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The characters of Happy Appy. Note that this page contains characters mentioned in the True Vision.

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    The Yakovlevs 

Gerasim Vasiliy Yakovlev

"Hello. I will be using you because I am discovering about a show called Happy Appy."
The main character in Happy Appy, who runs the blog. In the beginning, almost nothing is known about him. However, as the story progresses, more is known about who Gerasim is (like his name, his hometown (which, canonically, is Aberdeen), and et cetera.)
  • Bring It: In Dumb Angel:
    Forenzik Follower: Now, since you shot our friend Toird, we're going to rip you apart now.
    Gerasim: (smiles) Well, good luck trying to!
  • Despair Event Horizon: After his brother gets kidnapped.
  • Russian Guy Suffers Most: Not only was he suspected of murdering Kevin Costo, but he has to be the one to see ALL the episodes, to play the full version of Happy Appy and the Golden Apple, and to fight and kill Forenzik.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Originally, he was there just to watch the episodes. Now, he fought Forenzik more than a few times.

Sergei "Vladimir" Yakovlev

Gerasim's brother, mentioned a few times so far in Happy Appy 2: Dumb Angel. On February 3rd, he finally comes over, but is kidnapped on the 6th by the Followers.

Georgi and Nata Yakovlev

The parents of Gerasim and Vladimir.


Forenzik/Freddrick Gorgote

"Now, why would I do that? You know I'd never run away!"
A lanky, tall masked man who stalks Gerasim after watching the first 10 episodes. Turns from a guy who stood over Kevin Costo's body into a crazy homicidal maniac who takes his victim's bodies and hangs them up as trophies. Eventually revealed to be the director of Happy Appy, Freddrick Gorgote.

John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson was a summer camp owner, who's schizophrenia led to him killing 6 children (in his summer camp) in 2004. He also helped write some of the episodes of Happy Appy. He is also one of the Forenzik impersonators.

Toirdhealbhach Quirk

One of the Forenzik impersonators, appearing in Happy Appy 2: Dumb Angel. He shows up in Gerasim's house, warning him to stop researching Happy Appy, or else. He got shot in the chest and arrested by the police for his trouble.
  • To the Pain: Toird describes what his group would do to Gerasim in gruesome detail.


A obese Asian man who wears a torn-up Wario costume.

    Characters in the Main Show 

Happy Appy

"That's natural, children."
The main character in the Happy Appy TV Show, a giant, red apple who helps children... well, for the first few episodes, that is.

Danny/Ray Bollia

A kid who kills Happy Appy in the Happy Appy Movie. Appears in more episodes than Miranda, his older sister.


Danny's older sister, who first appears in Mean Miranda. She died in 2006, but had her body mutilated and 'trophied' by Forenzik.


A kid who is seen being kissed by Danny. She proceeds to be in a few more episodes before being killed by Happy Appy in the finale.
  • Ascended Extra: In her debut episode, the only things she did was being kissed by Danny, and screaming when Happy was about to kill Danny.
  • Demoted to Extra: In The True Vision, Jenny is only seen in one episode called "Danny's Love".
  • Little Miss Badass


A kid who appears in the same episode as Derry Berry. He injures Happy Appy in the original story, and is killed when the Can of Kill shoots poison at him.

The Oranges

Three (Octavius, Oscar, and Otto) orange fruit puppets who get killed by Happy.

Derry Berry

Another fruit puppet who attacks Happy.

Abigail Jay

A character who only appears in the True Vision, Abigail is a girl that is seen with Danny in the remade version of Happy Rots in Hell.


Kevin Seward Costo

The first employee who worked on Happy Appy to be mentioned. He was killed by Forenzik early in the pasta.

Jim Forester

One of the employees of Happy Appy, who helps Gerasim with the research. He dies in the original pasta, but was kept alive in The True Vision.

Blair Meyes

The original voice actor of Happy Appy, who starred on a seperate show called Fright House Screamers.

John Tresti

Never seen, John Tresti made all of Happy Appy's music.

Tristan Mike Drews

Another man who isn't seen who had made Happy's puppet's design. He appears in Happy Appy 2: Dumb Angel as a corpse.

    Other Characters 

Mrs. Costo

Kevin Costo's wife.

Officer Newport

A police officer who gives Gerasim Kevin's journal on Happy Appy. In Dumb Angel, he is promoted to Sergeant, and helps Gerasim on trying to stop the Followers.

Officer Faulkner

Another police officer who is introduced in Dumb Angel.

Oscar Matthewson

A man who appears in the True Vision. He is a big fan of Gerasim's blog and he is the last person known to be killed by Freddrick in the original story.