Characters: Cause of Death

(Note: This is specifically for the Visual Novel.)

Be wary of spoilers—especially in the Major Criminals section, where a few names will be left unspoilered for ease of reading (once you open the folders, that is).

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Law Enforcement

    Mal Charles Fallon 
The most effective of the SFPD's detectives...not to mention kind of controversial. He's well known for his unwillingness to let authority go, if not unquestioned, then at least without justification. There's a reason for this. His father, a former captain of the police? Corrupt like you wouldn't believe. He began finding out about the corruption around high school (resulting in him acting out quite a bit), and received the ultimate pedestal-breaker when the Flores Cartel tried to assassinate the informant he was escorting—to protect Jacob. Since then, he's been incredibly resolute to be the best cop he can be, in part to redeem the Fallons from Jacob's taint. Didn't do wonders for his personal life, though.

Ever since the Maskmaker situation, he's been teamed up with Natara Williams to deal with San Francisco's current Connoisseur-catalyzed serial killer problem. They're a perfect dyad for the more ways than one.

  • Amicable Exes: It helps that he realizes that Sandra's infidelity was more of a result of how dissonant their careers had rendered their personal lives.
  • Broken Pedestal: Idolizing your superlative police officer father in your early years. Then finding out just how much of a Dirty Cop he is, while he's the captain...OUCH.
  • By-the-Book Cop / Cowboy Cop: He tends to shift back and forth between these. He's usually By-the-Book, unless he feels a sense of urgency with someone's life on the line. At least even then, he has the sense to keep his eyes out for probable cause.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Everyone Can See It: Even as early as Season 3 (poor Tasha), it's clear he's developed feelings for Natara. Well, not clear to him (or Natara)...
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Averted. Even after Jacob's pedestal starts crumbling, Mal's still determined to maintain the Fallon police tradition.
  • I Am Not My Father: And he's determined to stay that way.
  • Name's the Same: His full name is Malachi Charles Fallon—the same as the one who founded the SFPD in the 19th century.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red to Natara's blue.
  • Victorious Childhood Friend: His wife Sandra was his classmate in high school—and they married about two years after graduation. Unfortunately, it didn't last much past ten years, although not for lack of trying.

    Natara Mansingh Williams 

    Kenneth Marcus Greene 

Ken is introduced as Mal's best friend on the force. Ken is a guy who was always gung ho and like Mal, a bit of a Cowboy Cop. He was also reputed to be something of a playboy but in Season 8, he settled down into a relationship with Amy. Unfortunately, he was killed off later in 8-6.

  • Black Best Friend: To Mal.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In 8-6, realizing he isn't going to survive Zargoza's attack, he intentionally grabs him and flings them both out of Amy's building. Even though Zargoza survives, Amy is saved from his attack.
  • Jive Turkey: Comparatively speaking, anyway. His diction is much more jocular and slangy than anyone else's, but good luck matching him to any of the usual stereotypes.
  • Killed Off for Real
  • Player Punch: His death in 8-6 can count as one.

    Maria Yu-Sun Yeong 

Captain of the SFPD's homicide division. The daughter of immigrants from South Korea (they left when she was three), Yeong didn't take long to be promoted to the homicide division. It was there that she learned firsthand of Jacob Fallon's little empire, and practically turned exposing him into a second career. Despite all that, though, she actually managed to develop a healthy family. She was pressured into resigning at the end of 9-8, when she disobeyed direct orders from Internal Affairs representative Charles Anders, in order to ensure no one else would be blacklisted. However, Seth Holland later made her Commissioner, and as of 14-9, she's also heading the FBI's Special Task Force for the purpose of stopping Alex Dominguez.

    Amy Samantha Chen 

The SFPD's data analyst. She has near-genius level IQ, and can work computers lightning-fast. She enjoys working with the police and is usually cheerful. In Season 1, she has a crush on Forensics Specialist Eric Mills, until he is revealed as The Maskmaker and kidnaps her. In Season 8, she starts dating Ken Greene. After Ken's Heroic Sacrifice later in the season, she is never quite the same again. After an undercover operation in Season 9, she quits the force to join the renegade 'hacktivist' group Brimstone.

  • Action Girl: From Season 9 onwards, when she is in Brimstone
  • Break the Cutie: After Ken's death in Season 8, she begins to act quiet and distant.
  • Damsel in Distress: At the end of Season 1.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She attempts this to save Ken in Season 8 and it sort of works... But in the end it was the other way around, with Ken throwing both himself and Zargoza out of Amy's apartment building to save her.

    Kai Sylvester Kalaba 

Originally from Hawaii, Kai once ran with a motorcycle gang for a brief time, but then sought to become an astronaut. One problem—he wasn't hale enough, courtesy his asthma. He did, however, pass muster as a forensic scientist, and was brought in to replace Eric Mills after he was exposed as the Maskmaker and apparently drowned.

    Blaise Ainsley Corso 

Introduced in 7-8-B. She actually was part of the SFPD before the Maskmaker crisis; she'd simply been gone to assist the FBI with investigating terrorist cells. Yeong called her back so she could have all the manpower she could muster to deal with the approaching Kraken disaster. Corso herself is very fond of shooting first and asking questions later, to the point her name has become something of a byword for heedless fervor.

  • Cowboy Cop
  • Dark and Troubled Past: As though her home life wasn't bad enough (absconded father, apparently pinballing through multiple trailer parks, her two elder sisters abandoning their dementia-blasted mother to her, etc.), she was taken prisoner by an unknown criminal early in her career...only to be released by him, seeing how he had some sort of plan for her. It goes From Bad to Worse in 14-9, with the strong suggestion that the criminal was none other than Alex Dominguez—meaning he thinks she's a potential fellow Serial Killer.
  • Disappeared Dad: When she was four.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: She can be extremely prickly about people wanting her to stop being so self-destructive (for starters, she doesn't even realize she's self-destructive). Her sky-high self-hatred does not help the case. Small wonder her relationship with Jeremy foundered.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to both Mal and Jeremy. Scratch that; the entire SFPD force is the blue to her red.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Has a bad case of arachnophobia, which makes the situation with the Spinnerette very squirmy for her. She doesn't seem to be too fond of clowns or sharks, either.

    Jeremy Redbird (Jeremy Hushihumma) 

Introduced in Season 9. Originally just a particularly rules-oriented police officer in El Dorado, he unintentionally achieved some celebrity status when he brought down an infamous killer with his sharpshooter skills. Not by killing him, but by crippling his vehicle. As a result, Charles Anders decided to bring him to help with his crusade against the Cowboy Precinct of San Francisco. What Anders didn't expect was that Jeremy's resolve to always do the right thing would mature into him understanding that there are times when "right thing" and "proper thing" don't always overlap. After 9-8, he becomes an SFPD detective.

  • By-the-Book Cop: Where Mal sine-waves between this and Cowboy Cop, Jeremy keeps very close to this.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Him killing Theo Sinclair in 9-3 establishes just how very good he is with firearms. And in Wild Stag, during the "zombie" shootdown, he actually gets twenty "kills" down just with his carefully aimed pistol before Mal, Óscar, or Kai (all using much heavier artillery) can.
  • Magical Native American: He likes to occasionally mess with people's ideas with this when he introduces himself, claiming his father was a shaman who specialized in summoning rain-spirits. (He actually runs a sporting goods store.)
  • Opposites Attract: Him and Blaise, a couple? One doubts anyone saw that coming before the end of Fourth of July Special.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Blaise's red.

    Shawn Mallory 

    Anna Willis 

    Joe Bartaugh 

    Phil Morris 

  • Killed Off for Real: In Volume 4, Officer Morris is one of the more prominent supporting cops until the 4-8, when he is brutally killed by Zero.

    Óscar Santos 

    Charles Ryan Anders 

Anders's original plan was football, not police. But when an ACL injury blockaded him from that, he ended up joining Austin's K-9 unit, ultimately ascending to detective. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the police force was quick to ostracize him when he informed on his Corrupt Cop partner. Except for Internal Affairs, that is. He was transferred to San Francisco to deal with the remnants of Jacob Fallon's empire. And somehow, his bosses thought there was something fishy about the SFPD's homicide division.

Cue Anders going into Guilty Until Proven Innocent mode. He even requisitioned Jeremy Redbird, sort of the ultimate By-the-Book Cop, to assist in his endeavors to permanently repair the SFPD...only to find even Redbird rejecting the severity of his ideals. Ever since Yeong resigned to prevent any other SFPD members from being blacklisted for helping her stop Livewire, Anders has been Acting Captain. Thankfully, he's becalmed to a measure since then.

Other Non-Criminals

    Neha Mansingh 

    Seth Holland 

  • Jerkass: And how.
  • Sleazy Politician: Deputy Mayor. Unlike his corrupt boss, Holland is intentionally sleazy with villainous undertones, though not actually corrupt.

    Natasha King 

    Sandra Taggert 

    Charles Gilcomb 

  • Corrupt Politician: Mayor of San Francisco, Gilcomb is corrupt, though not in a villainous way.

Major Criminals

    The Connoisseur 

Real name...Well, we don't have it yet. She currently goes by the name Genevieve Marsden Collins, but the only part that can be said to be genuine is the "Collins", on account of it being the name of her late husband. Even from her teens, she was hungry for death, allying herself with Zero as his adoptive daughter, and constantly on the lookout for instinctive killers to groom, succor, and unleash upon the public. All she asks (usually) is that they bring a few trophies back for her collection. Ironically, despite her bloodlust, Genevieve can't actually kill someone with her own hands. No matter how much she'd like to, something within holds her back, and she is deeply unhappy about it. That leaves her the next option: kill vicariously through her agents.

  • Blue and Orange Morality: She considers helping psychopaths escape their dark inner pulses to be monstrous; right and wrong are not mapped to happiness and misery, but to accepting one's true nature (no matter how dark) and hypocrisy. Keeping an incipient killer from killing makes no more sense than condemning ospreys for killing fish.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: It's only instinctive, "artistic" killing that she approves of. Only killing for sport and excitement, like the Hunter in Season 3, is hopelessly vulgar. This may be because of how horrified she first was at Alex's inability and unwillingness to keep his bloodlust in check.
  • Faux Affably Evil: She does a great job of keeping herself calm and collected, but after The Reveal in 2-8, her inner darkness is always seeping through.
  • Gender Misdirection: Brilliantly reinforced with the SFPD characters referring to the Connoisseur unsub throughout vol. 2 as male, seeing how that's what the profiling suggests. Thus, up until the end of the volume, everyone was probably thinking either Senator Collins or Dr. Tanaka was the Connoisseur. Of course, if you look carefully, you'll notice that Volk never uses a gendered pronoun for the Connoisseur in that time...
  • I Have Many Names: 4-7 reveals that she's gone through many names in her lifetime, although they all have the j and n sounds close together.
  • Killed Off for Real: Alex kills her at the end of 14-7.
  • Manipulative Bastard: If you pay serious attention to her wishes even a little, there's a near-certainty she'll have you wrapped around her finger in a very short span of time. It doesn't matter who you are, she'll quickly ferret out what you hold highest, and manipulate you into serving her wishes while (at least thinking you're) achieving your own objectives.
  • Serial-Killer Killer: After Natara killed the Maskmaker, Genevieve became enthralled with the idea of creating one of these, as such a one would be the supreme predator, the perfect pinnacle of the food chain. She didn't succeed with Natara, but she did a lot better with turning Shawn into this.
  • Woman of Wealth and Taste: Even before meeting Jake Collins, the house she held under the Marsden name is very high-status, and she never suffers herself to enjoy anything less. Although her trophy collection calls the "taste" part into question.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: She doesn't believe in the existence of free will.

    The Maskmaker 

Real name: Brian Resler. When growing up, he was the constant subject of abuse from his elder sister Rebecca, who thought he was nothing but an unsightly stain. When he was 12, he finally snapped during an excursion to Álcatraz and drowned her, in the process masking her face with sand. Although he was never connected with Rebecca's death (then), he'd already been assigned to the Millbrook Mental Institute on account of his obviously disturbed psyche.

The bad news: He caught Genevieve's eye. Under her tutelage, he gulled the Institute into thinking his psychosis and sociopathy had been quelled, and exited into San Francisco as Eric Mills. With Genevieve's connections, he circumvented the SFPD's background checks and became a forensic scientist—allowing him to auto-preclude himself from DNA checks on murders. With a secure screen in place, he began trying to recreate the glory of killing Rebecca and "purifying" her from her viciousness with other redheads. His true past was discovered by Amy, and he was later killed by Natara.

  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Even if he was intentionally quiet to avoid drawing extra attention.
  • Death by Irony: Natara's flare fuses his mask to his face, and his actual death comes from drowning in the waters around Álcatraz.
  • Frameup: He used succinylcholine vials taken from a doctor who'd been arrested—and released—earlier on in order to bait the detectives.
  • Killer Cop
  • Serial Killer: Of young, red-headed women who remind him, even if only in visage, of his sister. Power/Control based.

    Ésteban Flores 

    Carlito Flores 

    Esmeralda Sálazar 

    Jacob Fallon 

Originally a highly proficient police officer, Jacob began despairing of ever utterly eradicating crime in San Francisco. So, he decided to set his sights on the best possible thing—personally get involved in crime in order to keep it under control, with the help of the Floreses. However, Yeong was not happy with her discovery of Jacob's hypocrisy, and so began a crusade to finally get him behind bars. In the end, though, between Yeong's constant harrying and the kinds of things his alliance with the Floreses required, he finally turned himself in after Mal was nearly killed in an attempt to extinguish an anti-Flores witness.

On the other hand, with the assistance of Anna Willis, he was able to personally keep a large chunk of his empire running properly anyway. For all this, his ultimate desire in everything was to keep his family safe. Alienation from his children was an acceptable price. In Volume 6, he actually escapes during a riot instigated by Mad Stranger, and joins forces with the Sálazars, only to double-cross them. That leads to the events of Volume 11, where Pablo Sálazar holds Mal hostage in order to draw Jacob to his execution. In the end, Jacob is mortally wounded in a helicopter crash, but still manages to kill Pablo before he expires.

    The Hunter 


    Mad Stranger 

    The Ladykiller 


    Nightmare poisoner 

    Pablo Sálazar 
General and Prime Minister of San Trobida, a tiny South American country. After seizing power, he didn't take long to impel a good chunk of the populace to start producing drugs for him, and start establishing his own drug cartel. During Season 2, he began sending his daughter Esmeralda to the Floreses, ostensibly to help Esteban overthrow Arcangel, but really to forcibly subsume their cartel into his. In Season 11, finally sick to death of Jacob's trickery, he has his goons kidnap Mal as a hostage. This backfires on him in the worst way possible, as Jacob's decision to ensure Mal gets out by recruiting his SFPD comrades ultimately results in his death.

    The Boogeyman 

Real name: Eli Rosely. Eli was effectively his father's--and possibly also his mother's--favorite scapegoat. Whenever his father was upset at how his life was turning out, but was unable or unwilling to confront the source, Eli got all the pain in their stead. At least until the night when career outlaw Jeb Cassidy killed Eli's parents right in front of him...but took pity on him and "recruited" him as an assistant in his robberies. During all this, Cassidy came to care far more for his captive than his parents ever did, and so arranged to turn himself in and keep Eli from getting any of the heat. Eli, meanwhile, had come to idolize the man who saved him from a lifetime of abuse, and actually thought that was why his parents were killed. As a result, he became an avenger of abused children in Cassidy's "stead", dressing up as a boogeyman to kill parents he deems deleterious to their children.

  • Abusive Parents
  • The Apprentice: Eli thinks he was this to Cassidy. In 12-8, it turns out he plans to make Joy Hoskins his apprentice. Unfortunately, while Eli can't follow through on account of being consigned to an asylum, Andy Gillum has found her for Genevieve.
  • Calling Card: The rag dolls. It's actually Eli's mad attempt to keep the victims' children from feeling lonely.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The first we see of him is as an unnamed clerk in 13-1, who just seems to be a random member of a hardware store's workforce. Then Natara pulls his mask off in 13-4...
  • Magic Feather: What his mask is for him. Cassidy once told Eli that if he wore something as scary as that, he wouldn't have to fear the boogeyman or the like. Rather, they'd fear him.
  • Nightmare Face: His mask. And not just in-story, apparently...
  • Psychopathic Manchild: AND HOW. Type C—he doesn't have much trouble fitting in with society and being a member of the workforce. However, the things he likes to do (besides the whole avenger-of-the-abused thing) are definitely childish. Just look at his treehouse.
  • Serial Killer: Arguably, he doesn't feel a chronic need to kill; he's just triggered whenever he sees unambiguous evidence of chronic child abuse. Completely Mission-based.
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist


    The Firstborn 

Real name: Alex Dominguez. Originally, he was known only through Zero referring to him as Genevieve's adopted son who died young. By season 13, though, this is completely overturned. He's Genevieve's biological son, he's very much alive, and he's even more death-obsessed as she is. Not to mention much more willing to kill with his own hands. Apparently, his goal is to take revenge on her for forcing him to run away. In reality, he wants to get all her other Lilim to start killing right away, and from there go on to produce a world-wide paradise for killers. The real reason for killing her, or at least the foremost one, is so she can't renew her shackles.

  • Ax-Crazy
  • Blood Knight: There is no place he's happier than while on a battlefield. Whoever he's opposing won't be so happy, though. He seriously believes that the battlefield is the only proper form of human existence, on top of that.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good
  • Evil Feels Good / For the Evulz: It's difficult to say which matches him more. For the most part, he doesn't feel much of anything when killing...unless it's on a battlefield, with lots of carnage and death. Then, he's ecstatic.
  • The Faceless: He has yet to reveal how he changed his face, since he thinks his bandages still make for an excellent effect on those who meet him.
  • In the Blood: It seems he inherited his bloodlust from Genevieve. To make matters worse, his biological father is Zero. So double the inherited madness.
  • Self-Made Orphan: He kills Genevieve at the end of 14-7. On top of that, he would have killed Angel Dominguez—his adoptive father—if the Ghost hadn't beaten him to it.
  • Serial Killer: And he glories in it.
  • The Social Darwinist
  • To Create A Playground For Evil: He seriously believes that all humans are inherently as bloodthirsty as he is, and only abstain because of the law's threat to punish them. His broadcast to awaken all the other Lilim is ultimately his first stage of reproducing the pre-civilization "paradise" of wanton slaughter.

Minor Criminals

    Alejandro Pérez/The Ghost 

    Mikhail Volk 

    Jonah Graves/Ramsey Brand 

    Kara Yan 

    Johnny Qingyi 
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