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Awesome: Cause of Death
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     Season 9 
  • 9-8 has a few:
    • Mal bursting into the police department after his hiatus just in time to convince the rest of the SFPD to support Maria.
    • Maria finally standing up to Anders, and the game rewarding you if you choose to clap him across the face.
    • Maria's pure determination to save her daughter and take down Livewire, even if it costs her her job.
    • Jeremy finally turning on Anders to stick up for Maria after deciding out what he thought was right.
    • Amy making a cameo appearance just in time to save Maria by turning off all of the electricity in San Fransisco.
    • The Bonus Scene reveals that it was Kai who alerted Amy to the details of the Livewire case, which allowed her to help Maria, meaning Kai was actually the one to save the day for once.

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