FX (short for '''F'''ox E'''x'''tended) is the cable branch of the [[{{Creator/FOX}} FOX network]]. Although its operations are totally separate from Fox, it shares that network's aptitude for experimentation and is regarded as a network on par with {{Creator/HBO}} and {{Showtime}}, consistently producing critically-acclaimed series with major crossover appeal.

FX took pride in its early adoption of the internet to interact with viewers, but spent the 1990s running old movies and television shows. Its first foray into original scripted programming was ''Series/TheShield'' in 2002, which turned out to be a critical and commercial hit, winning a number of Emmys, Golden Globes, and other awards.

FX is notable for being led by executives who [[OneOfUs are actual television lovers]], who give notes that can actually make the show better. It is also famous for mostly producing comedies and dramas that revolve around [[AntiHero anti-heroes]]. This became such a prominent theme that then-network president Kevin Reilly once turned down a new show because it featured ''yet another'' anti-hero,[[note]]That show? ''Series/BreakingBad.''[[/note]] although they appear to have given up that fight.

The majority of FX's comedy shows moved to their own channel called FXX.

!!Shows on FX:

* ''Series/AmericanCrimeStory''
* ''Series/AmericanHorrorStory''
** ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryMurderHouse''
** ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryAsylum''
** ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryCoven''
** ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryFreakShow''
** ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryHotel''
* ''Series/TheAmericans''
* ''Series/AngerManagement''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}''
* ''Series/TheBastardExecutioner''
* ''[[Creator/RussellBrand Brand X With Russell Brand]]''
* ''Series/TheBridgeUS''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Chozen}}''
* ''Series/TheComedians''
* ''Series/{{Conquistadors}}''
* ''Series/{{Damages}}''
* ''Series/{{Dirt}}''
* ''Series/{{Fargo}}''
* ''Series/GrandHotel''
* ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia''
* ''Series/{{Justified}}''
* ''Series/TheLeague''
* ''Series/{{Legit}}''
* ''Series/LightsOut''
* ''Series/{{Louie}}''
* ''Series/{{Lucky}}''
* ''Series/ManSeekingWoman''
* ''Series/{{Mayflower}}''
* ''Series/NipTuck''
* ''Series/OverThere''
* ''Series/RescueMe''
* ''Series/TheRiches''
* ''Series/SaintGeorge''
* ''Series/SexAndDrugsAndRockAndRoll''
* ''Series/TheShield''
* ''Series/SonOfTheBeach''
* ''Series/SonsOfAnarchy''
* ''Series/{{Starved}}''
* ''Series/{{Sutton}}''
* ''Series/{{Terriers}}''
* ''Series/{{Testees}}''
* ''Series/TheyMarchedIntoSunlight''
* ''[[{{Series/Thief}} Thief]]''
* ''Series/TotallyBiased''
* ''{{Series/Tyrant}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Unsupervised}}''
* ''Series/{{Wilfred}}''
* ''Series/YoureTheWorst''

!!Tropes associated with this network:

* AdoredByTheNetwork: A two-sided version. Network president John Landgraf has gone to say that the only reason FX kept the critically-reviled ''[[{{Series/AngerManagement}} Anger Management]]'' on until December 2014 is that it brought in enough money to keep other shows on the air (though the DealWithTheDevil "90/10 model" the producer of that show insisted on also did that too). However, the same mistake wasn't made with lousy sitcoms starring George Lopez and Martin Lawrence under the same model, which each got ten episodes of contractual obligation before ending quietly.
* DoingItForTheArt / MoneyDearBoy: Network president Landgraf says that the only reason they kept shows like ''Anger Management'' on the air is to help fund smaller, more acclaimed series like ''{{Series/Louie}}'' and ''{{Series/Archer}}''
* ExecutiveMeddling: [[DefiedTrope Openly defied]]. Landgraf says that the upcoming adaptation of The Strain, regardless of popularity, will run for 3-5 seasons and nothing more. He even alluded to {{Creator/Showtime}} and {{Creator/HBO}} refusing to let their creators end their respective [[CashCowFranchise Cash Cows]] ''{{Series/Dexter}}'' and ''{{Series/True Blood}}'' before they suffered in quality.
* OneOfUs: Oh definitely.
* ProductionPosse: FX often collaborates with creators ShawnRyan and KurtSutter, and has actually given notes in order to put WaltonGoggins and Creator/MargoMartindale on new shows.
* {{Typecasting}}: Rare channel example, but FX is [[Series/TheShield well]] [[Series/RescueMe known]] [[Series/NipTuck for]] [[Series/{{Damages}} their]] [[Series/SonsOfAnarchy dramas]] [[Series/{{Justified}} featuring]] [[Series/TheAmericans complicated]] [[AntiHero Anti-Heroes.]] They even turned down ''{{Series/Breaking Bad}}'' in an attempt to avert this.