Comic Book: Neutro

Neutro is a 1967 one-shot comic produced by Dell comics about a giant robot dug up in the Nevada desert and put together by two scientists John Dodge and Doc Banyan. Because Neutro is a robot, he doesn't know right from wrong, and could be an extremely powerful weapon in the wrong hands.

The comic was featured in World's Worst Comics Awards of 1990, and reviewed by Linkara in 2009.

This comic provides examples of:

  • Abusive Precursors: The alien race that buried Neutro's parts in the desert did so to deliberately and have done so to every inhabited planet to give the power-hungry a tool to conquer their world. The aliens would then step in and act as the power behind the throne.
  • Apocalyptic Montage: When Dodge and Banyan speculate on what happen if Neutro fell into the wrong hands, he could do things like destroy the Transatlantic cable or destroy the White House.
  • Adventurer Archaeologist: John Dodge.
  • The Engineer: Doc Banyan.
  • Giant Robot: Neutro's size is drawn inconsistently, in some shots he appears as large as buildings in a city he is destroying.
  • Mad Scientist: The last act of the comic features many of them, all over the world, all attempting to steal Neutro so that they can use it for their evil plans.