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Creator: Ken Arnold
Ken Arnold is an American actor whose birth date is not stated. He has been acting since 1970.

Works that he has appeared in:

  • Abduction: Thermal
  • Acting Cupid: Casey
  • All My Children: Oderly, appearing in the episode "Episode #1.8321"
  • America's Most Wanted: Paul Phillips, appearing in the episodes "Black Dahlia" and "Episode #19.2"; Kenny Hulshof, appearing in the episode "Episode #22.33"
  • Army Wives: Ice Agent Wyman, appearing in the episode "Strategic Alliances"
  • Behind Locked Doors: The Triangle Fire: Captain
  • Better Living Through Chemistry: Ed
  • Blue Bloods: Fat Cat, appearing in the episode "Domestic Disturbance"
  • Captain Valedor: Rick/Rickenvelt
  • Cecil B. De Mented: Swat Team Member (uncredited)
  • Classified
  • The Cool Minors: Triple K
  • Copley: An American Fairytale: Jason Vassel
  • CSI: Snackbar: Jack Goodall
  • The Date: Jake
  • Dog: Philip
  • The Dollhouse: Jesse Lester
  • Father Mc Givney: Father Hendricken
  • The Guiding Light: Government Official #1, appearing in the episode "Episode #1.15548"; IRS Agent, appearing in the episode "Episode #1.15386"; Wesson, appearing in the episode "Episode #1.15264"
  • Hack: Shane Newhart, appearing in the episode "Presumed Guilty"
  • A Haunting: Steve, appearing in the episode "The Presence"
  • The Haunting of Pearson Place: Steven
  • He Drove: Matt - Suave
  • House of Fallen: Tim De Hart
  • Invisible Man: Matt
  • Jamesy Boy: Guard #3
  • John Derek: Film Genius: Ethan
  • Law & Order: Man in Suit, appearing in the episode "Promote This!"
  • Love And Music: Rex
  • Lovely Molly: Samuels
  • Maestro Percival: Violinist Edward Percival
  • The Making of Spotlight: Ken Arnold
  • Manito: Prison Scene Cast
  • Mary/Mary: Q
  • Men In Black 3: Buzz Aldrin
  • Metermaid: Hero
  • Naked Radio: Steve
  • Notes from the Rogues Gallery: Lily's Father
  • One Tree Hill: Investor #2, appearing in the episode "Love the Way You Lie"
  • Our Last Supper: Kevin
  • Para Abnormal: Ken Livingston
  • The Pennsylvania Miners' Story: State Trooper Sianng
  • The Rendezvous: The Husband
  • Revolution: George, appearing in the episode "Chained Heat"
  • Sympathetic Details: Agent Hunt
  • Thru My Eyes: Stephen Whyte
  • Tommorow Is Today: Paul Peterson
  • Tryst: William Kendrick
  • U Need A Ride: Billy Ray
  • Veep: Neil, appearing in the episode "Hostages"
  • Washington Field: Captain Wickes
  • We Fight to Be Free: Captain
  • The Wereth Eleven: Max Hansen
  • The Wire: Car Theft Reporting Lt. (uncredited), appearing in the episode "Straight and True"

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