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[[folder:The Chimeras]]
!!Larry Stonebagel ({{OC}})[[note]]created by [=LazerWulf=][[/note]]
->Voiced by: Creator/JohnnyYongBosch

* OfficialCouple: With Taylor/Sailor Eris.

!!Mika Hayashi ({{OC}})
->Voiced by: Creator/KariWahlgren

!!Maya Kitajima
->Voiced by: Creator/TrinaNishimura
* CanonImmigrant: From the Yu Yu Hakusho manga (in a one-shot).
* OfficialCouple: With Kurama.

!!Hayata Harusame ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Belletiger[[/note]]
->Voiced by:

!!Sara Shinobu ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Belletiger[[/note]]
->Voiced by:

[[folder:The Valkyries/Norns]]
!!Sasha D'Anjou/Valkyrie-Norn Skuld ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Belletiger[[/note]]
->Voiced by: Creator/KarenStrassman

!!Jessica Nightwind/Valkyrie Skogul ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Belletiger[[/note]]
->Voiced by: Annie Wood

!!Kara Summers/Valkyrie Sigrun ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Belletiger[[/note]]
->Voiced by: Creator/ColleenOShaughnessey

!!Ayanna Nazawi/Valkyrie Gondul ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Belletiger[[/note]]
->Voiced by: Karen Dyer

!!Saya Sagara/Norn Urd ({{OC}})
->Voiced by: Kelly Sheridan

!!Kiyoko Sasaki/Norn Verdandi ({{OC}})
->Voiced by: Erica Harte

[[folder: The West Coasters]]
!!Martin Alexander Stonebagel/Stronghold ({{OC}})[[note]]created by [=LazerWulf=][[/note]]
->Voiced by:
Leader of the West Coasters

!!Andrea Bickens/Psyclone ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Kanius[[/note]]
->Voiced by: Michelle Ruff
Second in Command/Field Command

!!Lance Canebrook ({{OC}}) & Pharaohmon (Good)
->Lance voiced by: Ben Diskin
->Pharaohmon voiced by: Patrick Seitz

* DemonicPossession: By Pharaohmon (the evil side) back in Season 1.

!!Nicholas "Nick" Banks/Surgebinder ({{OC}})[[note]]created by [=LazerWulf=][[/note]]
->Voiced by: TJ Miller

!!Penelope "Penny" Banks/Coinshot ({{OC}})[[note]]created by [=LazerWulf=][[/note]]
->Voiced by:

!!Carmen Santiago/Songblade ({{OC}})[[note]]created by [=LazerWulf=][[/note]]
->Voiced by: "Siri"

!!Scott Montgomery/Bridge ({{OC}})[[note]]created by [=LazerWulf=][[/note]]
->Voiced by: Will Friedle

[[folder:The Royal Knights]]
->Voiced by: Creator/LexLang
''De facto'' leader of the Royal Knights (Alphamon is the ''de jure'' leader). This is the same Omegamon who helped the leaders in ''"Battle of Adventurers"'' [[spoiler:This is also the same Omegamon that was Tai and Matt's partner.]]

->Voiced by:
->Voiced by: Creator/DerekStephenPrince
->Voiced by: Melodee Spevack
!!Buster Blader
->Voiced by:

[[folder:The Dra-Warriors]]
->Voiced by: Creator/DerekStephenPrince[=/=]Creator/PaulStPeter (Jogress), Neil Chapman (Current)
Leader of the Dra-Warriors, a group of Dragon Digimon. [[spoiler: Also the same Imperialdramon that was Davis and Ken's partner.]]

!!Herodramon/Kyodaidramon/Shogundramon ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Ninetalesuk[[/note]]
->Voiced by:
!!Ninjadramon/Espritdramon/Shogundramon ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Ninetalesuk[[/note]]
->Voiced by:
!!Luzdramon/Galaxiadramon ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Ninetalesuk[[/note]]
->Voiced by:
!!Panzerdramon/Galaxiadramon ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Ninetalesuk[[/note]]
->Voiced by:
->Voiced by: Creator/DougErholtz
Kotori's former partner, and also the former Dark Master [=MetalSeadramon=]. Blinded himself in rage after Kotori's death, which also served to protect him from Basilikmon's petrification powers.
!!Samuridramon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:
->Voiced by:
* {{Expy}}: Of Kenpachi Zaraki.
->Voiced by:
* {{Expy}}: Of Ikkaku Madarame.
->Voiced by:
* {{Expy}}: Of Yumkichika Ayasegawa.

[[folder:The Amazons]]
->Voiced by: Creator/MonicaRial

!!Amazoness Swordswoman
->Voiced by: Susan Eisenberg

!!Amazon Digimon
->Voiced by:
->Voiced by:
!!!Titaniamon ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Kanius[[/note]]
->Voiced by: Creator/ColleenClinkenbeard
->Voiced by:

!!Amazoness Duel Monsters
!!!Amazoness Paladin
->Voiced by:
!!!Amazoness Chainmaster
->Voiced by:
!!!Unfriendly Amazon
->Voiced by:
!!!Amazon Archer
->Voiced by:
!!!Amazoness Fighter
->Voiced by:
!!!Amazoness Blowpiper
->Voiced by:
!!!Amazoness Trainer
->Voiced by:
!!!Amazoness Archers
->Voiced by:

!!Amazoness Eight (AKA 'Amazoness' Senshi)
These eight were put under a curse inside the Labyrinth of Minos, turned into the Dark Valkyrie Senshi, and forced to battle the Ninja Senshi. After being beaten/purified, the eight are restored and later aid the Sailor Senshi defend the Orb of Minos from the Neo-Rajita.

As of [[ Gaiden Chapter 13: Reincarnate Souls]], it's been revealed the Amazoness eight were once the Sailor Senshi from an alternate Earth, which was erased by an ambiguous force made of anti-matter. As the only survivors of that world, their star seeds were collected by Guardian Cosmos of the Nexus. With Ryo's help, the eight souls are taken to the FanFic/YuYuGiDigiMoon universe and have new bodies created for them. Any memories the eight had of their former lives have been erased as they've began new lives as Amazoness DM warriors. Currently, they've been freed and are prepared to help the Sailor Senshi retrieve the Orb of Minos.

->Voiced by:
An Amazoness with long black hair worn in pigtails. She was once Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon from her former universe (wiped out by mysterious anti-matter). Adept in throwing discs and is a good dodger (skills she's managed to retain from her previous life).

->Voiced by:
An Amazoness with long dark hair. She was once Rei Hino/Sailor Mars from her birth universe. Adept in archery and retained her sixth sense of foreboding evil.

->Voiced by:
An Amazoness with short blue hair. Once Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury from her former world. Excellent strategist and skillful with tonfas.

->Voiced by:
An Amazoness with black spiky hair worn in a ponytail. Once Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter from her birth world. She is the muscle of the group and a strong grappler.

->Voiced by:
An Amazoness with long chestnut brown hair. She was once Minako Aino/Sailor Venus in her former life. Excellent with chains, whether by throwing at or entangling her enemies with.

->Voiced by:
An Amazoness with spiky black hair. Formerly Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus in her previous life. Uses a dagger in battle and a skilled grappler.

->Voiced by:
An Amazoness with wavy turquoise hair. Formerly Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune in her former life. She wields a mystical orb that allows her to find hidden objects and opponents.

->Voiced by:
An Amazoness with short red hair. She was formerly Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn in her previous life. Uses a double-bladed spear and retains her sense of foreboding.

!!Amazoness Sage
->Voiced by: Creator/LucyLawless
Mother (now deceased) of Amazoness Swordswoman and Phillipe's Light of Victory predecessor. Once possessing the [=LoV=] of speed, Sage was the fastest member of the previous village. She was condemned to punishment when she broke the law of mating with a man without consent with the queen. Her mate, Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman, was killed before Sage, invoking her fury and the inner darkness of the [=LoV=] - turning her into the fearsome 'Black Panther'. After killing all the villagers (except the children, who will grow up to become the current Amazon Duel Monster generation), she sealed the [=LoVs=] and gave birth to Swordswoman, who will grow up later to become future queen. Sage passes away due to illness.

[[folder:Supporting Cast: Duelists]]
!!Mako Tsunami
->Voiced by: Creator/AndrewRannells
!!Ryo Bakura
->Voiced by: Creator/TedLewis
!!Maximillion Pegasus
->Voiced by: Darren Dunstan
!!Weevil Underwood
->Voiced by: Creator/JimmyZoppi
!!Rex Raptor
->Voiced by: Sam Regal
!!Solomon Muto
->Voiced by: Creator/MaddieBlaustein
!!Rebecca Hawkins
->Voiced by: Kerry Williams
!!Arthur Hawkins
->Voiced by: Creator/MikePollock
->Voiced by: Wayne Grayson
->Voiced by: Marc Thompson
->Voiced by: Ted Lewis
->Voiced by: Marc Thompson
!!Zane Truesdale
->Voiced by: Scottie Ray

[[folder:Supporting Cast: Yu Yu Hakusho]]
!!Spirit Detective Allies
!!!Keiko Yukimura
->Voiced by: Creator/LauraBailey
->Voiced by: Sean Michael Teague
->Voiced by: Cynthia Cranz
->Voiced by: Linda Young
!!!Saya Sagara ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Belletiger[[/note]]
->Voiced by: Creator/KellySheridan
->Voiced by: Kent Williams
!!!Special Defense Force
->Otake voiced by:
!!!Younger Toguro
->Voiced by: Dameon Clarke
->Voiced by: Jerry Jewell
->Voiced by: Daniel Katzuk
->Voiced by: Kent Williams
->Voiced by: Kimberly Grant
->Voiced by: Christopher Bevins
!!!"Beautiful" Suzuka
->Voiced by: Jeremy Inman
->Voiced by: Vic Mignogna
->Voiced by: Meredith [=McCoy=]
!!Makai Elite
->Voiced by: Jay Jones
->Voiced by: Wendy Powell
->Voiced by: Rick Robertson
->Voiced by: Christopher Sabat
->Voiced by: Aaron Dismuke
->Voiced by: J Michael Tatum
->Voiced by: Creator/ColleenClinkenbeard

[[folder:Supporting Cast: Digimon/Duel Monsters]]
!!Granasmon ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Ninetalesuk[[/note]]
->Voiced by:
* BigGood: To the digidestined.
* {{God}}: Of the Digi-verse.
* LightIsGood
* OurAngelsAreDifferent
* YinYangClash: With Valamarmon.

!!The Celestial Digimon
->Voiced by: Creator/JamiesonPrice
->Voiced by: Creator/MaryElizabethMcGlynn
->Voiced by: Creator/PaulStPeter

!!Ryo Akiyama & Cyberdramon
->Ryo voiced by: Creator/SteveStaley
->Cyberdramon voiced by: Creator/LexLang
->Voiced by: Laurence Fishburne

!!Ai and Makoto
->Ai voiced by: Creator/RebeccaForstadt
->Makoto voiced by: Creator/WendeeLee

->Voiced by: Creator/DerekStephenPrince

->Voiced by: Creator/BrianneSiddall

->Voice Actor:

!!Dark Magician
->Voice Actor:

!!Witchenly Digimon & Duel Monsters

!!Gravekeeper's Assailant/Yasmin
->Voiced by: Creator/LisaOrtiz
Yasmin was a former Obelisk Blue Duel Academy student who was Atticus' former crush. She, Atticus, and a group of students, were involved in the ''abandoned dorm'' incident. She lost half of her pendant, which the other half was left with Atticus who managed to escape. Unable to escape, Yasmin was left behind in the Gravekeeper's Realm as the Gravekeeper's Chief took her in. Through a torturous ritual, she was turned into the Gravekeeper's Assailant and trained to be the Chief's most efficient assassin. She later met with Jaden as the events occurred in GX Season 1 and helped him. She was later summoned by Sleipnir, causing her to leave the Gravekeeper's Realm and enter the Amazon Kingdom to help safeguard the Orb of Minos. Her job was to await the Senshi's inevitable arrival, just as predicted by Sleipnir. As of now, Yasmin has reunited with Atticus and pledges to aid the Duelists against the Paradais Knights.

!!Bokomon and Neemon
->Bokomon voiced by: Creator/BrianBeacock
->Neemon voiced by: Michael Sorich

[[spoiler:->Voiced by: Robert Axelrod]]

!!The Digi-Omens
!!!Harbingermon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:
!!!Oraclemon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:
!!!Ancientmon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:
* TimeAbyss: He and [[spoiler:Millenniummon]] are old long before the Digi-verse is created.

[[folder:Supporting Cast: Humans/Demons/Aliens]]
!!Okami Inuki ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Belletiger[[/note]]
->Voiced by: David Lodge
!!!Yuuichirou Kumada
->Voiced by:
!!!Nami Asaji
->Voiced by: Creator/LaraJillMiller

!!HYPNOS (Digimon Tamers)
!!!Mitsuo Yamaki
->Voiced by: Creator/SteveBlum
!!!Riley Ootori
->Voiced by: Tifanie Christun
!!!Talley Onodera
->Voiced by: Peggy O'Neal

->Voiced by: Michelle Ruff
->Voiced by: Johnny Yong Bosch
->Voiced by:

->Voiced by: Danielle Nicole
->Voiced by: Ben Diskin
->Voiced by:

!!Sailor Galaxia
->Voiced by:

!!Megumi Shibara ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Kasumi Mizuhara ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Chun ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Nuriko ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Lily ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Reika ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Kinmoku Senshi (Sailor Moon)
!!!Sailor Star Fighter/Kou Seiya
->Voiced by:
!!!Sailor Star Healer/Kou Yaten
->Voiced by:
!!!Sailor Star Maker/Kou Taiki
->Voiced by:
!!!Princess Kakyuu/Sailor Kakyuu
->Voiced by:

!!Ancient Egypt (Yugioh)
->Voiced by: Dan Green
->Voiced by: Eric Stuart
->Voiced by: Caroline Lawson
->Voiced by: Wayne Grayson
* CanonImmigrant: From Yugioh Forbidden Memories game.
->Voiced by: Amy Birnbaum
* CanonImmigrant: From Yugioh Forbidden Memories game.
!!!Akahana ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:
!!!Abukom ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:
->Voiced by: Marc Thompson
->Voiced by: Michael Sinterniklaas

!!Imperium Empire
* Expy: Of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard from the Marvel universe, with some aspects of the 'Imperium Silver Crystal' from Sailor Moon.
!!!Praetor Chronos
->Voiced by:
* Expy: Of Bardock from Dragonball Z and Gladiator the Praetor of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.
->Voiced by:
->Voiced by:
->Voiced by:

!![=CainCorp=]/[[spoiler:The Defiants]]
!!!Cain Bearer ({{OC}})
->Voiced by: Creator/ClancyBrown
* CanonForeigner: Originally an OC Villain from Kanius' Sailor Moon: Galaxy Stars.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: His wife is unknowingly murdered by [[spoiler:Sailor Chaos.]]
* DrivenByEnvy: Towards the Senshi and superheroes in general.
* {{Expy}}: Of Lex Luthor minus the bald hair.
* [[spoiler:FreakOut: Since he figures out his wife's killer.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Believes the world will be at peace without superheroes.
!!!Grace Groves ({{OC}})
->Voiced by: Lisa Edelstein
* CanonForeigner: Originally from Kanius' Sailor Moon: Galaxy Stars as well.
* {{Expy}}: Of Mercy Graves.
* UndyingLoyalty
!!!Victor Trask ({{OC}})
->Voiced by: Phil [=LaMarr=]
* {{Expy}}: Of Bolivar Trask

!!Grandra Siblings
Three next-gen duelists that appear in Invasion of the Rajita.
->Voiced by:
->Voiced by:
->Voiced by:

!!Dietman Hiroaki Hino
->Voiced by:
Rei & Cammy's estranged father.

!!King Enma
->Voiced by: R Bruce Elliott
* AssholeVictim: He had it coming thanks to Arago.
* KilledOffForReal: In the beginning of Chapter 55.

[[folder:Supporting Cast: Past Figures]]
!!Queen Serenity
->Voiced by: Wendee Lee
* PosthumousCharacter: Since the fall of the Silver Millennium

Sailor Moon's mother in her past life.
->Voiced by: Richard [=McGonagle=]
* PosthumousCharacter: Since the days of Ragnarok.

The Allfather of Asgard.
!!Lady Hel

[[folder:'''Spoiler Characters''']]
!!Sailor Cosmos
->Voiced by: Veronica Taylor

The benevolent figure that watches over the nexus in the Galaxy Cauldron that connects many universes.

* BigGood: Mainly in Dawn of Chaos, but ultimately the whole multiverse in Kanius' stories.

!!The Ora Guardians
->Voiced by:
Mysterious shadowy figures that first appear at the end of Invasion of the Rajita. They serve Cosmos to be multiversal watchers that they make cameos at the end of Dawn of Chaos to congratulate the heroes. Their names are Sren, Cysta, Gythos, and Tomos.