The characters for ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquer'' have now been broken up by series.

* '''Characters/CommandAndConquerTiberiumSeries''': This is the series with noted BigBad Kane, portrayed by former Westwood cutscene director Joseph Kucan. The second game started adding bigger Hollywood names, such as Creator/JamesEarlJones, and the third had an all-star cast, including [[HeyItsThatGuy faces seen on]] ''Franchise/StarWars'', ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}'', and ''Series/{{Lost}}''.
* '''Characters/CommandAndConquerRedAlertSeries''': Although the original game was in some ways DarkerAndEdgier than ''Tiberian Dawn'', the two sequels have become larger and larger helpings of HamAndCheese, with Soviet leaders who [[ChewingTheScenery eat the sets for lunch]], [[BuxomIsBEtter busty]], [[GunsAkimbo gun-toting]] [[ActionGirl Action Girls]], SovietSuperscience, [[HeroicDolphin military trained dolphins]], and, with the addition of [[{{Animeland}} Japan]], just about every Anime trope you can think of.
* '''Characters/CommandAndConquerGenerals''': While not as known for its memorable characters as the other two, or for even having much of a story, there are some worth noting, mostly with the addition of the specific generals in the expansion.