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Forenzik is most likely a demon of some sort.
The fact that there are many clones of him wearing the same outfit could be explained with this WMG; he just simply made a dead ringer of himself so that he could escape. The rise in paranormal activity in Fright House Screamers can also be explained; his powers can allow him to release more ghosts on certain places. And let's not forget the WMG on the Creepypasta page that says Forenzik might have created the Lost Episodes of various TV series.
  • Jossed: The True Vision has a list looted from Forenzik's body of the people Forenzik was working with.
Happy Appy is modeled after Andrew Hussie.
Since Freddrick knew about 9/11, the 2011 earthquakes and other things, it would be possible, yet very weird if Freddrick knew about Hussie as well. The similarities between Happy and Hussie are;
  • They both have massive lips.
  • They are both okay with killing loads of characters.
Happy Appy: Quest for the Golden Apple will be defictionalized.
We just need some game developer to get inspired and work with the original author to fully realise the game Gerasim fixed up, like with Pokémon Lost Silver.
Forenzik is the son of the Insane Man.
If you don't know what the Insane Man is, it's another pasta by Dronian starring another mentally insane murderer who brutally murders people and makes horrifying creations. The strongest connection is that they're both connected in one way to "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" (Forenzik used the album when he made Seasons 2 and 3, while the Insane Man originally made the song). Also, in the True Vision, one of the episodes has Happy make a statue out of human body parts. The same thing happens in The Insane Man.
  • Confirmed at the end of Dumb Angel.
Happy Appy was created by David Firth
Seems like something he'd do, and the whole thing feels like a cross between Burnt Face Man and the Sock videos, with hints of Liache Salad Fingers and Liache Spoilsbury Toast Boy thrown in for good measure.
Happy Appy didn't predict 9/11...
...However, because the show had a big following among terrorists for some reason, they got the idea from it.
  • Jossed. The Forenzik Journals says that the plot of the episode came from a dream Freddrick Gorgote had that was distorted by his schizophrenia.
Happy Appy is immortal...
...In the Demolition Derby episode, a soulless Happy Appy walks in after one is murdered by Danny, this could explain why he mysteriously came back to life after Danny burned him alive at the end of Season 2.

Alternatively, Happy Appy is a Time Lord

Because why not?