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Trivia: The Prince of Tennis
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Ryoma is played by Junko Minagawa.
    • Fuji, played by Yuuki Kaida, and Yukimura are the only two third year guys to be voiced by a woman.
    • Yukimura is played by Sachiko Nagai in japanese. In fact, he's the only captain or vice-captain voiced by a female.

  • Dawson Casting: Downplayed in the Film Adaptation. All the regulars are played by the Musical's Seigaku 2nd Cast, who were all 19-22 years old at the time, while the characters were supposed to be 14-16. Hongo Kanata as well was a bit older than Ryoma.
    • In case of the cameos in the film, the Musical actors who played random players were around their mid-20's.
    • Played straight in all the Musicals, but notably averted when Ruito Aoyagi (the 1st Gakuto) was casted. He just turned 16 during one of the plays.

  • Dyeing for Your Art: In the Musicals, Yuki Jutta (1st Jackal) shaved his head instead of using a bald cap.

  • Fan Nickname:
    • Atobe gets called "Ore-sama" by the fandom. "Monkey King", in canon.
    • Niou is known as Magnificent Bastard, due to him being...Well, a magnificent bastard. A running gag in the fandom is that Niou is planning all the events in the series.
    • Richard is known as "Lost to Sengoku 6-4"
    • Shitenhouji's vice-captain Kenjirou Koishikawa was nicknamed by the Shitenhouji fans as "Banira Aisu" for his resemblance to a certain rapper.

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: A startling number of Toku actors got their start through the Tenimyu stage musicals. These two articles provide a fairly exhaustive list. In particular, Kamen Rider has several Tenimyu alumni, including Kouji Seto (Wataru Kurenai/Kiva) as Kikumaru, Masahiro Inoue (Tsukasa Kadoya/Decade) as Atobe, Ryota Murai (Yuusuke Onodera/Decade!Kuuga) as Shishido, Dori Sakurada (Kotaro/NEW Den-O) and Renn Kiriyama (Shotaro Hidari/Double) as Bunta. Super Sentai also has their fair share of Tenimyu alums, with Hiroki Suzuki (Jan/GekiRed), Hirofumi Araki (KuroJishi Rio), Hiroki Aiba (Ryuunosuke/ShinkenBlue), Kyousuke Hamao (Aguri/GoseiBlack) & Kento Ono (Haido/GoseiBlue)
    • There are also several musical actors that have gone on to become seiyuus, most notably Mamoru Miyano as Fudomine's Testu Ishida.
      • Not to mention that Momo's first actor in the Tenimyus, Eiji Moriyama, eventually became the voice actor of Fudomine's Shinji Ibu. Hello flashback! This gets exploited as a Celebrity Paradox in the Dream Live 1st.
    • For the Tenimyu 2nd Season, Eiji Moriyama returns, but this time playing Nanjiroh Echizen.
      • And from Shin Tenipuri, we have Irie Kanata, who is voiced by Hiroki Aiba (formerly Fuji in the musicals).
    • For the Film Adaptation, many of the Musical actors make brief cameos during the film.

  • Hey, It's That Voice!:

  • The Other Darrin: In the Musicals. Aside from the actors graduating and Passing the Torch to the next cast, there were cases where the recast happened without a graduation.
    • Since Yanagi Kotaroh was unable to perform due to his car accident, Kimeru stepped in as Ryoma, while Nagayama Takashi, who was originally playing Eiji, played Fuji.
    • "Side Fudomine ~Special Match~" (2004-2005), was a remake of the original Fudomine play. This version has Endou Yuuya as Ryoma (he shared the role with Yanagi Kotaroh, who returned after his recovery). Also YOH replaced Sugawara Takuma as Tachibana, and Fujiwara Yuki played Kamio instead of Matsui Yasuyuki.
    • Starting with The Imperial Presence Hyotei, Date Koji was replaced by Seto Yusuke for the rest of the Musicals of the 1st Season, even when the original Hyotei Cast reunited for the special stage of The Imperial Presence Hyotei in Tokyo.
    • While there was a Rikkai B assembled for The Final Match Rikkai First, Masuda Toshiki replaced Yagami Ren as Yukimura, while Yamaoki Yuuki replaced Ono Kento as Yanagi, Acaba Mio as Marui and Toda Shingo as Jackal for the rest of the Season (they both played their parts for both casts). Averted for Kanesaki Kentaro, who was the only to play Sanada for both Rikkai casts during the entire season.

  • Portmanteau Series Nickname:
    • "Tenipuri", "PoT", "Seigaku", "Tenimyu".
    • And then there's the sequel series, New Prince of Tennis, which this troper has seen nicknamed "Shinpuri."

  • What Could Have Been: Kintaro was supposed to have a larger role, and it's speculated that Konomi actually thought of having him as the main character before coming up with Ryoma.

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