having caused various experienced politicians, such as Joan Burton and Conor Lenihan, to have embarrassing meltdowns live on air.
  • The 5.30: The news show that airs at 5.30pm. Its rival is the Six One, on RTÉ. Tends to be more American-style than its competitor, with fluff segments and "funny" anecdotes about waterskiing squirrels to finish.
  • MidWeek
  • Midday: A women's chat show at lunchtime.
  • IrelandAM : A morning show which has a combination of interviews, news and traffic reports.


The second television channel, aimed at the 15–35 age group. It replaced a previous channel, Channel 6 in 2009.

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