Kevin J. Anderson is one of the more prolific, and controversial, writers of {{Expanded Universe}}s, having worked on the Franchise/StarWarsLegends, the ''Franchise/{{Dune}}'' prequels, ''Series/TheXFiles'' and ''VideoGame/{{Starcraft}}'' tie-ins, among others.

He has also written books for several universes of his own design, including ''Literature/TheSagaOfSevenSuns'', the ''Literature/GamearthTrilogy'', the ''Literature/DanShambleZombiePI'' stories, and ''Terra Incognita''.
!!Works by Kevin J. Anderson with their own trope pages include:
* ''Literature/{{Blindfold}}''
* ''Literature/DanShambleZombiePI''
* ''Franchise/{{Dune}}'' prequels/sequels:
** ''Literature/PreludeToDune''
** ''Literature/LegendsOfDune''
** ''Literature/HuntersSandwormsOfDune''
** ''Literature/HeroesOfDune''
** ''Literature/GreatSchoolsOfDune''
* ''Literature/EnemiesAndAllies''
* ''Literature/TheSagaOfSevenSuns''
* ''Literature/GamearthTrilogy''
* ''Literature/TheHellholeTrilogy''
* Franchise/StarWarsLegends:
** ''Literature/JediAcademyTrilogy''
** ''[[Literature/TheCallistaTrilogy Darksaber]]''
** ''Literature/YoungJediKnights''
** ''ComicBook/TalesOfTheJedi''
** ''Literature/TalesFromTheMosEisleyCantina'' (editor, and author of "Swap Meet: The Jawa's Tale")
** ''Literature/TalesOfTheBountyHunters'' (editor)
** ''Literature/TalesFromJabbasPalace'' (editor)

!!Other works by Kevin J. Anderson provide examples of:
* FantasyPantheon: In the ''Terra Incognita'' series, the supreme god Ondun has three sons: Jorun, who stayed to rule the literal Heaven on Earth, Terravitae, and his other two sons Aiden and Urec, who he sent out to explore the world and whose later quarrel formed the basis for the two religions in conflict in the story.
* SchizoTech: In the ''Terra Incognita'' series the general tech level is the usual MiddleAges type found in fantasy stories but the Saedrans use navigational equipment better suited to the 18th century that enable them to determine longitude and the Urecari [[spoiler:invent crude, balloon based airships]].