->''"TLC....does that still stand for The Learning Channel?"''
->''"Yes, [[NetworkDecay but you couldn't learn anything from it now if you tried]]."''
-->-- Website/PlatypusComix's article on [[http://www.platypuscomix.net/videos/toptwenty.html MTV's Top 20 Videos of 1984]]

TLC (former initialism for The Learning Channel) is an American cable TV specialty channel which initially focused on educational content, launched in 1980. The channel mostly featured documentary content pertaining to nature, science, history, current events, medicine, technology, cooking, home improvement and other information-based topics. In the 2000s, it began airing {{Reality Show}}s such as ''Series/TradingSpaces'', ''Series/JunkyardWars'', ''A Wedding Story'' and ''A Baby Story''. Due to the success of these shows, the channel revamped itself in 2006 to show mostly home improvement shows, and in 2008 started airing shows about people's personal lives. It's currently known for having [[LowestCommonDenominator shows about little people, huge families, and people who have controversial lifestyles]].

!!Currently Airing Shows:
* ''Series/NineteenKidsAndCounting''
* ''A Baby Story''
* ''Breaking Amish''
* ''Series/CakeBoss''
* ''DC Cupcakes''
* ''Extreme Cheapskates''
* ''Extreme Couponing''
* ''Four Weddings''
* ''High School Moms''
* ''Hoarding: Buried Alive''
* ''I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant''
* ''The Little Couple''
* ''Long Island Medium''
* ''My 600-lb Life''
* ''My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding''
** The Spinoff, ''My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding''.
* ''NY Ink''
* ''Police Women of Broward County'' (with spinoffs in Cincinnati, Dallas, Phoenix, and Memphis)
* ''Series/SayYesToTheDress''
* ''Series/ToddlersAndTiaras''
** The Spinoff, ''Series/HereComesHoneyBooBoo''
* ''Series/UndercoverBoss''
* ''Series/WhatNotToWear''

!!Former Shows:
* ''All-American Muslim''
* ''Series/JonAndKatePlusEight''
* ''LA Ink''
* ''Little People, Big World''
* ''Miami Ink''
* ''Series/TableFor12''
* ''The Lottery Changed My Life''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheWorldOfDavidTheGnome'' (Syndicated, part of the ''Ready Set Learn'' kids block in the 1990's).
* ''Pappyland'' (ditto to the above)
* ''Series/SwampCritters'' (ditto to the above)