The characters from ''Manga/KaseiYakyoku''.

!!Akiko Hashou
->Voiced by: Reiko Mutoh

* [[spoiler: ButNowIMustGo: At the end, she decides to quietly leave home and rebuild her life as she sees fit]]
* TheOjou: Of the SpoiledSweet type
* RavenHairIvorySkin
* SpiritedYoungLady: Very much so. She doesn't mind using dresses that are seen as too Westernised and drives her own car, which was unheard of in the Tokyo of TheRoaringTwenties.
* UptownGirl

!!Takao Itou, alias Taka
->Voiced by: Creator/NachiNozawa

* BadassInANiceSuit
* BigBrotherMentor: To Sara's brother Junichirou
* KnightInSourArmor: Is a kind-hearted man deep down, but cynical as fuck after all the shit he's seen.
* ManInWhite
* [[spoiler:NearRapeExperience: At the hands of Nami's mother when he was younger.]]
* TallDarkAndHandsome
* TroubledButCute
* {{Yakuza}}

!!Sara Uchida
->Voiced by: Creator/HirokoSuzuki

* [[spoiler: BreakTheCutie]]: [[spoiler: The plot does almost everything in its hands to break her. And it almost succeeds.]]
* {{Meido}}: As Akiko's personal maid.
* NiceGirl
* [[spoiler: ShamefulStrip -> NearRapeExperience: By some Yakuza.]]

!!Kiyosu Saionji
->Voiced by: Shinji Ogawa

* {{Megane}}
* PrincelyYoungMan: The Gentleman Type
* TallDarkAndHandsome

!!Saburou Itou
->Voiced by: Creator/KoujiTsujitani

* [[spoiler: SacrificialLamb]]

!!Junichirou Uchida
->Voiced by: Creator/ToshihikoSeki

* HotBlooded
* NiceHat
* SiblingYinYang: Him and his older sister Sara
* {{Yakuza}}

->Voiced by: Creator/ReiSakuma

* CuteBruiser: Implied, she's seen training at Kendo
* TheCutie
* TomboyishPonytail
* YakuzaPrincess: And remarkably nice for a girl who's quite aware of what her family is into.

!!Nikichi Hanai
->Voiced by: Osaku Saka

!!The Marquis and Marchioness of Hanyuu
->Voiced by: Masaru Ikeda and Seiko Tomoe

->Voiced by: Reiko Yamada

!!Nami's mom

* [[spoiler:MrsRobinson: Attempts to rape a teenaged Taka who was almost catatonic.]]

!!Akiko's mom
->Voiced by: Seiko Tomoe

* RichBitch

!!Sara and Junichirou's mom

* [[spoiler: MissingMom - StuffedIntoTheFridge: Dies in the fourth OAV]]

->Voiced by: Yu Shimaka

->Voiced by: Yukiko Gotou