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YMMV / Sir Ron Lionheart

Welcome to the FANTASTIC YMMV page for the Let's Player Sir Ron Lionheart! Episode FOURTEEN! YEAH! YEAH!
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: After he gained popularity through a well-timed Sonic the Hedgehog Let's Play (There was a Let's Play thread on Something Awful for old Sonic games at the time), many goons would either interpret him as an Man Child or a Psychopathic Manchild.
    • It is also quite prevalent in his videos.
    • Majora's Mask: Zoras are eavesdroppers and mild perverts, Link can only speak in shouts, Tatl is a Cheerful Child, Kafei is Captain Obvious, and the Indi-Go-Gos are a heavy metal band.
    • Sonic The Hedgehog The Porcupine: Sonic The Hedgehog The Porcupine The Guinea Pig The Olympic World Medalist Swimmer is The Unintelligible and possesses Super Strength as well as Super Speed.
    • Mega Man X: X is a Miles Gloriosus who would rather not fight out of laziness rather than being a Technical Pacifist.
    • Contra 3: The Alien Wars: Contra Man is a SUPER MANLY Bada- that is hardened to the point that his advice to newcomers like Sir Ron consists solely of "Don't think; JUST KILL!" and "Don't get Dead"
    • Final Fantasy IV: The King of Baron is a glutton, Yang and his wife are masters of Drunken Boxing as well as Tae-Kwon-Do, and Palom is hyperactive boy who loves to play Tic-Tac-Toe.
    • I Wanna Be the Guy: The Kid speaks like Link, almost never speaks beyond a Title Drop, and cannot remember his constant deaths.
    • Seifer is the PRINCE OF ALL SeeDs!!!
  • Arc Fatigue: Before his final battle in FFIV, he spent four episodes in his inventory explaining where he got each of the rare item he had collected throughout his journey. Not to mention there's a gap between the four videos he uploaded, resulting in about a year for him to finish those four episodes (from July 24th 2009 until May 2nd 2010 to be exact).
    • The majority of his FF8 LP so far has consisted of running around the Garden and Balamb Town playing cards. Thirteen episodes in, he hadn't even started the SeeD exam yet.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Though Final Fantasy IV is notable for having one of the highest good guy death counts in the series, Ron is generally quite upbeat. Averted when Palom and Porom became statues, he was sad for the next few episodes afterwards.
  • Archive Binge: 16 completed LP's and over 1000 videos! (granted, most of those videos are under 7 minutes apiece, but still)
  • Base Breaker: Despite being a fan favorite, MulanMoulin's cameos seem to be the lowest rated videos.
    • By the end of The Cookie Crisis, she started to get into it and was clearly having fun, which made her more fun to listen to and thus more popular with Sir Ron's fans.
    • This trope now describes Andy The Anarchist, who first appeared in Sir Ron's "Let's Go Back in Time and @#$% Around" videos. Then he showed up without warning in the Braid LP, where his actions started him at "base breaker", and eventually led to... well, see below.
  • Crazy Awesome: Not only is Ron insanely skilled at games (along with his wicked accent and charismatic personality), but his character is this as well, which combines this with Determinator. In Super Metroid helped Samus destroy a Zebes that somehow regenerated by planting over 5,000,000,000 C4's. In his Contra 3 LP, he runs for seven hours and a half without stopping, before he meets up with Bill Rizer.
    • Between Super Mario World: The Cookie Crisis and Kaizo Mario World 2, Sir Ron Lionheart swam for five billion miles for seven hours and a half with only a bottle of Chateau Romani to keep him alive after the plane exploded him five billion miles away from where the other two people on the plane were exploded to. Luckily for him, CHATEAU ROMANI WILL ALWAYS KEEP YOU ALIVE!
  • Ear Worm : Since every game he plays at least has one or two of these, he likes to hum—or rather, sing—the ear worm with his laughter.
  • Growing the Beard: Sir Ron starts out with a normal, dull, LP of Super Mario 64, but by the 30th episode, he starts using his accent and becomes the FANTASTIC LP-er we know him to be!
  • Moe: Tatl, at least in personality.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Ron's voices for Gilbert/Edward and Tim. It also gets annoying when says "I'm very handsome" again and again and again and again and again AND AGAIN!
  • The Scrappy: Andy The Anarchist, during the Braid LP. His tendency to swear (necessitating lots of video editing) and repeat jokes earned him the enmity of Sir Ron's few remaining fansnote . Sir Ron's original upload of Braid Part XII is a good example. Fully half the comments complained about Andy's foul mouth, and a couple flat-out asked Sir Ron to get rid of him and bring back MulanMoulin. Unfortunately, a significant chunk of the comments also contained racist slurs against Mexicans, due to Andy and some of the others speaking crude Spanish in the background. Sir Ron took down the video after just a couple of days. He reuploaded it two weeks later with better editing.
  • Schedule Slip: Sir Ron disappeared for a hundred BILLION years! (for reality, see below). But this is often massively averted when he's active, as tends to upload multiple videos in a single day. But whenever something takes a long time or this occurs between uploads, he will joke that that the protagonist has has been "standing there for seven-hours-and-a-half now".
    • Starting with Braid, he no longer uploads multiple videos a day (that game in particular often went over a week without updating, probably due to all the editing he had to do—see "Curse Cut Short" above). The flip side of this is that individual videos are now much longer.
  • Series Hiatus: Sir Ron was busy studying or something, and he disappeared from the internet just before Christmas 2010. He didn't upload anything at all in 2011 (save for one random video that was just him rambling about nothing), and it was thought by many that he'd retired... until he suddenly reappeared in April 2012 to do an LP of Super Mario World romhack Super Mario Place (or, as he calls it, "Place Super Mario World!").
    • His LP of Final Fantasy VIII stopped at part 18 (when Sir Ron went offline for 16 months) and didn't get continued for a while.
    • So far averted with Braid. Sir Ron took down Part XII — itself long in coming — due to complaints about Andy The Anarchist's swearing. Over two weeks went by without any update or word, and it was thought that maybe he'd gotten fed up with LP'ing again. But he eventually reuploaded the video (with more editing) and continued the LP.
    • He seems to have disappeared once more. In early 2013, after some weeks of silence, he made a rare on-camera appearance - though, bizarrely, he said he was relaying a message from Sir Ron - explaining his computer had died and he wouldn't be returning for awhile. His last upload was in late 2013; it was a video of Diablo 3 gameplay but not a Let's Play of it, just a commentary-less video.