Creator / Hamumu Software

Hamumu Software is a Shareware indie game development company run by Mike Hommel from the very comfort of his home in California. Assisted by his wife Solange Hommel (code named Sol Hunt) and a legion of an exceptionally loyal fanbase, the company specializes in what it calls "dumb games", which is their way of saying fun games that aren't meant to be taken seriously. If you play any of these, expect pretty much all of them to be overly nonsensical. Recently got a Facebookish revamp entitled Hamumu Clubhouse (though the name Hamumu Software is still used in the games). Check it out here, and remember, it doesn't get any dumber than this.

Games made and/or published by this company:

Hamumu Software shows examples of:

  • Asteroids Monster: Multimoss.
  • Casual Videogame: The games arguably count as this.
  • Catch-Phrase: "I'm kool kat bad!" As spoken by Bouapha and Kid Mystic whenever a level is complete.
    • Dr. Lunatic: "Get em' boys." "Aah, please don't kill me!"
  • Drop the Hammer: The main character of SPISPOPD (and his own series), Bouapha, uses big red hammers as his main weapon whenever he's a playable character. His playable appearance is not limited to the aforementioned games, though.
  • Enemy Scan: In most of the games, the enemy's health meter is displayed whenever you attack it. Also, the Monster Scanner from Supreme with Cheese (and the original version of Dr. Lunatic) fires a bolt of green energy that homes on the target for minor damage and gives a brief description and maximum life rating of the enemy (which only works if you haven't already scanned it).
    • The Justef Axe artifact from Loonyland 2: Winter Woods does this as well.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Several of the monsters from the games apply to this.
  • Expansion Pack
    • Costume Party has a Creator's Pass and three packs which add more tiles to use.
    • The original Dr. Lunatic at one point had two expansion packs, but were removed when Supreme with Cheese was released.
  • Heroic Mime: Outside of the aforementioned Catch-Phrase, none of the playable characters/protagonists have any type of dialogue whatsoever.
  • Level Editor: Costume Party, Dr. Lunatic, Hitsuji, Loonyland, Loonyland 2 Collector's Edition, Kid Mystic, Short Fuse, and Stockboy all have editors in game.
    • There are also unofficial ways to edit levels, like using another game's editor with the same engine, or fan-made editors.
  • Mascot: Yerfdog.
  • Nintendo Hard
    • Costume Party, a game consisting of user-made levels, has many insanely difficult levels, some being trial and error with invisible switches and blocks.
      • The difficulty of the levels are also rated by user-made levels, from one to five skulls. Because of people rating levels five skulls simply because they can't beat it, and sometimes one skull because they can beat it first try, the difficulty ratings are mostly inaccurate.
    • Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese on Lunatic mode makes everything virtually impossible.
  • Palette Swap: Can and will frequently occur in the games. Well, most of them anyway.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Despite Hamumu Software's otherwise "family-friendly" nature, the overall vibe of the community and the games fall into this category.
  • Rule of Fun: That's the name of the game regarding this company.
  • The 'Verse: The SPISPOPD, Adventures of Bouapha, and Loonyland series exist in one. Each of them exists as a kind of Story Arc.