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These are the characters that appear in the ''Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'' series of anime and manga.


[[folder:Mermaid Princesses]]
!Lucia Nanami
->Voiced by: Asumi Nakata (JP), Sara Polo (Spain)

''"All these people are doing their best to find true love! I will not let you laugh at it!"''

Lucia is the [[MagicalGirl typical shoujo heroine]]: ditzy and lovestruck, but with a pure heart and a sense of love for her friends. In the manga, she was raised to believe that she was a normal mermaid civilian, and lived on the surface as a human with her guardians, "sister" Nikora and "pet" Hippo (who is a penguin). In the anime, she's always known that she is the Princess of the North Pacific Ocean, Pink Pearl Voice. Great, right... except for the "pink pearl" bit. The pearl that gives her her power and is directly tied to her life force is gone; she gave it to a little boy to save his life when they were six. She gets it back by the end of the episode from the boy, who turns out to be her classmate and crush Kaito, and realizes that she has to find the other ocean princesses and save the world. She's also expressly forbidden to confess her love or true identity to Kaito, but she's certain that she won't turn to foam if she finds some loophole. Little does she know that nobody turns to foam when they confess anyway...

Tropes associated with Lucia:
%%* AllLovingHero
* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning: End of the manga.
* BoobsOfSteel: The art style makes nearly everyone busty save for Hanon and the kids, but Lucia is fairly stacked and the main character, and [[spoiler:when she becomes Aqua Regina in the manga, the dress shows it off]].
* ChangelingFantasy: Manga only.
* CovertPervert: Not as much as Hanon, though.
* CuteClumsyGirl: Lucia trips over things all the time.
* [[DangerousSixteenthBirthday Dangerous Thirteenth Birthday]]: Of course, Lucia's always known she's a mermaid, but in the manga she didn't find out she was a Mermaid ''Princess'' until her 13th birthday.
%%* TheDitz
* FearOfThunder: Possessed this trait.
%%* FirstKiss
* GenkiGirl: Easily the most energetic and positive character in the series.
* GirlishPigtails: Lucia has ditz/magical girl pigtails.
* GRatedDrug: She gets drunk off cola in the manga.
* HairDecorations: Wears two red ribbons while in human form.
* HairIntakes: Her hairstyle has two intakes that kinda look like cat ears.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: She's blonde in mermaid form, in the anime, and in many manga pictures (it's very inconsistent), and she's a cute, kind and innocent princess.
* HeartSymbol: Cheesy hearts appear when Lucia performs her "Love Shower Pitch".
%%* TheHero
* HeroesWantRedheads: The manga's inconsistent colouring means that sometimes her boyfriend is the redhead, and sometimes ''she'' is.
* IdiotHair: She has a cowlick that stands prominently atop her head. This is reflective of her ditzy personality.
* ImageSong: "Koi wa Nandarou" ("What is Love?") and "Splash Dream." In the second season, "Mother Symphony" may also count.
* InterspeciesRomance: a pink Mermaid Princess who loves Kaito since her childhood.
* IWantSong: "Koi wa Nandarou" and "Splash Dream".
* KissingUnderTheInfluence: Literally in the manga, {{Bowdlerise}}d in the anime to be the result of a magic jewel.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: Twice, but it doesn't make it past the second chapter of an arc.
* LoveTriangle: Lucia-Kaito-Michal.
* MeaningfulName: Lucia is Latin for 'light', and Nanami is Japanese for 'seven seas'.
%%* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: Weird case with her being the main character and it's quite subtle. While the other mermaids have CurtainsMatchTheWindow which match their tail does she have HairOfGoldHeartOfGold with InnocentBlueEyes.
%%* ThePowerOfLove
* PinkHeroine: Her tail as a mermaid is pink, and her idol form outfit consists of a pink dress, pink gloves, and pink boots.
* PrincessesPreferPink: Her tail and shell-bikini as a mermaid are pink, and her idol outfits are entirely pink as well.
%%* ProphecyTwist
%%* PuppyDogEyes
* RagsToRoyalty: She's a Sleeping Beauty in the manga and a Snow White in the anime.
* RescueRomance: Lucia saved Kaito when they were children and they've remembered each other ever since. [[spoiler:In the manga's final bonus chapter, it turns out that he also saved her at the same time when she was struggling to keep him afloat.]]
* SayItWithHearts: Not as often as Hanon, but a lot, including her "Love Shower Pitch."
%%* ThisLoserIsYou
* TownGirls: The Neither to Hanon's Femme and Rina's Butch.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: A mermaid who actually eats seafood, for once.
* TwoFirstNames: Nanami is a fairly common girls' name, and Lucia is her actual first name.
%%* UmbrellaOfTogetherness

!Hanon Houshou
->Voiced by: Hitomi Terakado (JP), Elena Palacios (Spain)

''"I know how to attract the guys, and I'll ♥ teach ♥ you! ♥"''

Hanon is a flirty, carefree, all-around girly-girl that befriends Lucia on her first day of school. She's more serious than she looks, however, and has been watching Lucia for days and confronts her with her true identity at the end of the first chapter. Hanon is actually the Princess of the South Atlantic Ocean, otherwise known as Aquamarine Pearl Voice. With her strength and happy nature, she makes a great first ally for Lucia, even though they're always at each other's throats -- in particular, Hanon doesn't approve of Lucia dating Kaito at first, even though she's all over a human man, who, at that, happens to be her own ''teacher''. Again, though, despite her peppy, fluffy, hypocritical image, Hanon feels tremendous guilt for the fate of her kingdom, which was besieged with her as the only apparent survivor.

Tropes associated with Hanon:
* AsYouKnow: Hanon and Nicola like to go on about the rules of the mermaid world. Lucia usually actually doesn't know this. She's just that dense (or overprotected).
* TheChick: "Flirty, carefree, all-around girly-girl" and also TheLancer, since she likes disagreeing with Lucia and is as battle capable as Rina.
* CovertPervert: Hanon is a hormonal teenager, all right.
* DeclarationOfProtection: What "Ever Blue" is about; protecting the ocean, your loved ones, etc.
* DoomedHometown: Like most of the others, she fled a ruined homeland.
* FirstKiss: Something she's dreamt about for ages.
* FirstNameBasis: Hanon thrusts it upon everyone she meets.
* HotForTeacher: Her first crush being Tarou Mitsuki.
* ImageSong: "Ever Blue" and "Mizuiro no Senritsu" ("The Aquamarine Melody").
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Eventually decides this despite how much it hurts her for Tarou to be in love with someone else.
* QuirkyHousehold: Once Hanon moves in, the Shinju-yu/Pearl Piari becomes this instantly.
* SatelliteLoveInterest: She tends to go for guys who she just thinks are cute. Tarou is one of these; as crushed as she is to learn that he's [[RealityEnsues interested in people his own age]], she eventually gets over it when he leaves.
* SayItWithHearts: Every other sentence.
* ThereIsAnother: A lot of Hanon's subjects did survive.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: She's the girly one to Rina.
* TownGirls: The Femme to Lucia's Neither and Rina's Butch.
* {{Tsundere}}: Towards Nagisa. Since he's not her usual type, she tries her best to ignore that he's there.
%%* UmbrellaOfTogetherness
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Most people in the show, actually, but Hanon deserves a mention for literal blue hair.

!Rina Touin
->Voiced by: Creator/MayumiAsano (JP), Ana Richart (Spain)

''"It doesn't matter. Your true nature will come out soon enough."''

The standoffish transfer student that Lucia decides to befriend on a whim, Rina is idolized by her classmates as "cool" because she spends most of her time brooding and making the occasional sarcastic remark. She, too, is a princess: Green Pearl Voice from the North Atlantic Ocean. Rina acts as an emotional pillar for her friends, but she herself has issues that need to be dealt with. Even more so than Hanon, she carries a measure of guilt about her escape; after being forced to leave their countries behind, Rina and her friend, Princess Noel from the Arctic Ocean, were ambushed by Gackto and only Rina got away. Despite what she thinks of herself for this, she's a strong and loyal friend of her team.

Tropes associated with Rina:
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Her crush on Kaito in the anime.
* AloofAlly: Didn't last long.
* {{Bifauxnen}}: [[Main/TakeOurWordForIt You couldn't tell by looking at her, but apparently, she is]]. She wears the boys' uniform, and Lucia and Hanon's first reaction to seeing her in the anime is "That was a girl... ''right''?".
* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine: Rina wants to be a comedian in the anime. In one episode and its preview, she manages a decent routine with Lanhua.
* TheComicallySerious: Particularly in the anime, where she's still serious but has things added to her character like being obsessed with plasma [=TVs=] and wanting to be a comedian.
* CustomUniform: Rina wears the boys' uniform for no apparent reason.
* DontSaySuchStupidThings: On both the giving and receiving ends.
* DoomedHometown: She fled her home like many of the others when Gackt came along.
* FunTShirt: Her "It's cool" shirt with the penguin on it.
* GrayEyes: In her human form.
* GreenEyes: In her mermaid form.
* [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend He Is Not My Boyfriend]]: Denies having anything going on with Hamasaki for ages.
* HeroWithBadPublicity: Gets this from Caren and the rest of the Antarctic Ocean during the first season. While Noel in fact [[HeroicSacrifice sacrificed herself]] to give her a chance to escape from Gaito, Caren's kingdom believes that Rina [[DirtyCoward abandoned Noel to save her own hide]].
* HimeCut: Fits with her status as a miko.
* ImageSong: "Star Jewel" and "Piece of Love."
* LayingOnAHillside: Rina does this a lot in the anime, especially in ''Pure'', when they had to reuse animation all the time and thus shots and whole chunks of scenes were repeated.
* {{Miko}}: In the manga, she works for a shrine to a spirit both mermaids and humans venerate.
* MysteriousWatcher: For one episode, before she turns out to be a Mermaid Princess herself.
* NewTransferStudent: Apparently has a lot of rumours about her when she shows up, though we don't actually hear any.
* [[NonActionGuy Non Action Song]]: "Piece Of Love" from ''Pure''.
* {{Otaku}}: In the anime, she's given such an obsession with plasma [=TVs=].
* RapunzelHair: In both forms.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: She's the tomboy.
* TownGirls: The Butch to Lucia's Neither and Hanon's Femme.
* {{Tsundere}}: Type B for Masahiro.
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Green Hair]]

->Voiced by: Ema Kogure (JP), Belén Rodríguez (Spain)

''"Who said I'm joining you?"''

Brash, bitter and initially unkind, Caren, otherwise known as Purple Pearl Voice and the Princess of the Antarctic Ocean, shows up mid-way through the first arc to rescue Lucia and company a few times. That doesn't, as she makes clear, mean that she plans to join them or become their friend. Caren is the fraternal twin sister of Noel, and as such, has a deep personal grudge against Rina for escaping when the other princess did not. She takes it upon herself to rescue her sister ''alone'', and only when her brazen attempt gets her captured and the heroes rescue her but Noel sacrifices herself again does Caren realize that Rina wasn't selfish at all. She never quite integrates herself into the team for good, leaving more than once after the job's done, but is important enough to be listed with the main cast for the second half of the first arc/season.

Tropes associated with Caren:
* AloofAlly: In her first appearances, Caren frequently saves Lucia and co. from danger, but is not at all interested in being friendly or hang out with them.
* BeautyMark: Under her left eye.
* BigEater: She's known to eat large amounts of food... and stick others with the bill.
* BrokenBird: Hearing that her sister was captured and believing that Rina left her for dead drive Caren to be very cynical.
* DarkHorseVictory: Her introduction in the anime.
* DoesNotLikeMen: One scanslation had her say this in her introduction. Other translations, including the official one, had her say "I have no interest in ''little boys''", implying that it was the age of her hanger-on that made her dismiss him, not his gender. She later muses that love would be pointless anyway no matter who she was with, so whichever way she swings is up to reader discretion. In the anime, she ''does'' like men, but that has no bearing on the manga.
* CantCatchUp: Come the Michel arc, she's not nearly as powerful as the main trio, especially in the anime.
* DeadpanSnarker: She's always got a wry comment to spare.
* DemotedToExtra: Shipped off to go rebuild her country in the Michel arc.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Her introduction in the anime, where she wins the beauty contest out of nowhere.
* ImageSong: "Aurora no Kaze ni Notte" ("Riding on the Winds of the Aurora").
* IneffectualLoner: She tries to save Noel by herself and fails miserably, only effective when she's around the others.
* IWasJustPassingThrough: Caren pulls off a few rescues out of nowhere and just leaves.
* [[KnightTemplarBigBrother Knight Templar Twin Sister]]: You hurt Noel? Oh, and all the other princesses and all the civilians in their countries -- no, who cares about that. Noel is enough motivation to run at you in a rage.
* LetsGetDangerous: End of the manga with Noel and Coco.
* MysteriousWatcher: She hangs around in the shadows watching the main trio for a while before meeting them.
* NayTheist: Early on, she refuses to acknowledge Aqua Regina despite knowing full well that she exists. She's not outright denying it, but she does say that Aqua Regina never did anything for her or Noel.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: By refusing the trio's help, she gets captured.
* PolarOppositeTwins: With Noel. Caren is sarcastic and jaded, Noel is gentle and soft-spoken. To emphasize this, they're actually from the North and South Poles.
* PurpleEyes: In her mermaid form.
* RapunzelHair: At one point, Tarou mistakes her for Sara because of it from a distance.
* RedOniBlueOni: With Noel. Caren's the red, being angry and loud in comparison.
* RegalRinglets: Huge curls in her long hair.
* SignificantBirthdate: Caren is a DefrostingIceQueen who says there's not much point to love if duty will always come first but becomes a ShipperOnDeck when she gets closer to the younger girls and starts to care about their love lives instead of [[RelationshipSabotage try to ruin them]]. Her birthday is Valentine's Day.
* WestCoastTeam: In the second arc, she, Noel, and Coco act as one.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has purple hair.
* YouShallNotPass: She, Noel, and Coco stall the Winged Beings in the second arc's finale with this.

->Voiced by: Ryoko Nagata (JP), Ana Plaza (Spain)

Princess of the Arctic Ocean who was imprisoned by Gackt before the start of the series. Also the twin sister of Caren.

* BeautyMark: Under her right eye.
* BlueOni: To Caren.
* {{Bookworm}}: Noted in episode 71.
* GenderBlenderName: Many translators thought her name was "Noelle" because they'd only seen men called "Noel."
* MeaningfulName: Because she's from the North Pole.
* {{Meganekko}}: Noel owns a pair of reading glasses she wears specifically to try and look smart.
* NiceGirl: Noel is kind and gentle to everyone she meets.
* OutOfFocus: Unlike Caren and Coco, she never gets her own episode in Pure.
* PolarOppositeTwins: With Caren. Caren is sarcastic and jaded, Noel is gentle and soft-spoken. To emphasize this, they're actually from the North and South Poles.
* RavenHairIvorySkin: She's the palest mermaid and has the darkest hair.
* YamatoNadeshiko: She's the quietest, most mature mermaid. Anime filler kind of ruins this characterization by making her go along with Caren's and Coco's zany schemes, though.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Has dark blue hair.

->Voiced by: Creator/SatomiArai (JP), Inés Blázquez (Spain)

Princess of the South Pacific Ocean who suffered the same fate as Noel, but unlike Noel, the audience doesn't get a good look at her until the end of the first season.

* ADayInTheLimelight: Episode 12 of Pure features her as a main character and her search for Sara's spiral shell kicks off the plot.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: She's out there in the anime. Sometimes to the annoyance of the others.
* GenkiGirl: Her personality in the anime. She's more mature in the manga.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: While she surrendered, it was out of a desire to help.
* HimeCut: Has this hairstyle. It's especially fitting considering that she ''is'' a princess.
* ItsAllMyFault: Feels guilty for not being able to appease Sara.
* MeaningfulName: Considering how she is associated with tropical islands...
* TheTease: Noted in episode 71.
* UndyingLoyalty: To her childhood friend Sara, especially in the manga. Coco ''never'' gave up on Sara and even allowed herself to be kidnapped so she could have a chance to try and help Sara.

->Voiced by: Creator/KanaUeda (JP), Ana Isabel Hernando (Spain)

''"I want you to fill the seas with darkness as soon as possible, my prince."''

Sara first appears as a mysterious figure in Gackto's castle, stealing all his attention from the Dark Lovers and making them jealous. The truth is, Sara has been there all along, directing Gackto from behind the scenes. She does what she wants, when she wants, whether it helps or hinders Gackto's plans, and strings him along to agree with it by flirting and pulling rank, the exact same way he treats his Dark Lovers. Sara has had her heart broken in the past, and no longer believes in love, hope and freedom. Her objective now is to take revenge on all the world, but at times, what remains of her heart can get in the way - which Lucia and company will need to exploit if they want to summon Aqua Regina.

Tropes associated with Sara:
* BrokenBird: She's the way she is because she believed her lover abandoned her.
* ButNotTooEvil: The lyrics of the Italian version of her song say the ''exact opposite'' of what the original said, making her sound like a good guy. But also partially justified by the fact that either due to either laziness or genuine budget issues the Italian dub decided to recycle "Assoluto Amore" for Sara's successor Seira, your mileage may vary on how successful the execution is though... especially considering Seira's singing voice is the SAME as Sara's!
* DarkMagicalGirl: She's twenty-three, but it fits.
* DarkReprise: "Return to the Sea" reverses this.
* DisproportionateRetribution: She wants to destroy the world simply because she believes that a human she fell in love with abandoned her.
* EvilCostumeSwitch: Sara was originally an orange Mermaid Princess with more frills and less black.
* FaceHeelTurn: Before the beginning of the anime/manga.
* FanNickname: Black Sara.
* HeelFaceTurn: In the end of the Gackt arc, spoiled by merchandise.
* ImageSong: "Return to the Sea."
* InTheHood: Wears a veil to hide her face.
* IWasJustPassingThrough: She foils the Black Beauty Sisters' attack once, despite still being on the same side, and disappears soon after that.
* LastChorusSlowDown: The second half of "Return to the Sea" is slow-paced and nostalgic compared to the fast, almost angry tone of the first half.
* LoveMakesYouEvil ''and'' LoveRedeems. Sara was driven to desperation and wanted to take her pain out on the world for being betrayed, but in the end, [[spoiler:she realizes that it might have been for the greater good -- though she still doesn't learn that Tarou was ''set up'' -- and her acknowledgement that Gackt was always there for her leads her to confront him and bring him over to the good side too.]]
* ManBehindTheMan: To Gackto.
%%* MysteriousWatcher
* PaintItBlack: Her transformation from good (in orange) to evil (with black hair and, in the manga, a black dress) is the page image.
* PinocchioSyndrome: If Sara had only been human, we could have avoided all of this.
* RapunzelHair: Tarou considered it her DistinguishingMark.
* RebelliousPrincess: Sara was a selfish version of this, who wanted to abandon her country for love.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler:Her end in the anime.]]
* RedemptionEarnsLife: [[spoiler:She is revived in the last episode. In the manga, she's still dead.]]
* SchrodingersCast: [[spoiler:She stays dead in the manga but revives in the nonsensical last episode of the anime.]]
* SealedGoodInACan: Her end in the manga.
* SpiritAdvisor: Takes this role in the beginning of the Michel arc.
* StarcrossedLovers: The series is full of this, manga especially, but her particular situation caused the entire story.
* VillainSong: "Return to the Sea" is hers.
* WhereIWasBornAndRazed: Invaded her ''own'' country and was the mastermind behind the rest.

->Voiced by: Creator/EriKitamura (JP), Carmen Podio (Spain)

''"Is this the feeling of 'friendship'?"''

'''Major first arc spoilers here.''' Lucia, following Sara's last instructions, took the orange pearl to the Indian Ocean to create a new Orange Pearl Voice. The little girl, Seira, didn't fully emerge before Michel ambushed them and absorbed most of her life force. Now Seira is trapped as a spirit, much like Aqua Regina had been, inside the pearl, and much of the quest of the second arc focuses on getting back the pieces of her heart.

Tropes associated with Seira:
* BecomeARealBoy: Her arc is about regaining all her emotions and being born for real.
* BigDamnHeroes: Near the end of Pure, she rescues Lucia, Hanon, Rina, and Kaito from Michel. Unfortunately, she's taken hostage as a result.
* BrattyHalfPint: Though she gets a lot better when she learns more emotions.
* CharacterDevelopment: As she regains her lost emotions, she becomes kinder and more empathetic. In fact, she actually tries to reach out to Michel (the being who stole her emotions in the first place) because she can sense he's lonely and in pain.
* DamselInDistress: One of the main plotlines of the second season is about rescuing her from Michel. They even make it a point to remind us at the beginning of every other episode.
* HeroicSacrifice: But doesn't die.
* ImageSong: "Beautiful Wish" and "Birth of Love."
* ItsAllMyFault: Ends up blaming herself in part for all the pain Lucia went through to try and save her.
* KidAppealCharacter: She would logically be a baby, but she looks and acts like an elementary school-aged child. Definite kid appeal here.
* LackOfEmpathy: Through most of the Pure/Michel arc, Seira's heart is fragmented, and she only gains emotions after Lucia and company win them back. Until then, she's selfish and doesn't understand why Lucia is so sad about her failures and her amnesiac boyfriend.
* RapunzelHair: Like every mermaid.
* SomeoneHasToDoIt: Seira was born specifically to fill the void Sara left.
* SympathyForTheDevil: In relation to Michel.
* WhatIsThisFeeling: Throughout the season she learns what love, friendship, heartbreak, etc. feel like.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: She's only been born, but looks and acts in the 6-10 year old range.

!Kaito Doumoto
->Voiced by: Creator/DaisukeKishio (JP), Álvaro Navarro

''"I only really feel like myself when I'm surfing."''

Kaito, Lucia's love interest, is a smug local celebrity due to his incredible surfing ability and a gaggle of fangirls that follows him everywhere. He pays little attention to them, but nobody knows that it's because his heart really belongs to a certain mermaid that saved his life as a child when his parents were killed in a storm. When he sees her again years later, he returns her pearl and begins to search for her, but all the while, he learns that this ditzy girl in his class named Lucia is different from his regular fan club. As Kaito becomes more and more confused, he develops powers that no human should display, making him an easy and interesting target for Lucia's enemies.

Tropes associated with Kaito:
* AccidentalPervert: And sometimes not so accidental.
* AmnesiaDanger: In most of the Pure arc.
* {{Bishonen}}: And he knows it.
* ChangelingFantasy: Learns late in the first arc that he's adopted and he washed up on the beach mysteriously.
* ChildhoodFriends: Kaito originally met Lucia the Mermaid when he was six years old.
* CreepyCoolCrosses: The mark in his forehead. [[spoiler:Common to all Panthalassa.]]
* DistressedDude: The end of the first arc and a few times in the second.
* DoorstopBaby: His parents found him washed up with the tide.
* EasyAmnesia: In Pure, he loses all of his memories of Lucia (including their very first meeting).
* FacialMarkings: Again, the mark in his forehead, although it should be noted that it only appears when needed.
* FirstNameBasis: With Lucia from the start.
%%* IJustWantToBeNormal
* IntimateHealing: In the manga, [[spoiler:he gets his memory back from Lucia's kiss]].
%%* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* LovesMyAlterEgo: At first he loves Lucia the mermaid, but not Lucia the human, as he thought they were two different people.
* LoveTriangle: Lucia-Kaito-Michal.
%%* [[MagneticGirlfriend Magnetic Boyfriend]]
* MrFanservice: Every other chapter's ShirtlessScene? All this guy.
* MySignificanceSenseIsTingling: When Luchia is in danger.
* NotWhatItLooksLike: Early with Rina.
* TheOneGuy: He takes this position as a GuestStarPartyMember in both arc finales.
* RescueRomance: He fell in love with Lucia in her mermaid form after she saved him from drowning when he was a child.
* SayMyName: LUCIAAA
%%* SiblingYinYang
%%* ThemeTwinNaming
%%* UmbrellaOfTogetherness
* WalkingShirtlessScene: The writing staff keeps thinking up excuses to show him on the beach, sustaining ClothingDamage, or showering.
* YouKilledMyFather: Aversion. Even though he could very easily have focused on [[spoiler:Sara's responsibility for killing his parents in the storm]] in the end of the first arc, he doesn't even mention it, more focused on [[spoiler:that creep who's been leering at his girlfriend kidnapping him, holding him hostage, and insisting he's his brother]].

!Tarou Mitsuki
->Voiced by: Daisuke Kirii (JP), Jesús Barreda (Spain)

''"I always thought mermaids were something out of a dream."''

Tarou is mature, cultured, and beautiful - everything Hanon wants in a man. Too bad he's her music teacher. To his credit, he gently ignores her more overt attempts to get his attention, but even if he weren't her teacher, there's been someone else on his mind for a very long time. A composer and pianist, Tarou is sensitive to music and perceptive to the {{Masquerade}} -- early on, when he hears Yuuri's brainwashing music, he ''knows'' there's something wrong. He's clearly human, but he's more informed than the rest of his kind.

Tropes associated with Tarou:
* DistinguishingMark: He's certain that he recognizes the woman he's been waiting for from her RapunzelHair. He's initially wrong (for one, all the mermaids have it, not to mention whichever humans feel like growing it out!), but gets it right later.
* GentlemanAndAScholar: Mature, cultured, musician, etc.
%%* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy
* LoveMartyr: [[spoiler:When Sara tries to kill him, Tarou says that he'll let her hurt him no matter what if it'll make her happy again.]]
* HotForStudent: Averted, since he turns his student down.
* PastimesProvePersonality: Kind, gentle, refined pianist.
* StarcrossedLovers: Between him and Sara. Because Sara was a Mermaid Princess, she had to place her duties above her love for Tarou.
* YamatoNadeshiko: Male example. He's mature, polite, soft-spoken and cultured. Endlessly devoted to his love, yet also knows when it's time to let go.

!Nagisa Shiroi
->Voiced by: Chihiro Kusaka (JP), Darío García (Spain)

''"You never know until you try!"''

If there's one thing that Nagisa is, it's persistent. Even though Hanon has a thing for older men and is still hung up on her crush on Tarou even after he turns her down, this underclassman won't stop working hard to get her attention, whether it's camping out in the middle of the night for tickets to the fireworks show or buying more drinks than he can consume when she's working at the beach shop. He's an immature dork, that's for sure, but soon Hanon begins to see a brave, unbeatable side of him... now if only he'd stop claiming that he was already her boyfriend.

Tropes associated with Nagisa:
%%* {{Adorkable}}
* BadassNormal: He once fought off Lady Bat's hypnotism and punched him out through sheer willpower.
* {{Determinator}}: Basically his whole character.
* DoggedNiceGuy: Nagisa doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "go away."
* GenderBlenderName: Nagisa is a name that can be used for both boys and girls.
%%* {{Keet}}
* SecondLove: For Hanon, eventually.

!Masahiro Hamasaki
->Voiced by: Kiyotaka Furushima (JP), Álvaro Reina (Spain)

''"When I look at you, I can't help but believe..."''

Hamasaki, who only goes by his last name, is a mysterious, charming biker who catches Rina's eye even if she doesn't want to admit it. Like Tarou, he seems to understand more about the {{Masquerade}} than he lets on, but he won't say for certain whether he knows that Rina and her friends are mermaids.

Tropes associated with Masahiro:
* DemotedToExtra: In the anime, [[spoiler:the revelation about his lineage]] is removed, as is all of his first-arc screentime!
* HalfHumanHybrid: No, he's not this. [[spoiler:There's a mermaid somewhere in the woodpile, though. This is never approached in the anime.]]
* OnlyOneName:
** Throughout the manga, you never learn his first name, except in the volume notes.
** Averted in the anime.
* SecondLove: For Rina, if you are counting her crush on Kaito.
* SecretKeeper: The unknown variety... maybe.

!Rihito Amagi
->Voiced by: Takahiro Mizushima (JP), Sergio García (Spain)

Michal's older brother. He works as a maestro. [[spoiler:Later revealed to be a member of Panthalassa.]]

* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Slightly implied to develop feelings for Luchia.
* CreepyCoolCrosses: [[spoiler:Panthalassa's mark. It's the same as Kaito's.]]
* MayDecemberRomance: Luchia is 14. Rihito, a renowned maestro, can't be younger than 25.
* PromotionToParent: And UpToEleven [[spoiler:when Michal de-ages.]]
* [[RaiseHimRightThisTime Raise Her Right This Time]]: [[spoiler:When he gets the rapid-aging reborn baby version of his sister]].
* SecondLove: Advertised as such for Lucia, but ends up subverted.
* SimpleStaff: [[spoiler:Inherits one. It's a Panthalassa symbol.]]
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Licht[[note]][[MeaningfulName It means "light" in German]].[[/note]], Lichto, etc.
* ThereIsAnother: [[spoiler:He's Panthalassa.]]

!Michal Amagi
->Voiced by: Creator/RyokoShintani (JP), Inma Gallego (Spain)

''"I don't care if your heart isn't in it! I want you to be with me!"''

When Kaito's memory is stolen by Michel, he's rescued again and taken in by a wealthy girl named Michal who lives with her brother in a mansion. Michal is weak, sickly and lonely, constantly doubting herself and her own worth, and she becomes extremely clingy towards and overprotective of him, not letting him go home or go surfing even though it's what he loves to do. She quickly catches on that Kaito's classmate, Lucia, is his girlfriend, but her loneliness gets the better of her and she becomes determined to steal him away before he can remember.

Tropes associated with Michal:
%%* BigBrotherWorship
* ClingyJealousGirl: Though not without good reason.
%%* {{Expy}}: Michal is Hotaru from ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' as a Clingy Jealous Girl.
%%* [[spoiler:FountainOfYouth]]
* ImageSong: "Ashita ga Mienakute" ("Unable to See Tomorrow"). It shares many similarities with Michel's ImageSong, "Tsubasa wo Daite" ("Accept my Wings").
* IKnowYouAreInThereSomewhereFight: The final battle consists of the Mermaid Princesses trying to reach out to Michal's spirit that's within Michel.
* IllGirl: Michal has been weak and sickly for her entire life, which means she was never really able to make friends or experience the world.
* LonelyRichKid: And it's gotten to her head.
* LoveTriangle: Between herself, Kaito, and Lucia.
* {{Mana}}: [[spoiler: She's having hers stolen by Michel.]]
%%* MoreThanMindControl
* PropheticNames: Her connection to Michel.
* [[spoiler: RaiseHimRightThisTime]]
* SatelliteCharacter: She thinks becoming this will help her win Kaito's heart.
* SiblingYinYang: Her brother, Rihito, is respectful and independent.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Mikaru.
* ThereIsAnother: [[spoiler:She's Panthalassa.]]
%%* ThePowerOfLove: Even when unrequited, it works.
%%* WingedHumanoid: With Michel.
%%* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds

->Voiced by: Yuki Matsuda (JP), Alfredo Martínez (Spain)

A scientist working in Antartica. He and Caren fall in love with each other in the anime.

%%* {{Adorkable}}
* MoreThanMindControl: The Black Beauty Sisters use him to melt the Antarctic ice.
* OneShotCharacter: Actually appeared in two episodes: Caren's DayInTheLimelight and the finale. But the status of the finale as canon is debatable.

->Voiced by: Creator/DaisukeKishio (JP), Javier Moreno (Spain)

''"The days of leaving the sea to the devices of humans are over!"''

[[Main/NoCelebritiesWereHarmed What does it look like]]? Seriously, though, Gackt (Gakuto in some scanslations, Gackto in the Del Rey print, and Gaito in the anime) is a self-obsessed pretty-boy prince that somehow manages to wear a fur coat and sit in a hot tub underwater. The main antagonist of the first arc, his aim is to trap the seven princesses in PeopleJars, use their pearls to summon the great Aqua Regina, and destroy the world as revenge for his people, whom she sealed underwater millennia ago to punish their king. At least, that's what he ''says'' his motivation is. He may not do much but drink wine, hold roses and order his harem around, but he holds formidable power, and he's out to double it -- and Kaito just may be the key to do that.

Tropes associated with Gackto:
* AGlassOfChianti: Often seen drinking wine on his throne... even if he's underwater.
* AntiVillain: It's easy to pity him once you see how devoted he is to Sara and learn of his past.
* BigBad: Of the first arc.
* CreepyCoolCrosses: [[spoiler:His Panthalassa symbol, naturally.]]
%%* EvilOverlord
%%* DiscOneFinalBoss
* IHaveYouNowMyPretty: He really seems to like doing this; maybe he thinks it'll add to his battle harem.
* LoveMakesYouEvil: At first. He is madly in love with Sara, so when she tells him she wants to destroy the world he complies with her wishes.
* LoveRedeems: Once Sara herself is redeemed, his love for her is what eventually turns him to the side of good.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Named after Gackt and modelled after him a bit as well.
* NoMrBondIExpectYouToDine: Invites Rina to dance with him in one episode.
* RedemptionEarnsLife: [[spoiler: He is revived in the last episode (dubious canon).]]
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler: His end in the anime.]]
* SchrodingersCast: Lives in the manga, dies in the anime.
%%* SealedEvilInACan
* SealedGoodInACan: His end in the manga.
%%* SiblingYinYang
%%* SimpleStaff
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Has three '''appropriate''' names in canon itself, besides the erroneous ones.
* SuckMyRose: Has roses around on his person for this specific purpose.
%%* ThemeTwinNaming
* VillainousBreakdown: After Sara's HeelFaceTurn.
* WeCanRuleTogether: Offers this to [[spoiler:Kaito]] near the end.
%%* WhiteHairBlackHeart

!Dark Lovers (Izuuru, Eriru, Yuuri and Maria)
->Voiced by: Sayori Ishizuka (Izuru), Creator/YukiMatsuoka (Eriru), Creator/ChiekoHonda (Yuuri), Creator/SanaeKobayashi (Maria), Elena Ruiz de Velasco (Izuru, Spain), Miriam Valencia (Eriru, Spain), Raquel Martín (Yuuri, Spain), Ana Plaza (Maria, Spain)

''"The Dark Lovers will never die until I've captured Gackto-sama's heart!"''

These four strange women were Gackto's childhood companions under the seal, a group of sea creatures that he magically transformed into his own personal harem. Think about that for a minute. They're all completely devoted to him, but he plays with their hearts for his own ends, leaving them frustrated, eager to please, and constantly feuding with each other. When they combine their powers, however, they're a devastating force indeed.

'''Izuuru''' was originally a shark, and is the oldest and most overdramatic of the Dark Lovers, though the writer describes her as "the only normal one". '''Eriru''', formerly a manta ray, is an idiot who twirls around to switch between her "evil" and "normal" personalities. '''Yuuri''', once a fish, is now a precocious, bratty child. '''Maria''', an eel, became a cold and gorgeous ice user.

Tropes associated with the Dark Lovers:
* AnIcePerson: Maria.
* AntiVillain: Yuuri and Eriru. Izuuru and Maria have the same sad backstory, but their obsessions turned them a little less sympathetic.
%%* BattleButler
* BrattyHalfPint: Yuuri, and when she tries to act like an adult, she always looks more childish.
* ChristmasCake: Maria is clearly over 25, and she's often teased about it.
* DatingCatwoman: Hippo with Yuuri, later on.
* TheDitz: Eriru's nice personality.
%%* FourIsDeath
* DungeonBypass: Yuuri in episode 10. She and Eriru were lost in a maze cave, she just blasted the wall saying "If it's like this the maze is no problem!"
* FriendlyEnemy: Eriru's nice personality. Yuuri, later on, tries her best to resist becoming this or pulling a HeelFaceTurn.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Eriru's evil personality has glowing red eyes.
* HarmlessFreezing: Maria's powers.
* InterspeciesRomance: Besides their fixation on Gackto, Yuuri eventually falls in love with Hippo.
* JekyllAndHyde: Eriru's first personality is friendly and harmless. Her second, on the other hand...
** She also has a third personality in the anime, which isn't very frequently seen. This one is distinctive for having more detailed eyes. In it, she's neither as perky or as evil as the other two; she is instead observant and thoughtful and can make some really insightful comments.
* LoveMartyr: All of them, but Izuuru takes this up ten notches.
* MadLove: They have it for Gaito.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: A rastafari with cat ears and black feathered wings. That's Eriru.
* PerkyFemaleMinion: Yuuri. Eriru's friendly personality is an even better fit.
* PersonalityPowers: The cold Maria's ice and the obnoxious Yuuri's loud piano.
* PrecociousCrush: Yuuri looks and acts about nine. Gackto treats her like the black sheep of the harem because he doesn't like little girls (not that he loves any of them), which ''almost'' causes her to HeelFaceTurn out of spite.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: Of the first season.
* RedemptionEarnsLife: They are all revived in the last episode. But keep in mind that the canonicity of that is dubious.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Evil Eriru.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Izul and Eril.
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: It turns out that they were Gackto's only friends as a kid.
* TheVirus: Yuuri's piano music.
* WriteWhoYouKnow: Eriru is based on the author's sister and Izuuru is named after her [[AcceptableProfessionalTargets editors]].
* YouHaveFailedMe: Gackto rotates through giving the Dark Lovers attention depending on who's failed recently.

!Black Beauty Sisters (Mimi and Sheshe)
->Voiced by: Creator/NorikoShitaya (Mimi), Miki Tsuchiya (Sheshe), Carmen Podio (Mimi, Spain), Creator/CarolinaTak (Sheshe, Spain)

''"Are you done yet? Now it's time for our own 'live start'."''

Not actually sisters. Probably. We hope. The Black Beauty Sisters are a mercenary couple of anglerfish turned into girls, who take the stage as enemies in both arcs. Unlike the Dark Lovers, who are motivated by love, and the Winged Ones, who are motivated by duty, the Black Beauty Sisters only care about what rewards will come out of working for Gackto and Michel. They're strong enough to pose a major threat to anyone they face -- except their bosses, that is.

Tropes associated with the Black Beauty Sisters:
* AlluringAnglerfish: The animal they are, though you'll be forgiven for not realizing until they actually turn into it.
* AntiVillain: Mimi becomes this halfway through ''Pure''. Sheshe only when [[spoiler:they're about to be consumed by Michel.]]
* AscendedExtra: Brought back from the first arc into the second.
* BringOutYourGayDead: They're the first to go.
* BrotherSisterIncest: If they really ARE sisters.
* {{Catchphrase}}: Mimi's "She's right, isn't she?"
* DayInTheLimelight: Episode 79 is about them having a fight and Mimi going to land to try to fight the mermaids alone.
* DeathEqualsRedemption: Their spirits briefly show up to help the cause of good in the last chapter of the manga.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: They genuinely love and care about each other.
* EvilerThanThou: Well, they try, anyway.
* FairCop: In one episode, they dress up like this.
%%* FashionableEvil
* HideYourLesbians: Averted. You never see them kiss, but the way they touch and talk to each other leaves very little doubt as to the nature of their relationship.
* ImageSong: "Kuro no Kyousoukyoku ~concerto~" ("Dark Concerto ~concerto~") and "Yami no Baroque" ("Baroque of Darkness").
* {{Kemonomimi}}: Anglerfish women with fin ears.
* LineOfSightName: Mimi calls herself "Mari" as a human after spotting a pot of marigolds in the window.
* {{Meganekko}}: Mimi, as "Mari".
* {{Minionshipping}}: A canon example.
* MonsterOfTheWeek: They're the only ones to summon them.
* RedemptionEarnsLife: They are revived in the last episode (watch out for dubious canon).
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: Anime only.
* SchoolgirlLesbians: They're not really in school, but Mimi does masquerade as a human teenager in the anime.
* {{Seme}}: Sheshe; taller, more aggressive, and always initiates contact with Mimi.
%%* SoloDuet
* {{Uke}}: Mimi; smaller and more fragile looking, as well as quieter.
* VillainSong: Both their songs, obviously.
* YouAreWorthHell: They don't care what happens to them so long as they are with each other.

->Voiced by: Creator/JunkoMinagawa (JP), Fernando Cabrera (Spain)

''"Just what am I!?"''

Michel, the main villain of the second arc, is a cruel, manipulative angel who attacks the weak and blackmails the mermaids to enlist them in his self-declared war against humans. Still, Michel is sympathetic in his own way. He's being used the entire time, given painful "medication" that only makes him weaker and drives him slowly into insanity. In there somewhere is a good person, but as long as he's absorbing people whom Lucia loves, it's hard to tell.

Tropes associated with Michel:
* BigBad: Of the second arc.
* {{Bishonen}}: So much so that some viewers actually mistake him for a woman.
* CloningBlues
* CrossdressingVoices: Voiced by Creator/JunkoMinagawa.
* CrystalSpiresAndTogas: His original home. What's more, he actually wears a toga, albeit a rather unorthodox one.
* ImageSong: "Tsubasa wo Daite" ("Accept my Wings").
%%* IKnowYouAreInThereSomewhereFight
%%* KillAllHumans
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: He not only induces it but has it himself.
* LifeEnergy: One of his goals is to steal it from powerful beings to become stronger; this eventually begins to consume him.
* LightIsNotGood: Not really surprising considering he's an angel, though its possible that the original intention was simply to depict him as villainous, since white has traditional connections with death in Japan.
* MissionFromGod: Or so he thinks.
%%* {{Mordor}}
%%* OurAngelsAreDifferent
* PerpetualMolt: His wings may never run out of feathers.
%%* PillarOfLight
* PowerGivesYouWings: He already had them, but he gets more.
* ShirtlessScene: The aforementioned unorthodox toga.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Mikeru.
%%* VillainOverride
* VillainSong: "Tsubasa wo Daite" ("Accept my Wings").
* YouHaveFailedMe: Gackto, at least, was nicer about it than this guy.
%%* WeCanRuleTogether
* VillainousBreakdown: On top of everything that happens to him, the medication is driving him crazy.
%%* WingedHumanoid
%%* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds

!Winged Ones (Lady Bat, Lanhua, Alala)
->Voiced by: Creator/SanaeKobayashi (Lady Bat), Megumi Kojima (Lanhua), Creator/MasayoKurata (Alala), Elena Ruiz de Velasco (Lady Bat, Spain), Pilar Aguado (Lanhua, Spain), Carmen Cervantes (Alala, Spain)

''"You made the ones you call trash... so what are you?"''

Reanimated from the ancient past, these three join the Black Beauty Sisters as enemies who can use music just like the mermaids. They are Michel's servants and do whatever he asks out of respect and duty, but they know a secret that even he doesn't, which Fuku is trying desperately to keep them from telling.

'''Lady Bat''', a crossdressing vampire, uses hypnotic attacks. '''Lanhua''', a Chinese butterfly-woman, splits into a lot of chibi versions of herself. '''Alala''', the last to awaken, is an all-too-perky young fairy.

Tropes associated with the Winged Ones:
* {{Bishonen}}: Lady Bat. He's so pretty that some viewers think he's female.
* ChineseGirl: Lanhua.
* CrossdressingVoices: Lady Bat, of course. Voiced by Creator/SanaeKobayashi.
* DeathEqualsRedemption: Their spirits briefly show up to help the cause of good in the last chapter of the manga.
%%* DragonLady: Lanhua.
* TheDragon: Lady Bat is implied to be this to Michel. Both in the anime and in the manga he's the first Winged One to appear and he seems to be the one most loyal to him. In the manga, Michel sends him and him only to capture the mermaids while he [[spoiler:kidnaps Michal.]] In the anime, Michel sends all 3 Winged Ones instead, but it's Lady Bat ordering Lanhua and Alala around.
* EvilDiva: Alala.
* FourIsDeath: With the Black Beauty Sisters together taking the fourth slot.
* ImageSong: All three of them have their own songs. Lady Bat has "Ankoku no Tsubasa" ("Wings of Darkness"), Lanhua has "Hana to Chou no Serenade" ("Serenade of Flowers and Butterflies"), and Alala has both "Star Mero Mero Heart" ("Star Burning Up Heart") and "Oh, Yeah! Alala!"
* IAmSong: "Oh, Yeah! Alala!"
* InvoluntaryDance: Lanhua's song makes the mermaids dance.
* {{Kawaiiko}}: Alala is obnoxiously cutesy, enough to make [[{{Hypocrite}} Hanon]] roll her eyes and groan.
* KissOfTheVampire: Lady Bat.
* LesbianVampire: Lady Bat's image, even though he's actually a man.
* MinionWithAnFInEvil: Alala, who poses the least threat out of the three.
* {{Odango}}: Lanhua.
* PerkyFemaleMinion: Alala; fits it much less than Yuuri does, though.
%%* PersonalityPowers
%%* PettingZooPeople
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: Of the second season.
* ShesAManInJapan: Lady Bat is a woman in Italy and Spain.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Ranfa/Ran Fa/Lang Fa, Arara.
* SuperDeformed: Lanhua's power has the side effect of splitting her into a bunch of chibi versions of herself.
%%* SissyVillain: Lady Bat.
* VillainousCrossdresser: Lady Bat.
* VillainSong: See ImageSong above.
%%* WingedHumanoid

->Voiced by: Creator/SanaeKobayashi (JP), Elena Palacios (Spain)

''"Listen to me, because my words are Michel-sama's words, and Michel-sama's words are the Great One's words."''

Fuku-chan is Michal's realistically drawn pet bird, who lives in a cage by her window. Fuku-chan is also Michel's simply drawn bird sidekick with a chibi human head and a halo. Tiny, arrogant and shrewd, he transforms and slips between these identities with no one the wiser, and tends to get slapped, thrown and snarked at by the Black Beauty Sisters and Winged Ones on the grounds of being a small annoying thing. Fuku-chan [[NotSoHarmlessVillain isn't as harmless as he seems]], though; he talks back to the Great One himself, he administers Michel's medication and keeps secrets from him, and only he knows the truth about Michal.

Tropes associated with Fuku:
%%* TheChewToy
* DealWithTheDevil: Do ''not'' trust the little chibi bird-thing.
* EvilutionaryBiologist: [[spoiler:He created Michel and all the other weird experiments around their lair.]]
%%* HolyHalo
* LightIsNotGood: He has a white bird body and a golden halo.
* ManBehindTheMan: To Michel.
%%* PollyWantsAMicrophone
%%* SmallAnnoyingCreature
%%* VillainOverride

->Voiced by: Miyako Ito (JP), Miriam Valencia (Spain)

''"What are you doing, Lucia-sama!?"''

Hippo is the series' talking animal mascot, a fat little penguin in a sailor suit who speaks with a shrill voice and follows Lucia around. He's currently assigned to protect Lucia, but was initially created for another purpose. He thinks of Lucia as a failure princess because of her forbidden love, interest in the surface world and terrible singing voice, but, in fact, he's no better. Though he's obnoxious and shoves the rules into Lucia's face, he learns to relent when he, too, finds out what she means by ThePowerOfLove.

Tropes associated with Hippo:
* BattleButler: When he regains his powers.
%%* BigDamnHeroes
* BishieSparkle: Invoked with him many times in human form.
%%* ButtMonkey
* ChickMagnet: Becomes one in his human form.
* CoolHorse: His true form.
* DatingCatwoman: With Yuuri.
%%* DreadfulMusician
* HumanityEnsues: Gains a human form with a HandWave.
* HumansAreUgly: Hated his human form until he saw how many girls he attracted.
* InterspeciesRomance: With Yuuri.
* MeaningfulName: At first you think it's just because he's fat, but "Hippo" isn't even short for "hippopotamus" at all. [[spoiler:In fact, it's for "Hippocampus", as in the legendary winged seahorse.]]
* MrFanservice: He was naked when he first appeared in his human form and in-universe he ends up becoming a major ChickMagnet.
%%* WeaselMascot
* WingedHumanoid: As a human.

->Voiced by: Eri Saito (JP), Elena Ruiz de Velasco (Spain)

A mermaid who poses as Lucia's older sister and is the hotel manager.

* CoolBigSis: Even if she can be a bit abusive.
* DayInTheLimelight: Episode 41, also for Maki-san.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Nicola.

!Madame Taki
->Voiced by: Kumi Yamakado (JP), Ana Isabel Hernando (Spain)

A fairly incompetent and kind of old fortune-teller whose true form is a clam. She mostly functions as a gag character, though her one and only appearance in the manga treated her seriously.

%%* TheComicallySerious
%%* CoolOldLady
* DayInTheLimelight: Episode 71 gives most of the information about her. She has a fiance named Somegoro who's a squid and a doctor, and she doesn't know how old she is. To a much lesser extent, episode 20 also counts.
* EyesAlwaysShut: She never opens them once.
* {{Immortality}}: Implied.
* IWillWaitForYou: Gender-inverted; Somegoro promises to wait for her.

!Aqua Regina
->Voiced by: Kumi Yamakado (JP), Ana Isabel Hernando (Spain)

The goddess of the ocean, mother of all mermaids. She's incapacitated for a good chunk of the first season. She's responsible for giving upgrades for the mermaids.

* BigGood
* MeaningfulName: "Aqua Regina" means "Water Queen" in Latin.
%%* MsExposition
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Even when she's incapacitated in the first season, she still musters up the strength to give new songs and power ups to the mermaids. During the final battle in Pure, she even joins in and sings with the Mermaid Princesses to defeat Michel.
* SealedGoodInACan: She lost most of her powers ages ago and the only way to summon her is for all seven Mermaid Princesses to come together.