Fanfic/DigimonFusionKai has a variety of characters in this adaptation of the Anime/DragonBallZ series. All {{Original Character}}s were created by Kanius unless indicated otherwise. The character names used are a combination of original Japanese names, and dubbed English names.

For tropes of [=YuYuGiDigiMoon=] characters, see Characters/YuYuGiDigiMoon

* Characters/KaiDigiDestined [[labelnote:Character List]] Ascendants, Digi-Destined [[/labelnote]]
** Characters/DigimonFusionKaiOmegaX [[labelnote:Character List]] Taichi Kamiya/Omega X, Agumon [[/labelnote]]
** Characters/DigimonFusionKaiMetallaX [[labelnote:Character List]] Matt/Yamato Ishida/Metalla X, Gabumon [[/labelnote]]
* Characters/DigimonFusionKaiSupportingCharacters [[labelnote:Character List]] The D3s, Supporting Characters (DF-616), Beast Tamers, Victory Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Kuiper Belt Senshi, Accel Stream Digi-Destined, Team Xros Hearts, DATS, Taito and Company [[/labelnote]]
* Characters/DigimonFusionKaiVillains [[labelnote:Character List]] Arc Villains, Buriza Empire, The Artificials, Side Villains and Galactic Pirates, [=DarkMagimon's=] Coven, Cross Generations, XLR-8 Villains, Special Villains [[/labelnote]]
** Characters/DigimonFusionKaiBurizalor
** Characters/DigimonFusionKaiVirus
** Characters/DigimonFusionKaiDReaper [[labelnote:Character List]] Child-Reaper, Evil-Reaper, Super-Reaper, Teen-Reaper [[/labelnote]]
* Characters/DigimonFusionKaiOtherCharacters [[labelnote:Character List]] Deities, Supreme Guardians and Company, DF-616 Natives, YYGDM-01 Natives, XLR-8 Natives, Cross Generations [[/labelnote]]