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Gambit is a Creator/MarvelComics character created by Creator/ChrisClaremont and Jim Lee first officially appearing in ''ComicBook/UncannyXMen'' #266 (August, 1990), due to the comic of his second appearance being released weeks earlier. Not too long after his birth in [[TheBigEasy New Orleans, Louisiana]], Remy [=LeBeau=] was kidnapped from the hospital by the [=LeBeau=] Clan Thieves' Guild. During this time he was both sought after and feared because of his [[TechnicolorEyes unusual black-on-red eyes]]. In part to protect him from a child trafficker, Jean-Luc [=LeBeau=], the leader of the Thieves' Guild, secretly sent Remy to be part of a gang of young pickpockets before adopting him as a Guild member and his son.

As a teen, he honed his thievery skills, learned acrobatics, Savate (a French martial art) and Bojutsu (bo staff fighting) and learned he had a mutant power. Remy has the ability to force objects to explode by "charging" them, converting their potential energy into kinetic energy. The bigger the item the longer it took to charge, so he preferred to use smaller items like his WeaponOfChoice, a deck of playing cards. Around this time he also gets mixed up with Mr. Sinister during a mission.

To placate and attempt peace between the Thieves' Guild and their rivals the Assassins' Guild, Remy married his first love Bella Donna, the granddaughter of the Assassins' leader. After the wedding, he was challenged by her brother Julien to a duel. Remy kills Julian and Jean-Luc has no choice but to exile him. Striking on his own as a thief for hire, [[PowerIncontinence his powers grow beyond his control]]. Mr. Sinister fixes the problem, but it comes with a cost. Gambit formed the [[PsychoForHire Marauders]] and led them into the New York tunnels on Sinister's order. The Marauders were responsible for the Morlock Massacre, killing many of the mutants in the group, Gambit unable stop it. He was only able to save one child, who later became Marrow.

After that he travels the world, saving a thieving de-aged ComicBook/{{Storm}} with LaserGuidedAmnesia from the Shadow King. Storm gets her age and memories back and becomes responsible for Gambit joining the X-Men. After helping the X-Men save the day many times and forming a long-running relationship with Rogue, he remained a mysterious figure in the group with {{Wolverine}} never completely trusting him. Eventually, his secret involvement with Mr. Sinister and the Marauders was outed by ComicBook/{{Magneto}} and once the truth was revealed through a kiss from Rogue, the X-Men abandoned him in Antarctica effectively kicking him off the team.

Surviving the ordeal with the help of an energy-based mutant named Mary Purcell, Gambit would rejoin and leave the X-Men several times after. At one point, both Gambit and Rogue lose their powers and they could finally touch and explore their relationship. Despite this, Gambit goes through several misfortunes including being blinded, being forced to being one of Apocalypse's horsemen and [[spoiler:[[ComicBook/AvengersVsXMen being defeated in battle]] by Captain America]]. He currently serves on the X-Men. His and Rogue's relationship remains rocky as Rogue still has trust issues and, of course, Rogue has her powers to worry about. They have seen Emma Frost for psychic therapy, but things haven't worked so far. Mystique attempting to seduce Gambit to prove he wasn't good enough for Rogue in the 2005 "Bizarre Love Triangle" story certainly didn't help matters.

As of the end of James Asmus' Gambit solo series, Gambit is now King of the international thief guilds. As of 2013 he has left the X-Men and joined All-New X-Factor.

In other media Gambit became popular due to the '90s ''WesternAnimation/XMen'' animated series, two years after his debut in the comics. In ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine'' he was played by Taylor Kitsch. A movie is due in 2016 with Creator/ChanningTatum in the lead role.

* ''Gambit Vol. 1'' (1993)
* ''Wolverine[=/=]Gambit: Victims'' (1995)
* ''Gambit Vol. 2'' (1997)
* ''Gambit Vol. 3'' (1999)
* ''Gambit & Bishop'' (2001)
* ''Gambit Vol. 4'' (2004)
* ''Gambit Vol. 5'' (2012)

* ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine''

* ''VideoGame/XMenVsStreetFighter''
* ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomClashOfTheSuperheroes''
* ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom2''
* ''VideoGame/XMenNextDimension''
* ''VideoGame/XMenLegends''
* ''[[VideoGame/MarvelUltimateAlliance Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2]]''
* ''VideoGame/MarvelAvengersAlliance''

* ''WesternAnimation/XMen''
* ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheAnimatedSeries'' (two episodes)
* ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution''
* ''WesternAnimation/WolverineAndTheXMen'' (two episodes)

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!!Tropes associated with Gambit include:

* AntiHero: He was raised a thief and his morality is still very... flexible, in some areas. However he does fight for what he considers a good cause and on other matters, his morality is set in stone about what is and isn't right.
* AscendedExtra: After being OutOfFocus for some time , he became one of the leads of All-New X-Factor.
* TheAtoner: He joined the X-Men due to [[spoiler:unwittingly helping the Marauders commit genocide on the Morlocks]]. Admittedly, Gambit [[spoiler:never intentionally took part in said genocide]] and continues to be a much loved thief with a heart of gold to fans.
* {{Badass}}: He takes out a [[GiantRobot Sentinel]] single-handedly. [[ImprobableWeaponUser With a piece of chewing gum]].
* BadassLongcoat: Pretty much his iconic outfit.
* BigBrotherMentor: Gambit used to be protective of the de-aged Storm and both of them became thieving partners before she had turned back to normal. He later becomes a mentor of Laura Kinney (a.k.a. ComicBook/{{X 23}}) during her solo series.
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* TheCasanova: Largely considered to be a reformed example, having given up his whoring ways since meeting Rogue. Until they broke up anyway.
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* CharmPerson: Depending on who's writing at the time, he has a degree of "hypnotic charm" that even [[EvenTheGuysWantHim works on men]]. However, it ''doesn't'' work if the charmee knows about it.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: He has switched sides so many times that it's a wonder that any team, let alone the X-Men, take him.
* CombatPragmatist: Gambit fights dirty or he doesn't fight at all.
* ComboPlatterPowers
* ConspicuousGloves: Gambit also wears gloves. His touch allows him to change the potential energy of objects he touches into kinetic energy; his gloves have a few fingers open or missing so he can "charge" and manipulate his cards (one of his weapons of choice). That said, the gloves' design is also [[RuleOfCool cool]].
* CoolOldGuy: Considered one by the teenage ComicBook/{{X 23}}.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Kidnapped as an infant and raised by a society of thieves who believed that he was destined to unite several warring factions, wound up homeless and living on the streets before he was even a teenager, captured by an immortal mutant and sold into slavery, was later hired by Sinister, was roped into an arranged marriage and wound up killing the brother of his bride-to-be in a duel, was exiled from New Orleans, and eventually wound up taking part in a genocide without even knowing that that was his duty to repay Sinister... yeah, his formative years sucked. The fact that his past tends to have a way of coming back to bite him in the ass does not help matters.
* DeadpanSnarker: He is the absolute King of this trope. Every other sentence that comes out of his mouth is a snark. And you can never tell when he means it.
* DeathDealer: One of the most iconic examples.
* DependingOnTheArtist: Some artists and/or colorists cannot get his eye colors right.
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* EvilCostumeSwitch: When Gambit was made into Death by Apocalypse, not only does his hair turn white and his skin blue-black, but he finally gets the memo that black cloaks are cooler and wears a black bondage cloak instead of his usual, shabby trenchcoat.
* FacePalm: His icon in MarvelVsCapcom
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* FingerlessGloves: Gambit wears gloves that are missing fingers, perhaps as a nod to his past as a thief. Also a necessity for his powers, since his mutant ability to kinetically charge (i.e. blow up) objects depends on him touching the object. If he wore full gloves, he would only be able to blow up his gloves.
* FlightStrengthHeart: Gambit used to have a power which had no practical applications but meant he could touch Rogue. Though this was useful as the two were lovers. [[RuleOfDrama He lost it, of course.]]
** He also had a "charm" power, which everyone except Chris Claremont completely ignored.
*** It might have helped if he used it more than a couple times a year.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Sabretooth (who was also a Marauder) recognized and casually talked to Gambit during his first encounter with Gambit as an X-Man. It would be ''years'' before Gambit's role in the Morlock massacre was finally revealed.
* FunetikAksent: Just like his lover, ComicBook/{{Rogue}}, he has quite buttload examples of this.
-->''[[ItsNotYouItsMe "IT NOT YOU,]] [[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CV9p38NWIAIGM75.png IT GAMBIT"]]''
* TheGambler: The page image for a reason. He energizes playing cards to explode on impact and tosses them with precision at his targets. He could use anything if he felt like it (various incarnations have used chains, billiard balls, and an overturned bus), but playing cards are both convenient and stylish. The explosion is proportional to the size of the object, so cards, poker chips and other thematic objects are consistent and controllable.
* {{Geek}}: Gambit has a healthy appreciation for things like Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer, StarTrek, StarWars and Franchise/{{Dune}}.
* GentlemanThief[=/=]LovableRogue
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: His eyes have been known to give off red energy when he's intended to look particularly badass.
* GoodSmokingEvilSmoking: Used to smoke in the early '90s.
* HavingABlast: He has a power to turn any object he touches into a bomb, as small as a playing card or as big as a car (he used that one when teaming up with Ben Grimm from the ComicBook/FantasticFour).
* HighlyVisibleNinja: A skilled thief who's normal outfit is bright purple armor. He's just that good. He switches to bright yellow for All-New X-factor.
* HotSkittyOnWailordAction: In one issue of his 2013 series, Gambit gets pulled into Camelot where he's lusted after by a flock of beautiful pixies. When he returns to Earth some time later, one of them makes an UnusualEuphemism that indicates he probably had sex with them. Given that he's probably about twelve times the mass and size of any of them, one is left wondering just how that worked.
* {{Hypocrite}}: His treatment of Hellion for killing Karima during the X-23 solo series. Gambit and Wolverine look at him as a pariah at best, a monster at worst, effectively imprison him in the school by locking him in his room, and constantly badmouth him when X-23 comes to visit. This despite Karima ''begging'' Julian to kill her to prevent her programming from taking control again and forcing her to continue her attack on Utopia, and not helped at all that he, Wolverine, and even Laura have done ''far'' worse (both willingly or not) and been forgiven for it (and in fact, in the ''very same series'' Gambit tries to help Laura deal with her own issues over the things she's done in the past). However, it is ironic that during the incident where Hellion destroyed Karima in one X-Men Legacy issue, both Gambit and Wolverine were absent.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: [[ImprovisedWeapon The exploding playing cards]], not the bo staff. Due to the nature of his powers, he's also been known to use anything in reach if he's somehow unable to reach his cards.
* InsaneForgiveness: Toward his father, the Thieves and Assassins Guilds, the X-Men and, depending on your opinion, Rogue.
* KindHeartedCatLover: Revealed to be one in All-New X-Factor
* LawyerFriendlyCameo: [[Literature/WheresWally Waldo]] makes a background appearance at the end of issue 8 in his 2012 on-going series.
* LongLostSibling: In ''some'' continuities, he's the third Summers brother.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: Him and Storm, more so early on in his tenure than now, but they are still very close.
** He also has similar relationships with Laura and Jubilee.
* LoveTriangle: Him with Rogue and Bella Donna then him with Rogue and Magneto.
* MadeASlave: He was sold into slavery as a child. ''Twice.''
* TheMagicTouch: He has the ability to turn anything he touches into an explosive. Although he prefers to charge and flick playing cards at his opponent. The Ultimate X-Men version claims that he joined Fenris because he was losing control of his powers (basically an even suckier version of Midas since all the food he touches turns into a bomb) and their experiments stabilized him. Though it's oft-forgotten about now, Gambit's original connections to Mister Sinister were because he originally went to Sinister to get some of his brain excised to permanently dampen down his powers, so he couldn't lose control. He also had to deal with a short-lived villain called "New Sun", who turned out to be a version of himself from an ParallelUniverse slash BadFuture who never got his powers dampened, grew to PhysicalGod status, and lost control. He's called "New Sun" because he vaporised the entire planet Earth with his powers.
* TheMasochismTango: With Rogue.
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage: He and Rogue take turns on this. Early on, Gambit was the one hot for Rogue, with her being extremely wishy-washy about her desire to be with him and angsting about her powers and past. Then, when she got over it and finally returned his feelings, ''his'' DarkAndTroubledPast came to light and ''he'' became the wishy-washy party. From then on, it's continuously jumped back-and-forth between the two. In particular, during his 2012 series, Rogue becomes hostile to Gambit's new lover as the three work together, and when he calls her out on her attitude, she [[AnguishedDeclarationOfLove says she still loves him.]]
* MoralityPet: Becomes one for X-23 in her solo series.
* MrFanservice: Back in the '90s and ''especially'' in his current solo series.
* MundaneUtility: [[DependingOnTheWriter While it varies from story to story]], he's been shown to have control over how quickly objects release their energy once he charges them. He's occasionally used his powers to turn an object (naturally, typically a playing card) into a light source, and he's also used charged objects to light his cigarettes.
* OutdatedOutfit: Gambit's trademark outfit is very '90s in terms of style. He's had other costumes afterwards, but still wears this one the most.
* OutOfFocus[=/=]DemotedToExtra: He suffers of both tropes since the earlier-mid 2000s thereafter.
** This continues into the movie franchise, lampshaded in the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvkCv5cCD5Y Honest Movie Trailer]] of the original trilogy. During the run-down of characters, they announce "Gambit" followed by the words "footage not found."
* PapaWolf: To X-23.
* PaperMaster: His playing card ammo.
* ParentalAbandonment: His parents left him at the hospital shortly after he was born.
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* PersonOfMassDestruction: If Gambit had not gone to Mister Sinister for surgery to remove a portion of brain tissue to control his powers, he would have been too dangerous to live. On the other hand, an alternative version of Gambit aptly called New Sun was a very destructive force.
* PieInTheFace: A kinetically charged pie in the face...to Rogue.
* PlanetEater: A great number of events from Gambit's life were the direct result of [[spoiler:an alternate version of himself called New Sun trying to prevent him from bringing to fruition a prophecy that foresaw him losing control of his Omega-level powers and unintentionally consuming everything on the Earth616 like a living Sun. In a great number of universes visited by New Sun, various versions of "Le Diable Blanc" had already destroyed their own worlds.]]
* PlayingCardMotifs: He has a playing card theme, with particular fondness for the Joker and the Ace of Spades. When Rogue appears as his love interest, it's common to see her represented in his motif as the Queen of Hearts.
* PoirotSpeak: His Caijun French dialect.
* PrettyBoy: He and ComicBook/{{Daken}} actually have a scene in Daken's solo comic where they snark at each other using it as an insult.
* ProgressivelyPrettier: He wasn't all that good-looking in his first appearances, but became steadily more attractive from artist to artist.
* PsychicStatic[=/=]PsychicBlockDefense: Gambit has been known to employ the intentional version, at one point revealing to several Xavier Academy students that he [[BrainBleach pictures the Blob naked]] in order to make sure that telepaths like Rachel Summers and Emma Frost aren't eavesdropping on his thoughts.
** At one point, he could also block telepaths simply by keeping a charged object with him, but this ability seems to have been dropped.
* [[RaginCajun Ragin' Cajun]]: Also his [[SuperheroSobriquets nickname]].
* RealMenWearPink: Under his trenchcoat, he wears a magenta vest as well as lots of magenta stripes on the sleeves and pants.
* RuleOfCool: Gambit can make any item explosive by “charging” it. If he wanted he could use more dangerous material to charge, but sticks with playing cards in part because of this trope.
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: With Courier. In this instance, it was more a case of He Is Not My Girlfriend, because Jakob was [[ShapeshifterModelock stuck in female form]] at the time. They spent several issues denying that they were an item, although that didn't stop Remy from [[AmbiguouslyBi spontaneously making out with him.]]
* ShoutOut: Has cats named [[Disney/OliverAndCompany Oliver]], [[Disney/{{Cinderella}} Lucifer]] and [[Disney/{{Pinocchio}} Figaro]].
* SimpleStaff: His [[RetractableWeapon collapsible]] [[MadeOfIndestructium adamantium]] bo staff.
%%* SophisticatedAsHell
* SouthernGentleman: Especially towards Rogue... who often appreciates this.
* StepfordSnarker: Usually Gambit doesn't like to talk about his past or anything personal. Instead, he hides his negative feelings by using snark and charm that he could pass himself off as laid-back and charming to others.
* StreetSmart: As a former StreetUrchin grown into a GuileHero, he would be a card-carrying member of this trope. [[CardSharp Literally]].
* StreetUrchin: He spent most of his young life being raised to be a thief by thieves in the streets and swamps of Louisiana. When he met ComicBook/{{Storm}} for the first time, she suffered from LaserGuidedAmnesia and briefly returned to her thieving ways. The two quickly became partners in crime.
* StuffBlowingUp: His main power.
* SympatheticMurderBackstory: Both his duel with Julien and the Molock Massacre.
* TechnicolorEyes: He has red irises with black sclera.
* TechnicolorNinjas: Look up at RealMenWearPink's description. Now bear in mind that the character is a ''thief''.
** Hey, ''you'' try seeing a goddamn thing on the bayou.
* TraumaCongaLine: Not only that Gambit had a dark past, he also has bad luck with his love life - his first childhood friend Belladonna is crazy, [[StuffedInAFridge his French girlfriend was murdered by Sabretooth]] and he is suffering in a MasochismTango relationship with Rogue. He is also shunned by his own teammates after learning his small involvement in the Morlock Massacre.
* ThirdPersonPerson: In the [[TheNineties 1990s]] ''X-Men'' cartoon.
%%* TheTrickster
* TwangHello: [[StuffBlowingUp And then it explodes.]]
* TwoferTokenMinority: Gambit is Cajun, American Francophone, and Catholic.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Gambit with Comicbook/{{Cyclops}} and Wolverine. Seems to be slowly developing this with [[ComicBook/{{Excalibur}} Pete Wisdom]] as of late, too.
* WeakenedByTheLight: Also subject to DependingOnTheWriter, but Gambit has permanent sensitivity to light. He's eventually caught on and started having sunglasses on hand regularly.
* {{Wimpification}}: His usual fate in the SlashFic for the fandom.
* WolverinePublicity: Not as bad as Wolvie himself though.
* YourCheatingHeart: He'd been hitting on Rogue for half-a-dozen issues before his wife Belladonna suddenly turned up - although in fairness, he did have good reason to treat the marriage as effectively over.