Characters / Sir Ron Lionheart

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    Sir Ron, friends, family and mysterious beings of the night! 

Sir Ron Lionheart

An AMAZING ULTRA TITANIUM FANTASTIC traveller between lands, who goes around and meets various video game heroes, helps them on their quests, and then moves on.


Sir Ron's ULTRA AMAZING FANTASTIC vampire queen wife, who helps Sir Ron occasionally. Less insane than Sir Ron, she is very calm and quiet.

Since Sir Ron's return from hiatus in April 2012, she's been conspicuously absent.


Sir Ron's little cousin, who is about 5 or 6 years old (or at least was in 2010 when the LP she appeared in was recorded). Natalie tries to copy all of Sir Ron's catchphrases, and performs a very adorable STATE 50 SAVE, IN YOUR FACE!, and RRRRRRRRWEWIND!

Chris and Angel

Sir Ron's two nephews. Chris has his own catchphrase, "This/you must be crazy!"/"This must be weird!" They are kinda quiet at first, and Sir Ron refers to them as Littlechrisman and Littleangelman.

Andy the Anarchist

Sir Ron's friend that occasionally comes over to watch him play games. Insists that he's a Scary Black Man (even though he probably isn't). Has an unfortunate tendency to tell characters to suck d-[Curse Cut Short].

Fez the King Barbarian


    Video Game Heroes 

Super Mario 16-Bit/Super Mario 64-Bit

The first hero Sir Ron ever met. They are good friends, even though Mario often insults him.


Link speaks only in yells. Sir Ron had a few adventures with him and his fairies.


A fairy who tries to help out Link, but failing that, she talks to Sir Ron instead. She means well, but her voice is so high-pitched that she's difficult to understand.

Sonic the Hedgehog the Porcupine the Guinea Pig the Fantastic Golden Onion Ring Eater the Olympic Gold Medallist Swimmer the Heavy Metal Spiky Blue Pinball the Chipmunk and Guinea Pig Protector the Eggman Destroyer the Casper the Friendly Ghost Protector Part 1!

Can only say "YEAH!"

Mega Man X

Is a bit of a jerk to Sir Ron. X says that nobody can beat him, not even HIMSELF!

Contra Man

A guy who's almost as manly as Sir Ron himself. Loves women and shooting aliens. Constantly reminds Ron to JUST KILL and DON'T GET DEAD.


A surprisingly chill guy in a necktie who always loves to point out the fact that he is very handsome, and refuses to admit whenever he makes a mistake.

I Wanna Be the Guy Guy

An enthusiastic little man, he wants to be The Guy so badly that that's all he can think about or even say. Unfortunately, every time Sir Ron uses RRRRRREWIND! to help him, he loses his memory. So he never remembers when he dies (which happens a lot).

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