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Characters in Lovecraft Is Missing.

Many but not all are heavily inspired by characters of the same name in the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and his contemporaries, but are not necessarily exactly the same as their inspirations; such trivia will be mentioned as a Shout-Out.

Main Characters

Win Battler - A young pulp writer from Tough Luck, Oklahoma. Having gone east to meet H.P. Lovecraft - his fellow author of weird tales and friend-by-post - Win narrowly misses Lovecraft's disappearance from a locked room. Has a tattoo on his upper back which cultists and an evil gelatinous baby have reacted against and attempted to remove.

Nan Mercy - Assistant Librarian at Brown University, in the special collections department. Her immediate goal is to recover pages of a rare book that were recently in Lovecraft's possession; her long-term goals are unclear, but apparently have to do with gathering all the rare occult books on earth an building a big bonfire with them.

Father Munsford Jackey - A (purported) priest who fights the occult, with the help of the talents of various specialists. He has been doing so since 1908, after being dragged in by associates of Erich Zann.


Dr. Kartophilus (Count St. Germain, Melmoth) - His real name is unknown; all his aliases are names of fictional immortals. He himself is a powerful sorcerer, possibly immortal himself. His goal is vague, but near completion.

Mummy - Nan’s psychotic mother who is now trapped in another dimension, and is possibly no longer human. It was recently revealed that she has some relationship with Tobbin.

Dr. Muñoz - Head of the Morowbie-Jukes Asylum, suffering from what appears to be a terrible skin disease, who has allied himself with Count St. Germain. His reward is to be the gift of immortality. He is secretly plotting some alternative plan with Belvan Wendt.
  • Mad Doctor
  • Shout-Out: Dr. Muñoz appears in H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air, where he is undead, and has to treat himself with special chemicals and keep his environment well below mean temperature to keep himself from decomposing.
    • He also refers briefly to Herbert West - another Lovecraft character who experimented with the undead.

M. Powell Tobbin - Nan’s boss at the library, who is also the leader of a conspiracy involving Nan’s dead mother and possibly Nan’s pendant.

Supporting Characters

Ma & Pa Battler - Win’s parents, salt of the earth types, who’ve scraped by in the tiny town of Tough Luck, Oklahoma

Eely Billings - He’s been with Jackey for almost 20 years, playing various roles, including working as an editor at Weird Tales to intercept stories of interest, many by H.P. Lovecraft.

Milo Bowers – A Tough Luck resident and son of the the granary foreman; a bully with an especial dislike of Win, and an especial fear of his father.

Mr. Bowers – Milo’s dad, one of the local heads of Cthulhu worship in Tough Luck.

Walter Cow – Another of Jackey’s associates, the muscle of the group.

Auntie Gamwell – H.P. Lovecraft’s aunt, who lives in the same boarding house from which he disappeared.

Heeg - Kartophilus' butler.

Miss Hurter – A sweet little old lady who works with Bowers running the local cult.

Kreskin – Assistant to Dr, Muñoz, who believes he and Kartophilus are working together.

Inspector John Raymond LeGrasse – A New Orleans detective who has been working with Father Jackey since they first met.

Richard Upton Pickman - A painter of the macabre who disappeared some years ago. But his history with Nan goes back to her childhood.

Harley Warren – An anthropologist who has also worked with Jackey; he has spent the last ten years or so as a prisoner of a now-deceased bookseller, apparently as part of an undercover operation. He was recently rescued by LeGrasse.

Belvan Wendt - A wanna-be pulp writer whose actual allegiance is uncertain. He seems to be allied with St. Germain, Dr. Muñoz and M. Powell Tobbin, though the three are working against one another.

Erich Zann – A composer whose music is valuable within occult circles. The exact nature of that value has yet to be established, but it has been shown to grant visions and defend against magical intrusions. He is currently held captive by Kartophilus.