->''"Changing writing styles is like an actor taking on a different part."''

Evan Hunter (born Salvatore Albert Lombino, October 15, 1926 July 6, 2005) was an American author who also wrote under several [[PenName pseudonyms]], the best known of which is Ed [=McBain=].[[note]]He was born Salvatore Lombino, but legally changed his name to Evan Hunter in 1952.[[/note]]

One of his best-known novels as Evan Hunter is ''The Blackboard Jungle'' (1956), which was made into a film. Under the same name he also wrote screenplays for several films, including Creator/AlfredHitchcock's ''Film/TheBirds'' (1963) and adaptations of three of his own novels.

As Ed [=McBain=], he wrote crime fiction, particularly the "Literature/EightySeventhPrecinct" {{police procedural}}s and the "Matthew Hope" detective series.
!!Works by Evan Hunter with their own trope pages include:

* ''Literature/EightySeventhPrecinct'' series
* ''Film/TheBirds''