Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger character sheet.

'''Geki Juken Beast Arts'''

!!The Gekirangers

!!!'''Jan Kando/[=GekiRed=]''' | [-Actor: Hiroki Suzuki-]
* CharacterDevelopment: As the series goes on, he acts less dumb.
* {{Crunchtastic}}: Makes up ''a lot'' of words, enough to make his own Jan-ish language. Examples of such words are "Ujauja", "Wakiwaki" or, most commonly "Zowazowa" (referring to monsters of the week). Justified that he's a jungle boy.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler: Long decimated his village, turned his father Dan evil, killed his mother. All because they were a PROBLEM in his plans]]
%%* DumbIsGood: Starts out as this, but eventually becomes more smarter.
%%* EleventhHourSuperpower: [[spoiler:Rin Juken.]]
%%* TheHero
* HiddenDepths: Has moments of great insight such as realizing that Mele is training herself or Gai being worried he'll disrupt the team dynamic.
* IdiotHero: Early in the series. Gradually he grows out of it. For the most part at least.
* ImageSong: Susume no Susume
%%* {{Keet}}
* LawOfChromaticSuperiority: Surprisingly downplayed; he doesn't have a lot of major power difference relative to the others. On the other hand, he's the one among the heroes with the biggest CharacterDevelopment.
* [[spoiler: LukeIAmYourFather: "White Tiger" Dan turns out to be Jan's father.]]
* ManChild: Very childish due to being raised by wild animals.
%%* TheMcCoy
* NoNudityTaboo: Well, he ''is'' a jungle boy after all, so he doesn't mind being half-naked in front of others, such as in episode 22 where he had no problem with undressing in front of Alice.
* [[RaisedByWolves Raised By Tigers]]: Pandas too, but mostly tigers, as he claims to be a "tiger child".
* RookieRedRanger
* ShirtlessScene: Often. See NoNudityTaboo above.
* SignatureMove: ''Ho Ho Dan''[[note]]Gun-Gun Bullet[[/note]]
** Super Geki Red: ''Super Tiger Geki''
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Romanised as "Jyan" in the credits to TheMovie.
* SuperToughness: His body can withstand the most punishment.
* TookALevelInBadass: Initially, he was an IdiotHero, but later on...

!!!'''Ran Uzaki/[=GekiYellow=]''' | [-Actress: Mina Fukui-]
%%* ActionGirl
%%* TheChick
* TheCaptain: While it's not brought up much, she is the actual leader of the Gekirangers.
%%* TheHeart
%%* CuteLittleFangs
* EleventhHourSuperpower: [[spoiler:Rin Juken.]]
* {{Housewife}}: Defied. Ran's wealthy mother would like her to and tries to arrange a marriage for her. To stop this happening, the male Gekirangers all pose as Ran's admirers (to her mother's horror.) Ran eventually makes it clear that she does not want to get married and her role as a Gekiranger is far more important to her.
* ImageSong: Run
* InformedAbility: She's ''allegedly'' the team captain. Yet apart from the episode where she is first appointed captain, she's never seen leading or relaying instructions, making her appointment look like a poor attempt at positive discrimination.
* TheKirk
* TheLeader: Officially made one in Lesson 23, and the only yellow leader in Sentai history.
* LightningBruiser
* MamaBear
* MsFanservice: FuroScene, FuroScene, FuroScene.
* PluckyGirl
* RapidFireFisticuffs: Specializes in this. She even does a combo of [[FistOfTheNorthStar Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken]] topped with [[FistOfTheNorthStar Hokuto Zankai Ken]] in one episode.
* ShesGotLegs: Possibly the leggiest ranger ever...from either side of the ocean! (Sorry, Kat!)
* SignatureMove: ''Shun Shun Dan''[[note]]Blink-Blink Bullet[[/note]]
** Super Geki Yellow: ''Super Cheetah Geki''
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: She's the only female on the current team, but there's plenty of strong female roles in the show including Miki, Natsume, Mele and Michelle Peng.
* {{Tsundere}}: Type B.
* WeaponOfChoice
** SimpleStaff: Her preferred mode for the Geki Tonfas.
** EpicFlail: Geki Hammer
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway
* HeartIsAnAwesomePower: Much more so in the second half of the season.

!!!'''Retsu Fukami/[=GekiBlue=]''' | [-Actor: Creator/ManpeiTakagi-]
* CulturedBadass: Retsu is a reputable painter and was known for his art related prowess prior to training in Geki Jyuken.
* DrunkenBoxing: He pulls this off in Training 36
* EleventhHourSuperpower: [[spoiler:Rin Juken.]]
* ImageSong: Just Make it Out
* GlassCannon: He possesses Technique and is able to fight vertically, like in Episode 6, but needed to undergo training in order to toughen himself up.
** LightningBruiser: After training.
* TheLancer: Clashes with Jan the most.
* MakingUseOfTheTwin: The actor's real twin appeared in one episode as Retsu's evil {{Doppelganger}}
* NotGoodWithPeople
* PunchCatch: How he demonstrates he's not the little kid Gou remembers.
* {{Revenge}}: His motive for becoming a Gekiranger, as he believed that Rio had killed his brother.
* SiblingYinYang: He and Gou are both socially awkward with a tendency to JerkAss behaviour, but appear to consider themselves very different in personality and frequently bicker, despite Retsu's anguish for many years over thinking that Gou was dead. Their fighting styles are fairly different, Retsu favoring speed and technique compared to Gou's BareFistedMonk.
* SignatureMove: ''Ten Ten Dan''[[note]]Spin-Spin Bullet[[/note]]
** Super Geki Blue: ''Super Jaguar Geki''
* [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Spell My Name WITHOUT An S]]: Romanised as "Retu" in the credits to TheMovie
* TheSmartGuy
* SpitTake: In episode 15 when he finds out Ran had to change his diaper while he had been turned into a baby temporarily.
* TheSpock
* {{Tsundere}}: Type A.
* WeaponOfChoice
** DualTonfas: His preferred mode for the Geki Tonfas.
** PaperFanOfDoom: Geki Fan
*** DualWielding: Retsu can produce a second Geki Fan to use.

!!!'''Gou Fukami/[=GekiViolet=]''' | [-Actor: Riki Miura-]
* BareFistedMonk
* TheBigGuy
* CatchPhrase: "Man..." or "My God..." while tapping his brow with his fist.
* DarkIsNotEvil: The violent ki he uses for his attacks is noted to be similar to Rin Ki.
* DeusExitMachina: The initial arc of the show revolved around Jan being [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou the only one who could defeat Rio.]] The final arc revolved around the core three being [[spoiler:the only ones to defeat Long]], which left Gou (and Ken) pretty much nowhere...
** They do appear, but they [[TheWorfEffect get beat up every appearance they make]].
* ImageSong: Wandering Wolf
* NotGoodWithPeople
* OlderThanTheyLook: It's sometimes implied that Gou is around the same age as Miki, but stopped aging physically after [[spoiler: becoming a werewolf]]. He also looks the same age in flashbacks to Retsu's childhood.
* PurpleIsTheNewBlack
* TheRival: Was Rio's rival in their early days as students of Geki Juken. Ends up learning the hard way that that's no longer the case.
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Manly Man to Ken's Sensitive Guy.
* SiblingYinYang: With Retsu.
* WolfMan
* WrongGenreSavvy: His personal history with Rio makes him assume that he's the one to be TheRival to him. This leads to Rio flattening him with a hard reality check.

!!!'''Ken Hisatsu/[=GekiChopper=]''' | [-Actor: Sotaro Yasuda-]
* AlmightyJanitor: Doesn't have any special form of Ki, but fights just well as the Gekirangers when they use Kageki.
* BoisterousBruiser
* BrilliantButLazy
* CatchPhrase: "Osu!" and "I'm great!"
* CloudCuckoolander
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass
* DeusExitMachina
* {{Expy}}: A cross between [[VideoGame/{{Tekken}} Marshall Law]] and [[SuperMarioBros Luigi]].
* ImageSong: That's it for Me
* {{Kiai}}: "CHESTO!!"
* KidAppealCharacter
* ManChild
* PunnyName: When read in its native order, his name sounds like ''Hissatsuken'' ("Deadly Fist", a Japanese term for special moves).
** AwesomeMcCoolname: His name means Deadly Fist. He may have the most hardcore name in all of Super Sentai.
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Sensitive Guy to Gou's Manly Man.
* SwissArmyWeapon: [=SaiBlade=], which also doubles as his TransformationTrinket.
** MoreDakka: [=SaiBlade=] Finger
** BladeBelowTheShoulder: [=SaiBlade=] Cutter
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Menchikatsu, a type of ground beef/mince meat cutlet



!!!'''Miki Masaki''' | [-Actress: Kazue Itoh-]
* FormerTeenRebel: She was a ''sukeban'' in her youth, and her name still carries enough fear that an entire gang of thugs runs for it when they realize who she is. Thanks to learning Juken, she's actually tougher now than she was back then, she just doesn't show off.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan
* LetsGetDangerous: She shows off her Leopard-fist skills in the first episode, but then spends most of her time acting as backup. Thirty or so episodes later, Natsume is threatened and Miki displays enough power to impress Mele (who was using Genki at that point). Wow.
* MamaBear: She doesn't use it much, but Miki ''is'' a student of GekiJyu Leopard-ken and she ''is'' more than ready to trot it out when bad guys mess with her kid.
* MissionControl
* TeamMom

!!!'''Sha Fu''' | [-Seiyu: Creator/IchiroNagai-]
* MegaNeko
* {{Mentors}}
* OldMaster
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: If he opens his eyes, it means he's getting REALLY serious about something, which happens a few times in the series.

'''The Kensei'''

!!!'''Elehung Gambou''' | [-Seiyu: Creator/YuuMizushima-]

!!!'''Bat Li''' | [-Seiyu: Creator/ShuichiIkeda-]

!!!'''Sharkie Chan''' | [-Seiyu: Creator/HiroyaIshimaru-]

!!!'''Gorie Yen''' | [-Seiyu: Creator/RyuzaburoOtomo-]

!!!'''Michelle Peng''' | [-Seiyu: Creator/AtsukoTanaka-]

!!!'''Bion Biao''' | [-Seiyu: Creator/TakeshiKusao-]

'''Rin Juken Akugata'''

!!!'''Rio/Black Lion Rio''' | [-Actor: Hirofumi Araki-]
* APupilOfMineUntilHeTurnedToEvil: He trained with Gou under Shafu, but Gekijyuken didn't satisfy his desire for power.
* BadassCape
* BareFistedMonk
* BigBadWannabe: Set up as the BigBad early in the series, and the revival of the Kenma doesn't change that as they're willing to let him run things, until Maku pulls and EvilerThanThou on him, and seems well to have supplanted him until the Beast Power Blossom. [[spoiler: But he ultimately turns out to be an UnwittingPawn for Long, which actually prompts a HeelFaceTurn.]]
* {{Bishounen}}
* [[spoiler:DiscOneFinalBoss]]
* [[spoiler: DespairEventHorizon: Upon learning his entire life's goal is something was manipulated by Long, he feels that he had been wasting his life as an UnwittingPawn.]]
* BloodKnight: Part of why he often doesn't kill the Gekirangers when he has the chance, he wants to able to push his limits.
* [[spoiler:EleventhHourRanger]]
* FallenHero
* FreudianExcuse: Something [[spoiler:AKA Long]] killed his family when he was a child; Shafu can tell that his obsession with strength mainly comes from how, deep down, he's still terrified of it.
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn]]
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice]]
* ImageSong: Unwavering Desire
* MrFanservice
* OlderThanTheyLook: Going by flashbacks, he's the same age as Gou, but apparently hasn't aged since leaving Gekijyuken.
* {{Pride}}: A bit more subtle than others, but whenever he gains power, he's quick to assume he's the strongest, and is prefers to work gain rather being handed it, shown when Maku refuses Mele's request to give Rio some his Dorinki, Rio said he would have turned even if Maku did offer it to him.
* [[spoiler:RedemptionEqualsDeath]]
* TheStoic: Unless he loses a fight, which causes a VillainousBreakdown, or starts gaining power.
* TinTyrant: His fighting form, where he dons a suit of armor made of his own ki.
* [[spoiler:UnwittingPawn: To Long.]]
* VillainousBreakdown: After his first defeat from Jan, also from Maku that he is able to use Dorinki because of it.
* VillainProtagonist: When he isn't a direct antagonist.
* WorthyOpponent: Starts seeing Jan as one.

!!!'''Mele''' | [-Actress: Yuka Hirata-]


* AnimeChineseGirl
* DarkActionGirl
* TheDragon: To Rio.
* [[spoiler:EleventhHourRanger]]
* GenkiGirl: When gushing about Rio-sama. She's otherwise damn cold and bitchy.
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn]]
* ImageSong: A Torn Feather
* LivingEmotionalCrutch: [[spoiler: After Jan defeats Rio in his Griffon King form, Rio nearly goes mad and becomes the "god of destruction" Long's so obsessed with. Mele holds him back.]]
* LoveMartyr: [[Pantheon/{{Love}} The Goddess]]
* MsFanservice
* MultipurposeTongue
* OdangoHair
* PerkyFemaleMinion: And ''how'', too.
* PlayingWithFire: Briefly when she uses the Gen-Ju Phoenix-Ken.
* PluckyGirl
* [[spoiler:RedemptionEqualsDeath]]
* [[SaiGuy Sai Girl]]
* SpikeShooter
* [[spoiler:TakingTheBullet: For the Gekirangers rather than Rio, oddly enough]]
* {{Tsundere}}: Pretty much tsun-tsun to everyone else, and VERY dere-dere for Rio-sama.
* UndyingLoyalty: To Rio due to him reviving her.

!!!'''The Kenma'''
* APupilOfMineUntilHeTurnedToEvil: The three of them turned on Brusa Ee and murdered him.
* ArrogantKungFuGuy: Maku in particular - [[ThisCannotBe even when he's dying he refuses to admit he's lost]].
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking / AsskickingEqualsAuthority: They're by far the strongest members of the Rin Ju Ken, and Maku leads because the other two are terrified of him.
* BattleAura: Maku invented Dorinki, and can blow the Super Gekirangers away with his sheer aura.
* BearsAreBadNews: Maku
* BerserkButton: Maku is naturally short tempered, but he gets really pissed off by anything he perceives as an insult to his power, which is pressed by anybody but the Kensei challenging him.
* BigBadWannabe: Maku. He's one of the most feared beings alive for a very good reason, but the real BigBad is right under his nose, smirking at him. After the SaiDain's Beast Power Blossom, it's clear he's done, but he's too arrogant to admit it.
%%* CompetitiveBalance:
* TheDreaded: All three of them. The Kensei really didn't want them back and sealed their souls in bracelets. For Maku, they went the extra mile and removed his heart, which Rio and Mele also had to put back to revive him. Even the other Kenma are terrified of him.
* EvilIsPetty: Maku. He takes nearly anything as an insult to pride, which can be something as simple as an opponent he considers unworthy picking a fight with him.
* EvilIsNotAToy: Surprisingly subverted with Kata and Rageku. Rio revives them with the intent of becoming their apprentice, and they do so without any tricks, baring the TrainingFromHell they put him through, which is what he wanted in the first place. Played straight with Maku, who Rio revives despite being warned that he'll overthrow him. Maku not only does that, but refuses to train Rio.
* EvilMentor: Kata and Rageku are this to Rio.
* HairTriggerTemper: Maku. We didn't get another bad guy this hot-tempered until ''Shinkenger''.
* KnightOfCerebus: Rio's initial plans weren't too threatening at first since they were aimed at reviving the Kenma. Once they show up, the threat of the week starts involving the usual city wrecking SuperSentai is known for.
* MasterOfIllusion: Kata, and oddly, he gets hurt a lot more easily if somebody hits him during them (compare with one punch from Jan pissing him off, to when before the [[{{BFG}} Geki bazooka]] had no effect on him)
* {{Pride}}: Maku (see ArrogantKungFuGuy). He was thrilled to be chosen as Brusa E's successor...until he learned that he asked Shafu first, and Shafu declined. Being the second choice ate away at Maku until he went mad.
* TheSocialDarwinist: All three believe that their overwhelming power means they can do whatever they want, but Kata is slightly more eloquent about it. He rants that the weak should obey the strong and the "foolish" listen to the "wise" while fighting the team.
* WeaponOfChoice
** BladeOnAStick: Kata
** SimpleStaff: Rageku
** WolverineClaws: Maku

!! Enemies

'''Gen Juken'''

!!!'''Long[[spoiler:/Infernal Dragon]]''' | [-Actor: Naoki Kawano-]
* [[spoiler:AGodAmI: As he's an ancient being, he's close to a God and thinks that he has the rights to treat every living beings as nothing but his stress toys.]]
* [[spoiler:AndIMustScream: His fate at the end of the series.]]
* [[spoiler:BigBad]]
* [[spoiler: BreathWeapon.]]
* [[spoiler: CompleteImmortality: Something the Gekirangers find the hard way, even getting blown to pieces doesn't stop him down.]]
* CurbStompBattle: His fights are either him dishing these out or ending up on the receiving end of them.
* [[spoiler: DragonInChief: To Rio, literally.]]
* EvilerThanThou: [[spoiler: To Rio.]]
* [[spoiler: EvilMentor: Was this Maku in the past. Tries to play it with Rio, but has difficulty with getting him to listen. He states that he was still easier to manipulate than Maku, hence why he keeps using him even after Maku is revived]]
* [[spoiler:Expy: His true form looks a lot like King Ghidorah.]]
* FeelNoPain: [[spoiler: Getting hit with a FinishingMove doesn't get a strong reaction from him.]]
* [[spoiler: ForTheEvulz: Holy shit yeah! His entire motive is that he thinks the world is boring.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: [[spoiler: His true colors. He smugly mocks everyone and everything in the series. He openly admits that the Rin Juken are nothing of his amusement, mocks the Kensei for believing in fighting to defend others as "rubbish", and chides Juken as nothing more than imitating animals which views himself as the strongest.Even ]]
* TheLawofDiminishingDefensiveEffort: [[spoiler: Played with. He does defend and avoid attacks, even though he never seems to react to pain, and by the finale, nothing seems to hurt him. He only seems to do it show his opponents how outclassed they are.]]
* LightIsNotGood: Gold colored outfit, hair, fighting form, [[spoiler: true form, and he is easily one of the most evil characters in Franchise/SuperSentai franchise. Rin Juken is in fact based of his own technique.]]
* [[spoiler:IronicHell: His motives were escaping boredom, and he ends up sealed into a sphere for all eternity. Lampshaded by Xia Fu.]]
* [[spoiler:ManBehindTheMan: To Rio and Maku]]
* ManInWhite: Man gold, but fits the trope anyways.
* [[spoiler:ManipulativeBastard]]
* NoSell: [[spoiler: After reabsorbing Sanyo, everything aside from Rio's suicide attack, which he still came back from. Even when the core three Gekirangers get the upper hand in the finale and deliver a fairly one-sided beating to him, he gets back up like nothing happened.]]
* [[spoiler: OneWingedAngel: His true form is mutliheaded gold dragon that in rarity for the series isn't a humanoid monster, it walks on four legs.]]
* [[spoiler: OurDragonsAreDifferent: Is gigantic, immortal, can shapeshift, and in his human form is also a skilled martial-artist.]]
* RememberTheNewGuy: Maku sees him and unlike everybody else, he knows who he is, though of course doesn't say. [[spoiler: Rageku recognizes his fighting form and she's terrified of him before he kills her.]]
* [[spoiler: SealedEvilInACan: At the end.]]
* SmugSnake
* TheSociopath
* StoryBreakerPower: [[spoiler: As he can't be killed, it means he's almost unstoppable. Key word is almost. The Kenma created a technique to seal him, and part of why it worked is because he never expected it.]]
* PsychoticSmirk: His default expression.
* TimeAbyss
* [[spoiler: TreacherousAdvisor]]
* [[spoiler: VoluntaryShapeshifting: Can turn from a kaiju to a human.]]
* WalkingSpoiler
* [[spoiler: WhoWantsToLiveForever: He's immortal, and everything he's done stems from his sheer boredom with the world.]]
* [[spoiler: YouHaveOutLivedYourUsefulness: Stated regarded the Kenma after Maku is killed, stating Rio has nothing left to learn from them. As Rageku is the only one left, he kills her himself.]]