[=KAZe=] Co., Ltd. (カゼ・ネット) is a VideoGame company located in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan, and best known for their realistic [[DigitalPinballTables video pinball games]].

The company was founded in February 1987, initially releasing action games for the UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem. indulging in their love of {{Pinball}} games, they released ''VideoGame/SuperPinballBehindTheMask'' in 1993, which became a surprise hit.

Buoyed by success, [=KAZe=] changed their focus entirely on pachinko and pinball games, culminating in the highly acclaimed ''VideoGame/LastGladiators'' and ''VideoGame/{{Necronomicon}}'' for the UsefulNotes/SegaSaturn. Unfortunately, while pinball fans praised their titles, the mass market moved to other areas, and [=KAZe=] was not able to keep up with the public's changing tastes. The company tried to adapt by shifting to licensed games and cell phone games, with mixed results.

Today, [=KAZe=] focuses primarily on web development and IT consulation, with cell phone software as a secondary business. The official company website is [[http://kazenet.com/kaze/topeng.html here.]]

!!Video Games developed by [=KAZe=] include:

* ''VideoGame/SamuraiZombieNation'' (1990)
* ''VideoGame/TheKingOfRally'' (1992)
* ''VideoGame/SuperPinballBehindTheMask'' (1993)
* ''VideoGame/PachiSlotMonogatariUniversalSpecial'' (1994)
* ''VideoGame/SuperPinballIITheAmazingOdyssey'' (1995)
* ''VideoGame/PowerRangersZeoFullTiltBattlePinball'' (1996)
* ''VideoGame/LastGladiators'' (1996)
* ''VideoGame/{{Necronomicon}}'' (1996)
* ''VideoGame/KamenRider'' (1998)
* ''VideoGame/PunchTheMonkeyGameEdition'' (2000)
* ''VideoGame/KamenRiderAgito'' (2001)
* ''VideoGame/AkiraPsychoBall'' (2002)
* ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiPinballJudgement'' (2006)