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GreenLantern is not just a character but a title, [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters one shared by thousands of intergalactic peacekeepers and heroes]]. Many have taken up the ring and the name on Earth alone, and more will continue to do so. And that's not getting into the ''other'' Corps, or associated characters...

* [[Characters/GLGreenLanternCorps The Green Lantern Corps]]
* [[Characters/GLSinestroCorps The Sinestro Corps]]
* [[Characters/GLBlueLanternCorps The Blue Lantern Corps]]
* [[Characters/GLRedLanternCorps The Red Lantern Corps]]
* [[Characters/GLStarSapphireCorps The Star Sapphire Corps]]
* [[Characters/GLOrangeLanternCorps The Orange Lantern Corps]]
* [[Characters/GLIndigoTribe The Indigo Tribe]]
* [[Characters/GreenLanternBlackAndWhiteCorps Black and White Lantern Corps]]
* [[Characters/GLOtherVillains Other Villains]]
* [[Characters/GLSupportingCharacters Supporting Characters]]
* [[Characters/Earth2GreenLantern Earth-2 Green Lantern]]