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The following is a list of characters played in Mariglenica Records Of A Multiversal War and Mariglenica 50Yl8r It also includes their associated Tropes.

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The Main heroes

  • The main characters

Sarah Blueskies (Played by shining knight)

A recurring character in several TV Tropes RPGs. Born Grupetto Harmonica Melodia, An accomplished swordswoman who will kick your butt and sing an song about it afterwards. Has a child called Frieda who is every bit an asskicker as her mum. Is engaged to Z and very happy about it.

"Z"(Played by AC Drawings)

The pragmatic traveling mage with a hero complex and a cynical streak whose entire face has been broken because he's fallen in love with Sarah and they're now married. Z is an insanely powerful and well versed mage who has a small library in his cloak that's bigger on the inside. He's the adopted father of a powerful mime who he cares for deeply despite his distant nature.

No one knows much about Z's history and he doesn't talk much about it. All people know is that he was from a Southern Continent and his family moved north to Logopolis. No one even knows his real full name.

Orion Star(Played by AC Drawings)

Job class: Apprentice Freelance Mage

Short bio: A 13 year old lad raised by his uncle Cygnus Star was a renowned Mage who died of poisoning. Z came to Cygnus's house after he died in search of more spellbooks, especially Mime Magic. Orion was then raised under Z's care. Orion is a naive and curious youth with an obsession with knights, royal orders, chivalry, and helping people. This is because he was raised in an out of the way forest in the boondocks being hidden from the world by his Uncle who read him stories of knights and glory.

Orion was hidden away because he was a sorcerer, a person born with natural magical abilities instead of studying for magic power. Orion's magical specialization as Mime magic, the ability to copy and replicate spells and actions done by others. Z and Orion spent a majority of their 2 years together running from people looking for his magic. When Daark began his takeover, Z insisted Orion to go int hiding with another friend. That wasn't going to last.

Orion is a fairly tall and athletic boy with straight shoulder-length blonde hair and wears a dark blue tunic. He wields a blunt wooden sword .

Ran (Played by Kaze Koichi)

Ran was built by Kalinka Cossack, Dr. Cossack's daughter, just before the events of The Fourth Mega Man Game, as a science fair project (unfortunately, Ran lost to a papier mache volcano.) Ran is built out of cheap Communist-made parts, and thus dies if he's so much as poked. Kalinka decided to remedy this situation by building a regeneration pod that creates a new Ran every time the old one dies. That replacement Ran would then be beamed to the old one's location and download the old Ran's memory. In this way, Ran essentially became immortal, as long as the regeneration pod continued to function. Ran is also an avid Communist.

Ran has a wife and at least two children: Ryaktev and Chekista.

Austin (Played by {{Tropers/ Philosopher 93}})

Powers: able to manipulate the metal that makes up his body. The metal is fused to his cells. Capable of forming various objects where his suit has holes in it. The suit is condensed metal, normally looks like steel but the steel only acts as a cover for the real stuff.The metal and the suit actually are purple in color. The suit is very nonreactive to most things except certain chemicals that have various reactions to the metal. Has to prepare the suits holes ahead of time. Can create wormholes normally. In order to move with the suit he requires his gravity dampener. The dampener works by creating gravity in the reverse direction of the gravitational body. The metal in its normal has a melting point higher than steel, malleability of aluminum, and density of aluminum. His suit is made of the metal in a very dense form. Plasma weapons easily melt his suit and body. His mind and memories are stored in the crystalline structure of the metal on an atomic level. Capable of ignoring pain by neutralizing the electrical pulses with his own artificial.

Description: Scale armor body and helmet with traditional arms and legs from medival knight armor design. He looks human under the armor except for the purplish tinge to everything on his body. Normally creates an exterior of skin to hide his unique changes.

Personality: Has a second personality that likes to kill. To know when the switch occurs when he is normal listen for laughter and look for him holding his head as if he has a head ache. The laughter isn't evil it is more of nervous laughter in response to extreme stress. He has an affinity for sparkling drinks. He is attached to 7 sentient droids that he gave sentience to.

weakness: When absorbing matter for energy 40% of his energy is needed for it to be effective without loss. Can only store so much energy and losses energy overtime like a battery. Certain chemicals react with metal in terrible ways for example one breaks the metal down in to itself and has a snowball effect. Wormhole technology is currently offline. If the gravity dampeners go he can't move except by getting out of his armor.

The Grand Order of Oberon

A group of knights dedicated to stopping the dark gods by finding weapons and tech from the early days of Mariglenica

Orcini Welles (Played by shining knight)

Calypso Crillish aka Callie (Played by shining knight)

Joshiah Staine (Played by shining knight)

Artemis Stragis aka Artie (Played by shining knight)

Frieda Lawson (Played by shining knight)

The child of Floyd Lawson and Sarah Blueskies although she does not know this yet. Has the potential to be either the greatest hero or the vilest villian in her future due to the forbidden mixture of vampire and siren dna inside her body. All she wants is a family and a brother she could love....

David Daark (mostly referred to as Daark) (Played by shining knight)

The head henchman of the evil doom lord in both Daark quest and this series. An experiment in human breeding with a Tonberry, the two Davids were born from a Tonberry mother and a human father. One David grew up fine and become the hero known as David Magus until his tragic death. The other went insane and began to conquer continents. Mad, psychopathic and completely immoral. His insanity has allowed him to act like a crazed child. Was slowly driven insane by his failure to kill Axel and Ran then finally died fighting Andrew Jackson. The Iscariot had other plans...

Brought back to life he now has the soul of David Magus inside him. Now he wants to atone for all the evil he has done. Of course the others do not trust him a lick...

The Learned ones

Some of the smartest people on Mariglenica. Between them they hold the entire history of the planet in their hands...

Simon Culp (Played by shining knight)

Archiebald Mcmutton (Played by shining knight)

Orcini Welles (Played by shining knight)

Amara Tamaran aka Gears (Played by shining knight)

The Librarian (Played by shining knight)

Once upon a time he was Evan beckar one of the doom lords most trusted advisors until he met his end at the hands of Bob. His essence now inside a supercomputer he is slowly moving the various armies against each other for reasons that are his alone....

Amelia(Played by AC Drawings)

Short bio: She looks like an eight year old girl riding a large floating stone platform covered in runes. She has dark skin, a straight black bowl cut, large inviting eyes, and an orange sleeveless cloak.Amelia is a long lived woman who wants more out of life. She decided a great use of her brilliant mind and talents would be to control the kingdoms. However she did not have that sort of power, but form her research she knew that Chaos had that kind of power but had been laying dormant in the world for years, waiting to be unraveled and while it was difficult to control, Chaos couldn't be stopped and she knew it was the power she had to have.But she couldn't do it alone and saw potential and much grief in the heart of Dr. Charcis, a fellow teacher at the same magic academy. Amelia too him under her wing and the pair became partners in an attempt to summon and control Chaos, but Mariglenica was under siege in the midst of their research and scheming and they had to flee. Now they're back and trying to find a way to harness all this expended magic energy from the wars to complete their summoning.

Dr Charcis(Played by AC Drawings)

City: Logopolis

Occupation: Potions, Chemistry, and Alchemy teacher

Short bio: Wavy shoulder length brown hair and a thin mustache. Pale, tall skinny and wears a white lab coat over his blue button-down shirt.

The tired looking Dr. Charcis was a consistently under-appreciated, under-represented, and unnoticed potions master who hoped to pass on knowledge as a teacher but not even students respected his talents. However, He quickly took to Amelia when she took notice. The pair became partners in an attempt to summon and control Chaos but Mariglenica was under siege in the midst of their research and scheming and they had to flee. Now they're back and trying to find a way to harness all this expended magic energy from the wars to complete their summoning.

Dr. McNinja (played by Kaze Koichi)

His first name is never given, and cannot be revealed as per the wizard. He is a cliché ninja, with the exception that he is a practicing medical doctor as well. He has amazing speed and agility, plus superhuman strength (the latter of which is attributed to the fact that he is a doctor as well as a ninja). He studied under the clone of Benjamin Franklin in medical school, and his medical expertise ranges from general medicine to podiatry and dentistry. He is usually seen wearing slacks, a button-down shirt and tie, a lab coat, a ninja mask, and a stethoscope around his neck.

While a skilled superhero, Dr. McNinja has several personality quirks. He desperately wants to be Batman and has obsessively studied his movies, comics and TV shows to that effect, even telling others he trained with Batman (which is patently false, even in the McNinja universe) and owning a pair of Batman pajamas. He is also highly sensitive to criticism by his parents, who are disappointed their ninja son is wasting his time as a doctor. The fact that he is both a doctor and a ninja has also caused several problems for him, chiefly due to his twin obligations to heal and to kill.

The Drab lords gang

Bob (Played by Kaze Koichi)

Bob (also known as Napalm or Darth Volcanus) is the little brother of George who has the power to create and control fire. His entire personality revolves around the needless punishment to those who are not him. It is known that Bob will burn his enemies to a crisp. He also has enough fire power to destroy the solar system. He will, however, defend himself in these cases. He hates clones. He apparently has a phobia regarding Pokémon.

Drab Lord (Played by Kaze Koichi)

Non-canon villain from Final Fantasy IV, who appeared after Zeromus's defeat.

folder:Gods of Mariglenica

There was a moment, when all good Gods gathered around to deside what to do with Mariglenica. But since then, only one of them is actively meddling in people's affairs.

Kaze, a God of Wind.

His strengh remains unknown, because he avoids the fighting on his own. He, however, like to manipulate other people in fighting by giving them hints. He helps heroes and villains alike whenever he desires.

The Dark gods (and their servents)

The ultimate evil of Mariglenica. There are twelve all in although we have only met two thus far...

The Magus aka Iscariot (Played by shining knight)

The main hero of a unreleased Final fantasy fan fiction series called Daark Quest (which Mariglenica is partially based on). The younger brother of the psychopathic Dragon known as Daark. David changed his name to his wife's second name in order to distance himself from his family. He is a rather adept magician and also a skilled sword fighter. Is now king of Logopolis much to his horror. Dying from a rare mariglenian disease and haunted by the destruction of Logopolis David fought bravely against his father and managed to wound him badly. He sacrificed himself to seal up the Dark gods of Mariglenica.

Unfortunatly Amelia on a power trip brought him back...but in reality it was all part of a xanatos gambit from the dark gods to be released...

Now the Iscariot (god of evil and chaos) walks the world again wearing the skin of the once good hero...

Aria aka Ariel (Played by shining knight)

The beautiful Siren wife of Clive. She was murdered but was returned at the same time as David. She is now inhabited by Ariel goddess of Lust and sex...

The Necropolis

Characters that have died during the series and unlike many other RPG worlds the chances of returning from death are slim to none...

Kyle Necros (Played by shining knight)

A fanatical reverend of the church of Judas. He is in constant contact with the dark gods of Mariglenica and acts as their hands while they are still trapped in the prison David sent them to.

Was killed during a battle with Napalm. His body is being used as a vessel for the returned David Daark which appears to be his entire purpose for existing

Mindy Magus (Played by shining knight)

The widow of the hero known as David Magus . Can change her appearance to whatever she wants thanks to an experimental element called Rubberion, which was shot into her by the evil empire. Was an evil pawn of the doom lord until she was saved by the power of love. Was shot through the chest by Floyd Lawson and died however Doctor Mcninja saved her child and is due to hatch anyday...

Floyd Lawson (Played by shining knight)

A dark vampire hunter paid by the vampires of light. He used to be Sarahs bodyguard during the golden days of the Caledonia empire and as such treats Sarah as if she were his own kid which is creepy considering what we now know....

The father of Friedas when he found out Sarah trusted Z more than he he went insane and began to hunt them down. With the help of Magus he suceeded and managed to gun down Mindy and one of the Tonberry twins before Frieda killed him...

The Gene Genie (Played by shining knight)

Clive is the foremost genetecist of Mariglenica. He studies Magical beings dna. He is also quite evil and wishes to kill all magical creatures and allow Mariglenians to be the only surviving species. Has joined forces with Dr carcis and Amelia

Demon hunters
  • Characters who solves incidents involted demons of any sort.

Reimu Hakurei (played by Kaze Koichi)

Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine and the main protagonist of the Touhou series in general. Extremely talented, but hates training and is very lazy. She's also a friendly person who gets along well with everyone, including Youkai. This passive attitude towards monsters doesn't sit well with most of the humans in Gensokyo, which means her shrine doesn't get many visitors... or donations. Also well known for her armpits of doom.

  • Metroidvania. Reimu is a main character in the game nicknamed by fans "Touhouvania", she goes to hunt the vampire in Castlevania-style.
  • Jerkass. Canonically, Reimu tends to be more... cavalier than one might hope from the hero.
  • Miko. Subverted. This Reimu is wearing vampire slayer suit instead of shrine maiden robes.
  • Whip It Good. Not technically whip, but still the Weapon of Choice.

Marisa Kirisame (formerly played by Oni-Lord)

Marisa is a human magician, and a damned good one at that. She started out as a minion of a woman by the name of Mima, but thanks to her defeat at the hands of a shrine miko shes changed a new leaf. Marisa now helps out the land of Gensokyo and works together with Reimu is resolving incidents. She took up residence in the Forest of Magic and has made a bit of a name for herself as a "borrower".

Heroes who have left us
  • Characters both good and evil who have left the game due to their players leaving the game

Razputin (Played by Firock Finion)

From the sleeper hit video game Psychonauts. Raz once ran away from his home at the circus to go to Whispering Rocks, a training camp for child psychics. However while he was trying to train there a secret villainous plot forced him into an adventure to save everyone there. After his adventure he became an honorary Jr. Psychonaut. Specifically asked to join the struggle against the Doom lord by David Magus. Now back home

John Shazno (Played by Firock Finion)

Maria Renard (played by Game Guru GG)

From the year 1798 of her world, she had faced Dracula twice. Once, six years ago, she had been saved by Richter Belmont and helped him to defeat Dracula. Only a year ago, Maria had helped Alucard, the son of Dracula, free Richter from Dracula. Now 18, she has become a very skilled monster hunter.

Axel (Played by Liirian)

Blood thristy sociopath from the popular reality show Ansem Retort. The show's host (Ansem, obviously) signed a contract to send both Axel and Zexion to Mariglenica to help the whole rebellion thing for a quick ratings boost. He's Ax-Crazy and loves to kill orphans every Wednesday and he's an Evil Buddhist God with the ability to shoot mind bullets and nuke cities at will. Luckily for Daark he tends to forget that he can do these things so he just burns everything in sight instead. Is believed to have returned to the Ansem retort house to spend his monies...

Zexion (Played by Liirian)

Amoral Doctor from the popular webcomic reality show Ansem Retort. The show's host (Ansem, obviously) signed a contract to send both Axel and Zexion to Mariglenica to help the whole rebellion thing for a quick ratings boost. He's the MacGyver of doctors and he's known for using less then proper tools. He's laughs at other people and their petty 'morals' and somehow uses lightsabers without any prior training nor any skill in The Force. Also returned home

Nathan Drake (played by rallyfan 9000)

Ex-US Air Force, served in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan, 2001-2003. Honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant. Reportedly sought after the fabled treasure "El Dorado", allegedly once found by Sir Francis Drake. Is said to be of Sir Francis' bloodline, as well. Known to be descended from famed Sky Pirate Nathan Zachary. Skilled in multiple forms of combat, including aerial combat, small-scale ground operations and hand-to-hand fighting.

Jotaro Kujo (played by Oni-Lord)

Jotaro is your average high school tough kid from Japan, until what he thought was a spirit wouldn't leave him alone. His grandfather explained that this was a Stand, and that there were several people in the world who could. One of them, was the incredibly evil Dio Brando. His mother suddenly started being attacked by her latent stand as a result of Dio's return. Him and a group of friends traveled to Cairo Egypt to find Dio and kill him to save his mother's life and anyone else the megalomaniac might kill. They came across many stand users and fought many hard battles, but they eventually came out victorious.

Atlas and other background info
  • All the info on the fictional world of Mariglenica that you could ever need.

The Atlas of Mariglenica.

Celtis: A small continent which is the Mariglenian Equivalent of Scotland. This continent was the first to fall to the DLE. Its (known) major cities are:

  • Abyssia: A city of culture which is on a floating island powered by a water crystal. Due to its power it always rains in this city, its the home of the original station of the Famous Water train which after the great ban on Airships by "the Empire" has become the major transportation of the world. The general population of the city is mixed between Mariglenians (Magically based humans) and Tonberries (The famous final fantasy creature who is slightly different in this world). The real world Equivalent of this world is Glasgow.

  • Embryia: Once the greatest airship building city in Mariglenica it has now fallen into disrepair due to the ban on airships. It used to be the protected headquarters of the Anti Empire resistance (that's the group of PCs led by Sarah!) before it was destroyed. Once upon a time, the city was powered by a fire crystal. Alas that is now gone and it is unknown where it now is. The real world Equivalent of this city is Govan.

  • Caledonia: The city of music and dance and joy... or it was until it became the first target of the Empire. Now it is just a tragic wreck, aformer shadow of its joyful self. The real world Equivalent is Edinburgh.

La Arana: A sand continent which nothing much is known of at the moment. It's real world Equivalent is a hodgepodge of India and Israel.

Unknown Europe Equivalent: Name coming soon....

  • Logopolis: A City of books which almost looks like one giant Library. It is the home of the Daark royal family which currently boils down to David and his wife Mindy. Protected from the Empire thanks to a treaty that was written long ago it is the current base of the anti empire resistance. Was destroyed during the final battle of the war against the Daark empire. It's real world Equivalent is Greece

The Freedom States: A land where those fleeing the Empire are safe...for the moment. It's real world Equivalent is the United States of America

  • Canuckasville: A city part of an as yet unnamed mass of land stuck to the freedom states.

  • Desolation: A small town where cowboys and sheriffs are stuck in an eternal struggle against each other.

  • Pokeytown: To outsiders, it looks like an overgrown cactus forest. But go inside and you will find the hidden city of the Cactaurs.

Rus: A land where entire population are communists. There is always winter in Rus - no exceptions. All towns are millitary bases hidden below the snow. Rus has the world's most advanced robotic and bear cavalry as the part of its army. All population is wearing ushanka and drink vodka. It's real world equivalent is Russia.

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