!Due to the lengthy periods of time passing between releases and many plot twists now being LateArrivalSpoiler's, numerous spoilers, including many major ones, will be unmarked to prevent pages being dominated by large chunks of white space for decade-old spoilers. If you have not played a game in the series that was released before 2010, read at your own risk!


This page indexes the various character pages for the ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' video game series.
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsSora Sora]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsDestinyIslandsTrio Riku, Kairi, and Data-Sora]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsDisneyCastleTrio Mickey, Donald, and Goofy]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsRoxasAxelAndXion Roxas, Axel, and Xion]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsTerraAquaAndVentus Terra, Aqua, and Ventus]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsXProtagonist Kingdom Hearts X(chi) Protagonist]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsSupportingOriginals Supporting Original Characters]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsSupportingSquareEnix Supporting Square Enix Characters]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsSupportingDisney Supporting Disney Characters]]

* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsXehanortsIncarnations Xehanort's Incarnations]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsIndependentVillains Independent Villains]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsEnemyCreatures Enemy Creatures]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsOrganizationXIII Organization XIII]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsDisneyVillains Disney Villains]]