Characters / The Prince of Tennis

This includes the teams and characters that have appeared in the Prince Of Tennis anime, and the tropes they embodied.

Naturally, this is chock-full of SPOILERS.
  • Seigakunote 
  • Fudomine Chuunote 
  • St. Rudolph Gakuinnote 
  • Yamabuki Chuunote 
  • Hyoutei Gakuennote 
  • Jousei Shonannote 
  • Rokkaku Chuunote 
  • Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuunote 
  • Shitenhouji Chuunote 
  • Higa Chuunote 
  • Minor Schools Charactersnote 
  • Team Coachesnote 
  • Other Charactersnote 
  • New Prince Of Tennis Charactersnote 
  • Anime Charactersnote