!Due to the lengthy periods of time passing between releases and many plot twists now being {{Late Arrival Spoiler}}s, numerous spoilers, including many major ones, will be unmarked to prevent pages being dominated by large chunks of white space for decade-old spoilers. If you have not played a game in the series that was released before 2010, read at your own risk!


This page indexes the various character pages for the ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' video game series.
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsSora Sora]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsDestinyIslandsTrio Riku, Kairi, and Data-Sora]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsDisneyCastleTrio Mickey, Donald, and Goofy]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsRoxasAxelAndXion Roxas, Axel, and Xion]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsTerraAquaAndVentus Terra, Aqua, and Ventus]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsAnsemAndApprentices Ansem and his Apprentices]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsXCharacters Kingdom Hearts X(chi) Characters]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsSupportingOriginals Supporting Original Characters]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsSupportingSquareEnix Supporting Square Enix Characters]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsSupportingDisney Supporting Disney Characters]]

* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsXehanortsIncarnations Xehanort's Incarnations]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsIndependentVillains Independent Villains]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsEnemyCreatures Enemy Creatures]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsOrganizationXIII Organization XIII]]
* [[Characters/KingdomHeartsDisneyVillains Disney Villains]]