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Characters that appeared in Tite Kubo's ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''. The various residents of '''Soul Society''', from the '''Rukongai districts to the Seireitei'''.
!!Spoilers ahead.


[[folder:Kukaku Shiba]]

Ganju's older sister and owner of a house [[{{Bizarrchitecture}} with statues of arms]] on the outside. She owns a large cannon that she lets Ichigo and friends use to get past the barrier of the Seireitei. She's quick to anger and acquainted with Yoruichi.

--> Voiced by: Creator/AkikoHiramatsu (JP), Creator/CindyRobinson (ENG), Erica Edwards (Latin-American Spanish)
* ActionGirl: Mainly in the video games, but in canon, she's perfectly willing to jump into the fray against ''Aizen.''
* AngstWhatAngst: Unlike Ganju, she never was angry at Rukia for Kaien's death, mainly because she knew the full story from Ukitake. She even punches Rukia when she keeps apologizing and tells her it's all right. [[invoked]]
* BandageBabe: On her right arm and ''forehead'', among other places.
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Averted. She lacks an arm. In the anime, she replaces it with a prosthetic one; in the manga, she has only her stump.
* {{Bokukko}}: She uses the extremely masculine ore pronoun.
* CoolBigSis: A more tomboyish example, so this is especially evident when she's calm and relaxed.
%% * DoesNotLikeShoes: In the videogames.
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: After Rukia apologizes to her and Ganju over the deal with their older brother, Kukaku threw a party for Rukia on the night before Ichigo and his gang left the Soul Society.
* HumanCannonball: She has a cannon specifically designed for this effect. She sent Ichigo and co. to the Sereitei this way way back in the Soul Society arc, and it's recently revealed to be the only way to get to [[spoiler:the Spirit King's palace.]]
* TheLadette: She's something of an abrasive, short-tempered drill sergeant, but even she can show a softer side, rare as it is.
* MegatonPunch: Did this when Ichigo and Ganju broke her kiseru while fighting.
* MsFanservice: From the large boobs and the full legs, to the exposed back and the PantyShot, to all the camera shots of her bare feet, she's certainly one of the poster women of eye candy for Bleach.
* BuxomIsBetter: Her rack is impressively large, and [[CleavageWindow her clothes sport very wide opening]] that gives a nice view of her bust.
* PluckyGirl: A grown up and very tomboyish version.
* SamusIsAGirl: Ichigo, Orihime, Ishida and Sado were all surprised to learn that the one bearing the name "Kuukaku" is ''female''.
* SexyBacklessOutfit: Her back isn't covered by her clothes.
* ShesGotLegs: Her feet are scarcely covered by clothes.
* {{Tsundere}}: In the end, she really loves her brother, but don't expect to hear that out loud anytime soon.

[[folder:Ganju Shiba]]

A member of the established Shiba clan. He helps Ichigo and his friends get into the Seireitei with his sister's help. Usually gets into fights with Ichigo. He is also a master of fireworks and can change the ground into sand if he wants. He grew up hating Soul Reapers and his attitude only became worse after his older brother was killed by one. He decides to accompany Ichigo because he wants to understand why his brother loved Soul Reapers so much, and eventually warms up to several of them.

--> Voiced by: Creator/WataruTakagi (JP), Creator/KyleHebert (ENG), Bardo Miranda (Latin-American Spanish)
* BigOlEyebrows: He has thick, imposing eyebrows.
* BoisterousBruiser: He's loud, aggressive and on the crude side.
* CombatPragmatist: What do you do when you know you're vastly outclassed by your opponent? Keep [[RunOrDie running away]] and [[ObfuscatingStupidity playing the fool]] until they drop their guard, then throw a [[ImprovisedWeapon firework]] at [[TheDandy his hair]] and [[SoLongSuckers get the hell out of Dodge]].
* DishingOutDirt: His Seppa spell allows him to turn stone into sand.
* OddCouple: He's ugly, tough and manly while Hanataro is girly, weak and feminine.

[[folder:Yūshirō Sakimune Shihōin]]

Yoruichi's younger brother, and the 23rd head of the Shihōin household.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Yuushirou has very dark skin, but standard features for a manga character (large eyes, small nose, slim build). As a result, the reason for the dark skin is impossible to visually figure out and the ethnicity of the Shihouin family is never discussed.
* BadassAdorable: He took over as the head of House Shihōin after Yoruichi disappeared. He's emotional, sensitive and very affectionate, especially towards his older sister whom he idolises. However, he mastered Shunkou in a very short space of time and his physical strength is so great he can take on Sternritter-level opponents. A single punch was enough to make Askin take him seriously.
-->'''Askin Naak Le Vaar:''' "W...Wait... This is insanity! You can't be this strong!"
* BigSisterWorship: He deeply admires Yoruichi. He expressed great sadness when Yoruichi went ahead of him in his first appearance, and later expressed great joy when he reunited with her. He abandons the group of Soul Reapers he's with to rush to her side and is willing to fight the Sternritter just for insulting her.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: He is small and slight of build with very feminine facial appearance and hair bound into a pony tail. He looks like a young version of his older sister, Yoruichi. When Askin first sees him, he mistakes Yuushirou for a girl, much to Yuushirou's indignation.
* HavingABlast: His Shunkou is fire-based. Whenever he uses it, it causes huge explosions akin to a fire bomb.
* InstantExpert: It took both Yoruichi and Soifon years to master Shunkou. However, Yoruichi only recently taught Yūshirō Shunkou, so she's startled to see he's mastered it so quickly.
* {{Keet}}: He's very talkative and hyperactive, and rushes thoughtlessly around the place whenever he wants to try and catch up to Yoruichi (which is often). He is eager to please and highly emotional, becoming tearful when Yoruichi leaves him behind or extremely excited whenever he sees her or feels he's done something to please her.
* SarcasmBlind: When Yoruichi sarcastically responds to his latest blubbering by observing how much stronger he's become, he's thrilled she's noticed it. She kicks herself at that, having forgotten that he's so naïve he's incapable of recognising sarcasm.
* UncannyFamilyResemblance: He and his older sister look damn near identical, despite their difference in age and gender. When Yoruichi was younger, [[http://s634.photobucket.com/user/Ezone525/media/manga-rainbleach-ch130-10.png.html she]] was virtually identical to [[http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_small/6/67663/4356520-3904695840-80559.jpg him.]]


[[folder:Jidanbo Ikkanzaka]]

The guard to the Seireitei's western gate, a large giant. He's the older brother of Ikkanzaka Jirobo, fourth seat of Squad 7.

--> Voiced by: Takashi Nagosako (JP), Creator/PeterLurie (ENG), Miguel Ángel Ghigliazza (Latin-American Spanish)
* AnAxeToGrind: He wields a pair of massive axes with no finesse whatsoever.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: [[spoiler:During their assault on Soul Society, Pepe of the Vandenreich manages to put Jidanbo under his control, after which he is made to attack Squad 12.]]
* DualWielding: He wields two massive cleavers.
* DumbMuscle: When counting a 10-hit combo he clearly shows little knowledge of numbers or counting, especially since it ends up becoming a ''13''-hit combo.
--> '''Jidanbo''': One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Seven! Six! Eight! Um... Six! Eight! Time to finish up... Ten!!!
* GentleGiant: It turns out he's actually a pretty nice guy and very popular among the people despite being a gatekeeper for the Soul Reapers.
%% * {{Gonk}}: Much like his younger brother, Jidanbo has some pretty bizarre facial features.
* HonorBeforeReason: He thinks all fights should be honorable one-on-one duels, and believes that he has to open the gate if he loses. It's treated as a KickTheDog when Gin points out it's his job to keep people out, not let them in.

[[folder:Hisana Kuchiki]]

Byakuya Kuchiki's late beloved wife. Originally a Rukongai resident who arrived with her baby sister Rukia upon their deaths in the living world to District 78 of Southern Rukongai. She was forced to abandon said sister in order to survive, and could never forgive herself for that.

--> Voiced by Creator/FumikoOrikasa (JP), Debi Mae West (ENG), Norma Iturbe (Latin-American Spanish)
%% * BarefootPoverty: Before she was married to Byakuya.
* IllGirl: The sickness is never specified but it did end up killing her.
* TheLostLenore: Type A. Without her, the Soul Society arc would never have unfolded the way it did as she was the root cause of the two conflicting vows that forced Byakuya to be Ichigo's main antagonist during that arc.
* MyGreatestFailure: Due to having abandoned Rukia as a baby, Hisana considers herself unworthy of being Rukia's sister and insists to Byakuya that he [[LockedOutOfTheLoop never reveal]] the blood relationship to Rukia if he ever manages to find her.
* PlotTriggeringDeath: One of four characters[[labelnote:*]] Along with Masaki, Souken, and Kaien[[/labelnote]] whose deaths combine to shape the first two arcs of the story. Hisana's death was the reason Byakuya made a solemn oath to find and protect Rukia. The interaction of this promise with his earlier promise to always uphold the rule of law (prompted by the upheaval caused by his marriage to a commoner) results in Byakuya being the main antagonist for most of the Soul Society Arc and his undying loyalty to Ichigo ever since.
* PosthumousCharacter: She died over fifty years ago.
* UncannyFamilyResemblance: Rukia was told she was adopted because of her strong resemblance to Hisana. It's only later she learns this resemblance is because she and Hisana are sisters.

[[folder:Great Old One]]

Komamura's great-grandfather, who eventually teaches him the clan's secrets.
* CanisMajor: He is a giant dog that even dwarfs a character as large as Komamura.
* HateSink: In addition to laughing off Komamura's request to learn his clan's secret arts, he flat out admits he doesn't care what happens to Soul Society. Later, it's revealed that he knew that the Human Transformation Techinque would turn Komamura into an ordinary powerless wolf after it wears off. Not only is he not upset about it, he's thrilled at Komamura succumbing to his clans roots of revenge the prospect that his grandson's life is ruined and his Soul Reaper Days are over. There's nothing redeeming about him and he's very clearly written that way because he's lampshaded in-universe as an example of the Buddhist "sin" of ignorance, and only seemingly exists to kick Komamura out of the plot.
* {{Jerkass}}: The first time he ever takes great pride in Komamura is after he falls into the state of a mindless beast fuelled only by the thirst for revenge that has consumed the clan.
* MonstrousCannibalism: After Komamura rips out his heart, his grandfather thanks him for the gift of his hatred and then eats it.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: He is the patriarch of a clan of werewolf-like beings from the Animal Realm of Buddhist cosmology.
* SavageWolves: He's proud of Komamura when he becomes a bloodthirsty monster.