!!The Main Foxes/Heroes

!Zoey Phantasi

The lead character. We first see her as a baby being born to her parents. Years later, she meets Mark in a meadow. The next day, she meets Kiki and Mimi at school, and later that day, after attending at the stadium where Mark and Kai were forced to fight by the hawks, Kiki and Mimi take Zoey with them on a mission to rescue Kai. During the mission, Mark gives Zoey the Akira Amulet.

* LightEmUp: Her powers, controlling the element of light.
* PurpleEyes
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Blue Fur]]
* PunnyName: Her last name is a play on the word fantasy.

!Mark Rou

The brave brown fox and Zoey's crush. On the day that he and Zoey met, he escaped from the warrior camp that he, Louie, and Kai were imprisoned in. The next day, he is forced to fight Kai at the stadium, where he fakes his death. Later that night, he and Louie help the Fairy Foxes break Kai out, but when Gavinne, one of the hawks, captures Louie and the recently escaped Kai, Mark is forced to give himself up, but not before giving Zoey the Akira Amulet, which he was the original keeper of. Later, he ends up in the human world (which is miles below the fox world), where he is cared for by a girl named Ashley.

* TheAce
* HotBlooded
* MasterSwordsman
* RoyalBlood: 7th descendant of King Morrow.

!Louie Ryu

Mark's friend. Despite being meek, he is a skilled archer, and he flies on a dragon (which are like horses in the fox world). [[spoiler:3 episodes in, it's revealed that he is fused with dragon DNA, thanks to Gavinne. Every 3/4 moon, Louie will have scales on his ears, paws, feet and tail, and a pair of wings on his back. He's also able to shoot fire from his paws in dragon form.]]

* {{Adorkable}}
* [[spoiler:CursedWithAwesome]]
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons

!Kiki Fuoco

The Fairy Fox with the power of fire. Kiki is hyper, reckless, and obsessed with the Akira Amulet. Since her powers are fire-based, she can also set her wings ablaze. She has a crush on Kai.

* HotWings
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* PlayingWithFire

! Mimi Flora

Kiki's best friend. She is highly intelligent, and has a crush on Louie. 4 episodes in, Mimi checks out a book from the library which was about how the Akira Amulet works, as well as information on any fox, such as [[spoiler:Louie]]. She ends up in the care of Ashley's absent-minded friend Megan.

* BadassBookworm
* BlowYouAway: Her powers are weather-based.
* GreenEyes

! Kai Kitsune

The aloof, black fox with the ability to teleport. He takes enjoyment in reading books. After escaping 37 times from the warrior training camp, Kai was marked for death, leading to a rescue mission by Kiki and the others. He was also forced to wear a necklace that shocks him every time someone says his name. Kiki rescues him eventually.

* BadassBookworm
* MadeOfIron: He heavily implies himself as this.
* MasterSwordsman
* TheStoic
** NotSoStoic: He breaks down in tears when he's marked for death.
* TeleportersAndTransporters: Kai has the ability to teleport himself and others.
* WeaponizedTeleportation: Kai uses his teleportation ability in combat.

!!The Cooperates/Villians

!King Garuda

The leader of the hawks. He wants the Akira Amulet to destroy all humans because according to a story in episode 6, the humans were the hawks' predators. But Garuda cannot use the Amulet without taking out Mark, its keeper, first.
* BigBad

!Andre Page

A cooperate fox general, and Kai's half-brother who works under King Garuda. He currently has Zoey's parents in hostage, and is planning on capturing the runaway foxes.

* ArmiesAreEvil: He happens to be the commander of the Cooperate Army!
* LIsForDyslexia: Andre is severely dyslexic.
* LongLostRelative: Half-brother of Kai Kitsune.
* SiblingRivalry
* TheComicallySerious: Andre often has his entertaining moments!
* RedEyesTakeWarning


The white hawk and enemy to the Fairy Foxes. She was responsible for [[spoiler:turning Louie into a half-dragon]].

* ButtMonkey
* EvilAlbino


A brown hawk assassin. [[spoiler:One of her missions was to poison Mark, but Kai, being a master negotiator, lies to her about making sure it happens by drinking the poison.]]

* TheDragon
* PsychoForHire