!!Leonardo "Leo" Silverstome

* BewareTheNiceOnes
* CoolBigBro: He has two younger sisters
* IdiotHair
* InnocentBlueEyes
* InTouchWithHisFeminineSide: He's not aggressive, has an open emotional personality, his Pokemon is a pink tapir with a purple floral pattern, (Munna) he carries a backpack with this same color and pattern, he likes cute things, he cooks, and he has no shame in this fact, among other things. That fact that he lives in a house full of females might have something to do with that.
* NiceGuy
* PlayingWithFire
* TheGogglesDoNothing
* TheHeart: He's Victini's chosen. Being this is a job requirement

!! Zach Grant

!! Alana Bryant

!! Natasha Silverman

!! Kiersten 'Stin' Nieves

!! Matthew "Matt" Greyson

!! Brianna Ingram
* AnIcePerson
* NiceGirl

!! Skye Silverstone
* PlayingWithFire

!! Theodore 'Theo' Johannes
* ShockAndAwe

!! Nathanel Coyier

!! Alyson Oliver

!! Emily

!! Shandy Lure
* BewareTheQuietOnes
* PlayingWithFire
* PunnyName: She was created from the DNA of the Litwick line. The Scientists thought they were being clever by naming her Shandy Lure (Chandelure.) The fact that she likes Ghost types, Idolizes Shauntal (Who owns a Chandelure) has a Litwick herself, and practically looks like a humanized Chandelure (She wears their colors.) It's not hard to understand why she sometimes gives a fake name to new people she meets.
* TheQuietOne

!! Margaret "Violet" Lindenburg
!! Ian Blackwood

!! Sid "Slim" Garrison

!! Kory Sola
* AnIcePerson
* IceQueen

!! Katsa Smith

!! Nicolas Silverman


!! Victini
* {{Fiery Redhead}}: In his human form
* TheHeart: He's the ultimate cheerleader.
* PunnyName: He goes by Victor "Vic" Tini in his human disguise.
!! Cobalion
!! Terrakion
!! Virizion
!! Tornadus
!! Thundurus
!! Landorus
!! Reshiram
!! Zekrom
!! Kyurem
!! Keldeo
!! Genesect
!! Meloetta
!! Deoxys

!! Tao/N Harmonia Gropius