Tear Jerker / Sir Ron Lionheart

  • Palom and Porum's Heroic Sacrifice in Final Fantasy IV. It was bad enough in the original game, but Ron characterized them much more, and made constantly mentioned how fun it was to be around them. It is also one of the only times that Ron acts not only calm, but very much concerned.
    • It would be impossible to spoiler the entire exchange without making this entire page look hideous, so beware of spoilers.
    Ron: Wait, wait. What's happening?
    Tella: How rash. Let me see what I can do... Esuna!
    Ron: Yeah, yeah. Heal them that way. Great job, Tella.
    Nothing happens
    Tella: The two have them have turned to stone by their own will. Therefore, they cannot be healed. Those d--- fools. They were so young. Five years of age. Why? It should have been me, not these children.
    Ron: Wait, wait what happened?
    Yang: They sacrificed themselves, you see Sir Ron Lionheart.
    Ron: No they didn't *nervous laughter*. Come on, let's just use some gold needles on them.
    Tella: I will have vengeance. Now!
    Ron: Uh...
    Cid: Ugh! This is now a battle of vengeance! Just wait 'till I bring out my Enterprise!
    Ron: Uh...
    Cecil: Just you wait... Golbeeze...!
    Ron: You guys... heh... wait... no!
    At about this time
    Ron: Wait... you guys... Palom, Porum there... Let's go save them...
    Cecil: It's right here.
    Cid: Yep, right under their noses!
    Ron: Wait, you guys... come on...
    Cecil: Kid, it's hard to tell you this... but they're gone...
    Ron: No, they're not gone! Palom, Porum. They're alive! I know it! Come on! You guys... *through tears* they were my best friends. Hey! You guys! Listen to me! Yang! Tella! Cid! *skips dialogue without reading it*
    Cid: Sorry to keep you waiting, Enterprise. Let's go. Sir Ron Lionheart, get over it. They're gone. They're gone, I tell you.
    Ron: No, they're not gone! They're not gone! We're going back! We're going to try to save them! *ship takes off* Okay, I don't care what's happening right now! We're going to save Palom and Porum!
    Cecil: Trust me kid, there's nothing we can do.
    Ron: Well, we'll save them in the next episode. This is Sir Ron *stops to cry* Lionheart. Signing out. Man... Palom and Porum! You guys...
    Cecil: Good grief...
    Ron: You guys... well, farewell everyone...