[[folder:Characters created by So It Begins]]

!So It Begins
The instigator of the Mad Scientist Wars. Has a skill for organization of events. His body is heavily laden with nanobots, to the point where an EMP can severely cripple/kill him. Notable for downloading his brain into a copy every time he was killed, except for the last one. This explains why there are so many of him in hell.

Tropes associated with So It Begins:
* AffablyEvil
* CyberneticsEatYourSoul
* GreyGoo
* TheManyDeathsOfYou: Yes, death by chocolate is one of them.


[[folder:Characters created by Professor Tinker]]
!Andrew Tinker
A hero with villianous tastes and mannerisms (his English class is alternately proud and terrified of him), Andrew has the ability to see the narrative and change it. Socially awkward, though that's getting better. Has a thing for David Toboz.

Tropes associated with Andrew Tinker:
* GenreSavvy
* RealityWarper
* RewritingReality
* TranquilFury

!Commander Primary Xerox
The head of M, he attained the position because of his skill with paperwork.
Tropes associated with Primary Xerox:
* BadassBureaucrat
* DaChief
* Expy: He is a lot like Commander Vimes. Except for the paperwork.
* HealingFactor
* KickedUpstairs
* TheDeterminator: He managed to beat off Madness for a year after the meds stopped working by sheer willpower alone.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Green hair


[[folder:Characters created by Jane Narbon]]
!Jane Narbon
A femme fatale villianess who specialises in mind control and manipulation.

Tropes associated with Jane Narbon:

* FemmeFatale: She won an award for it!
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter
* TheVamp


[[folder:Characters created by Professor Zobot]]
!David Toboz
Initially a villian named Professor Zobot (Spell Zobot backwards), he tried to blackmail Jane Narbon into killing So It Begins. They teamed up and blew up his base. He emerged from the wreckage covered in burns, missing an arm, and suffering from amnesia. This seems to have reversed his alignment. He now fights crime.

Formerly had a sentient robotic prosthetic arm he used as a replacement for his missing one, it turned out to be evil and tried to kill him and other people. After what became known as the Zobot Arm got destroyed, David replaced it with a nonsentient, super strong mechanical one.

Tropes associated with David Toboz:
* AmnesiacDissonance
* ArtificialLimbs: His left arm.
* ButtMonkey
* BewareTheNiceOnes
* BlankSlate
* CanNotSpitItOut: Backpedals from telling Tinker he loves him.
* CantCatchUp: To his brother. He went Mad trying.
* ChronicHeroSyndrome
* HeroicSelfDeprecation: Failed, failed, failed...
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Yup. Justified in that he was downloading his mind into a robot arm and didn't quite finish before the explosion severed the link.
* ManChild: In out of continuity threads, Sarcastic even comments on this. Twice. This may be because the few memories of his previous life he has are ones from his childhood.
* NiceGuy
* SiblingRivalry: Taken to almost CainAndAbel levels.
* SkilledButNaive: His naivete also interacts interestingly with his paranoia.
* WalkingTechfix: This is one of his spark's two interesting facets - He can understand, fix, and even improve, given time and materials, anything. Anything. The downside is that he cannot create his own stuff.

!Micheal Toboz:
Created by Dana Amino for the Zobot arm, using random teenager's DNA and with the memories of the Zobot Arm as well as copies of minds of other mad scientists. Created by the Zobot Arm to take vengeance on it's foes if it failed. Micheal upon being activated decided that vengeance was stupid and settled down to do general evil. Hates Primary Xerox for reasons he doesn't care to explain.

Tropes associated with Micheal Toboz:
* AffablyEvil
* CrazyPrepared
* GoKartingWithBowser: Hanging out with Fredric.
* MindHive
* MindRape: Someone who wants him to kill David Toboz forces him relive Sarah's death, feeling what David felt, over and over and over again on a constant loop. They tell him they will stop if he does what they ask.
* SlapSlapKiss: Jennifer
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Suuuuuure.
* TalkingToThemself: Micheal has the dregs of the personalities of seven mad scientists in his head, which leads to this trope. It gets worse when he's alone (although shock and stress can also cause it), to the point of being unable to tell who he is amongst the conflicting viewpoints. This makes him actively seek out human contact as a stabilizer.

!Sarcastic Female NPC
David Toboz's sidekick. Has a bit of a problem with being less good than she feels like she should be. Is a bit of an RPG nerd-girl and has a tendency to be used by her author as a mouthpiece out of game. No nonsense, sane as can be, yet despite all of this has shown a tendency towards being a thrill seeker.

Tropes associated with Sarcastic Female NPC:
* ClarkKenting: Has this as a superpower.
* CommonSense
* DeadpanSnarker
* DealWithTheDevil: A demon has offered Sarcastic power in exchange for her soul. She is yet to take up the offer, much to the annoyance and surprise of the demon.
* JumpedAtTheCall: But after a while started to wonder if she'd bitten off more than she could chew. Too bad, because once you've answered it, TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive.
* UnfazedEveryman
* WhoNamesTheirKidDude

!Richard Toboz
David's bigger brother. Martial arts expert. Does not like Mads.

Tropes associated with Richard Toboz:
* AloofBigBrother
* BadassNormal
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Good luck finding it.
* TheDeterminator
* TheUnfavorite: It's implied/outright stated that he was looked down upon because he didn't have the Spark.
* PromotionToParent: Led to... friction with his [[YoureNotMyFather brother]]. Although there may have [[JerkAss been]] [[InferioritySuperiorityComplex other]] [[TheResenter reasons]].

!Lady Drezebel
Mad artist, bisexual, fangirl and married to Richard Toboz. Known for Rule 34-ing pretty much anything. Has an understanding with her husband about her habits. Just hold still and hope she didn't see you yet. If you're lucky, she won't use you in her next sketch...

Tropes associated with Lady Drezebel:
* MadArtist
* RealityWarper

Techno-mancy, MagiTek, or whatever else you want to call trying to use cystal batteries for a power drill still has a few hiccups in it- one of which blinked and became known as, simply, Cleese. A floating, red, jellyish little creature adopted by Fredric and Micheal with a limited vocabulary, and as of yet unknown properties. Very intelligent all things considered, and terribly cute. Approximately the size of a grapefruit.

Stands for Blue Baby Cleese- BBC was born when the already cute Cleese was hit with a fanservice ray. A small bit popped off, went blue, and hid behind something while making a peep sound. Much shyer then his 'big brother', and teleports. About the size of a tangerine.

One of two orignaly non cannon 'Cleeslets', has recently entered the game proper. A strident little green 'brother' to BBC, who makes grring sounds, and has adopted one Natalie after he saw her whang a room of assailants with a norse god. May have escaped from the universe of fanfiction.

The second of the originally forum chat only Cleeslets. Ruby is, apparently, a girl- although this may be literally just because she prefers the look of it. No ones going to argue, since she is terribly cute, and likes to do people up in new clothes and is fiendish when confronted with bad taste. Has rather adopted Sarcastic.

Certainly not a Valkyrie. Certainly not going to punch you in the face if you try to bug her. She's an atheist and ignores all the strange stuff around her deliberately to irritate people. Carries a sledgehammer pretty much everywhere.

Tropes associated with Natalie:
* Natalie has used all the BarBrawl tropes, but...
* GrievousHarmWithABody: ...whanging soldiers with a Norse god really stands out.

A sentient talking tiger. Friend of Sarcastic and Natalie, despite the latter's chagrin. Going to college with an English major, inexplicably.

A relatively new character. Is a sane scientist that reverse-engineers Mad technology. This has resulted in him losing 2 fingers, a toe, and most of his body hair.

[[folder:Characters created by Chicgeek]]
!Emily Lopez-Smythe/Viktor AKA Chicgeek, Chic for short
A purple haired Mad whose specialty is radio, lightning and clockwork. Big fan of Nikolai Tesla.

Tropes associated with Chicgeek:
* EvilUncle
* ShockAndAwe

!Jess, a.k.a. The Chimera
A shapeshifter. Need something stolen, or just sneakiness in general? She's THE one to hire. Wears dark sunglasses both for the coolness factor, and to disguise silver eyes. Childhood friend of Chicgeek. Married to Commander Xerox of M Dept., who never let having a crush on her stop him from trying to arrest her. They have an understanding now.
* SunglassesAtNight

!Penny Bright
A mad biologist and college student. Wide eyed innocent, soft hearted. Can be more dangerous than she looks. especially if she sees you mistreating an animal. Somewhat silly background-after all, her vet parents are the sane but slightly goofy doctors (Russell Ulyssys) R.U.Bright,II and (Irene Marie) I.M.Bright, nee Fine. Creates tiny chimera creatures, usually has a few in her pockets. Has begun dating the white knight of the game, Sir Honor.
* CuteMonster: All deadly, tiny, and ridiculous. Rex the snarky wolfbat is the main one, but she also has a scorpion kitten, a pirahna canary, and a spider raccoon.


[[folder:Characters created by Wally Caine]]
!Wally Caine:
Chic's boyfriend. Three armed cyborg. Creator of Lagos. Specialises in cybernetics.

Tropes associated with Wally Caine:
* DoggedNiceGuy


[[folder:Characters created by Desius]]
!Desius Raize:
Chicgeek's henchman and cousin.

Tropes associated with Desius Raize:
* AntiHero: Was one once.
-->'''Fredric:''' You can tell by the black!
* BadassNormal: Has the potential to be an EmpoweredBadassNormal, however.
* HiveMind / HiveQueen
* EnemyWithin: Who can make a reality warper scream in terror.


[[folder:Characters created by Demothesis]]
Michael's hench, formerly DR.KINESTRO!(TM)'s hench. Seceret Progressor agent and

Tropes associated with Demothesis:
* TheSpock: Every action is carefully measured and judged only on how efficient and effective they are. He's getting better with AD waking up.
* TinMan: Becoming this more than [[TheSpock The Spock]] as time has passed with the awakening of AD.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Because what character would be complete without one?
* SplitPersonalityTakeover: Averted. Demothesis does not know how close he came to not existing. Again.

An ancient evil dating back to before recorded history. He's immortal, patient and sadistic in his methods.

Tropes associated with Foigran:

* NoIAmBehindYou: Blink and this will happen.
* EldritchAbomination: Well he's not precisely an eldritch abomination. He just ate one and uses it to fuel his abilities and immortality.
* GenreSavvy: Taken to absurd lengths in that he knows he's being written and comments on it.

A bombastic mad who thinks he's the most dangerous and evil mad in existance. He's not. He's actually an [[AccidentalHero accidental hero]], to the point of being placed in the canon's Hall of Eternal Heroism, and he hates this.

Tropes associated with DR.KINESTRO!(TM):
* AccidentalHero: As above, his attempts at villainy always backfire into him saving someone's life or the city or the world on occasion.
* BigWordShout: DOOM!(TM), FOOL!(TM), and PEON. He likes these words. A lot.

!Progressor's Shadowy Leader(AKA PSL)
The leader of the Progressor's and a shadowy, mysterious figure. 2+2=PSL Not much else is known, expect he's short tempered and picks his agent's assignment's carefully.

Tropes associated with PSL:
* AncientConspiracy: Leader of one.

!William Oliver Whisp AKA Will'o'whisp
Fredric's hench and a Progressor's agent. He's a lighthearted person and gets along well with almost everyone, especially Fredric.

AD is who Demothesis was a long time ago before his brainwashing into the ranks of the Progressors. He's been waking up recently and while he could simply wipe Demothesis out of existence, he does not. Why is yet unknown.

Tropes associated with Alan:
* SelfRestraint

A Progressor agent, psychopath, and probably related to Claire somehow.

Tropes assosiated with Zander:
* SlasherSmile: He enjoys fighting just a little too much.

Joe is the leader of Jacks Of Every Situation(JOES) and owner of Joe's diner. He's secretly the god of good food, and maintains the peace between the Hall of Eternal Heroism and League Of Villains with threats of cutting them off from his pie. It's very good pie.

A Progressor scientist, suffers from OCD about the cleanliness of his labcoat.

No, not [[Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex that]] Laughing Man. He's a hacker, yes, but that's where the similarities end. If anything he's a watered down Anon.

!Captain Cape
A somewhat uncertain superhero with a super powered cape which is also sentient, with a sense of humor.

!Agent Wolf
A Progressor agent who is always perceived as part of the background.

!Agent Diane
A Progressor agent paired with Wolf, extremely strong but suffers from debilitating migranes.

A Progressor agent, paired with William.

!Elizabeth Cutename
Demothesis and Dr.Cutename's future daughter.

Laughingman's creation during his breakthrough. A snarky AI who's specialty is infiltration of computers.

!Hunt and Kill
The unoriginal names for Laughingman's second creations to punish e-Slavement, a villain that tried to hold the internet hostage. Hunt is like a cartoon hound dog and a bit dim. Kill is a mix of Hannibal Lecter and Jean Luc Picard.

!Agent Keaton
A senator and owner of several dummy corperations the Progressor's run. He takes a sadistic joy in annoying Primary Xerox.

!Agent Dorton
A Progressor agent who handles paperwork. Not much is known.

!Subject 83 AKA Katie
A mad who's been rendered "safe" by the Progressor's experiments.

A sentient laboratory who has a stalker crush on Nemo.

!Dr.Bill A Expend
Ellie's latest hench, having been captured by her maze and mind control.

!Gregory Barnes Colier
A Progressor agent who watches the Heterodynes, specifically Eustace. Surprisingly up front about his purpose.

Norse god of chaos and pranks. Really likes annoying Natalie, and anyone else.

Hiding in the depths of DR.KINESTRO!(TM)'s psyche. No one knows why, but she doesn't want DR.KINESTRO!(TM) to become any more mentally developed.

A jager who's quite the failure at everything he tries, but is persistent.

!Buck Young
A Progressor agent in charge of Horace Heterodyne. Paranoid and accusatory of the spark most of the time.


[[folder:Characters created by Claire]]
A catgirl henchman. Is basically awesome.

Tropes associated with Claire:
* PyroManiac
* WeaksauceWeakness: Titanium yarn. And marshmallows.


[[folder:Characters created by That Guy]]
!Thaddeus Atrius Guy
Andrew Tinker's henchman.

Tropes associated with Thaddeus Guy:
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent
* DeathIsCheap


[[folder:Characters created by Dr. Amino]]
!Dr. Dana N. Amino:
Crazy even by Mad standards, Dr. Amino cares nothing for your plot! Or the fourth wall! Ha ha ha ha ha! Now where did I put that pie...

Tropes associated with Dana Amino:
* PieInTheFace: This is her shtick.
* EscalatingWar: Invoked. Dropping a nuclear bomb on someone because they stole your look seems a bit like overkill (not that there's anything wrong with that). So get yourself humiliated by them so that you have a better reason to do so.
* TheDitz
* DumbassHasAPoint: Read EscalatingWar above.
* DistractedByTheShiny


[[folder:Characters created by Mr. Purple Knight]]

!Purple Knight
A tribble salesman.

Tropes associated with Purple Knight:
* WeHardlyKnewYe
* PutOnABus


[[folder:Characters created by Sarah McLaren]]
!Damien Watson Lux
Effectively Axel's "keeper", he tries to prevent him from hurting or killing others or himself. He is the most reluctant of the three to participate in adventure, having been on the butt end of it too many times for him to count. This hasn't managed to entirely kill a sense of wanderlust, however.

Tropes associated with Damien Lux:
* HeroicNeutral
* RefusalOfTheCall: The call [[TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive came over]] anyway.
* ShockAndAwe / ExtraOreDinary
* LivingWeapon: This is the reason, along with PromotedToScapegoat and UnwittingPawn, that he got his powers.
* GodsNeedPrayerBadly: He's on the equivalent of a hunger strike. Whether this is responsible for decreasing mental stability is unknown.
* HomeSweetHome
* HouseHusband: Not a husband, but as Sarah seems to mysteriously disappear when chores are looming, and asking Axel to do them [[StopHelpingMe is]] [[DistractedByTheShiny a]] bad [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor idea]], Damien generally does them all himself and has become surprisingly good at them.
* OnlySaneMan: Feels like this sometimes.
* WeAreNotGoingThroughThatAgain: The purpose of the List.

!Sarah Sophia Mclaren
Damien's cousin. She stops Damien and Axel from killing each other. She's generally the most practical and pragmatic of the three. Seems to be somewhat of a Taoist.

Tropes associated with Sarah Mclaren:
* BystanderSyndrome: Sees a lot of things as this. However, she will intervene if asked or needed.
* TheWatcher
* StealthHiBye: takes this to almost ninja levels. Justified in that she has this as a superpower. People think it's OffScreenTeleportation.

!Axel Nikolai Dodge
Damien and Sarah's roommate, and a minor Spark. Jumps into everything feet first. While he normally is a little bit odd, when trying to be friendly he starts to cross over into creepy. His personality... well, just read the tropes:

Tropes associated with Axel Dodge:
* ItAmusedMe: His motivation for anything he does.
* ListOfTransgressions: Damien made one. It's an entertaining read.
* CloudCuckoolander
* BerserkButton
--> '''Damien:''' The death toll was 526. 525 people who'd done nothing to him. And even thieves have families...
* JerkassWoobie
* Keet: Oh, very much yes.
* StopHelpingMe: Oddly, his helpful and spontaneously generous attitude is really the only thing keeping him from ChaoticEvil territory.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Sees everything as [[VideogameCrueltyPotential a]] [[VideogameCaringPotential game]].

The person responsible for dropping Axel, Damien and Sarah into this dimension. She'll come and pick them up in three weeks. She gave them an infinite credit card to have fun with while she's gone.