Cowardly Lion / Web Original

  • Chip from the web fiction serial Dimension Heroes.
  • Phase, from the Whateley Universe. While Team Kimba fearlessly charges into fights against supervillains, Phase is the only one who's really frightened. He still dives in like everyone else. He has claustrophobia, and his best trick is walking into solid matter which sets his phobia off. Or maybe he's the Only Sane Man in a comic book world.
  • Kurt acts like a very nervous and cowardly contestant in Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore and prefers not to fight when he can, but when push comes to shove he shows a terrifying martial ability, as proved by his takedown of Pause in Season 3, his leading the charge against Team Veterans in Season 4a and dropping Nebris from 10 hearts to 2 before Nebris even touches him in Season 7.
  • RWBY: Blake believes that her biggest flaw is that she runs away from her problems. She is convinced her entire make-up is designed around this flaw because her Semblance leaves clones behind whenever she dodges or flees, which take the hits that are meant for her. She fled from her past with the terrorist White Fang and especially her obsessive, overbearing and abusive partner, Adam. However, she's always there when her school colleagues, friends and team-mates need her help, she wants to become a Huntress to make the world a better place. When Adam attacks Beacon Academy and maims Yang, Blake flees Vale and goes on the run again. This time she goes back to her roots, trying to mend bridges with her family, and doesn't begin to develop the mentality to stand her ground until the end of Volume 4 when she decides to reform the White Fang from Adam's influence.