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Characters that appeared in Tite Kubo's ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''. This page deals with characters who appear '''''only'' in the ''Bleach'' anime, films and video games''', not the manga.
'''To avoid confusion to English-language readers, who may be more familiar with the English anime than the manga, all names are in Western order.'''
!Contains spoilers


!!! '''Bount Arc'''
!! Mod Souls
[[folder: General]]
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: They disappear not long after the beginning of the Arrancar arc with no explanation of what happened to them. Granted while they weren't part of the canon story to begin with since they never show up in the manga, it had seemed that the anime staff was going to have them hang around longer since they had participated in the attempt to fight with the partially transformed Grand Fisher and witness Isshin kill him (in the manga this was solely Kon's role). Curiously they don't even show up in the Gotei 13 Invasion filler arc which focused on modsouls.
* SecretTest: When first introduced, they seem like new villains set to threaten Ichigo and his friends with various challenges and kidnapping them or their classmates if they failed. In truth, it was just a way by Kisuke to prepare them for the real incoming villains, the Bounts.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Despite being fellow modsouls, they don't really get along much with Kon seeing him as a bumbling idiot and likewise look down on him since he doesn't have a personal gigai like they do or specialize powers outside of super ability. They do get better over the course of the Bount arc.

[[folder: Lirin]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see her doll form]][[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Ririn_Mod_Soul_493.jpg]][[/labelnote]]]]

A modified soul created by Urahara along with Kurodo and Noba. She is the de facto leader of the three. She and her "siblings" initially appeared giving Ichigo's team a surprisingly brutal TrainingFromHell, but quickly became good friends (especially with Ichigo) with them and were instrumental in the war against the Bount. Her stuffed animal form is a hooded chicken, and she has illusion powers.

-->Voiced by: Creator/YumiKakazu (JP), Creator/JulieAnnTaylor (EN), Creator/PatriciaAcevedo (LA)
%% * AnnoyingLaugh
%% * BrattyHalfPint: Mainly during the TrainingFromHell, but she still has elements of this later.
%% * DeadpanSnarker
%% DynamicEntry: Is fond of doing this to Kon.
%% * MasterOfIllusion
%% * PrecociousCrush: On Ichigo.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Ririn or Lilin? The official English name is Lirin.
* TerritorialSmurfette: When Lirin meets Rukia, she [[RunningGag assumes she is Ichigo's girlfriend]] and becomes immensely jealous and vitriolic towards her.
* TrainingFromHell: Lirin led the modsouls in subjecting Ichigo and his friends to extreme training on Urahara's advice. They needed to test and prepare the group for fighting the Bount.
%% * UnknownRival: To Haineko.

[[folder: Kurodo]]
[[caption-width-right:240:[[labelnote:Click here to see his doll form]][[quoteright:240:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Kurodo_Mod_Soul_9765.jpg]][[/labelnote]]]]

Another modified soul created by Urahara. He can copy the appearances and abilities of others, and his stuffed animal self is a bizarre looking bunny. He is close friends with Orihime.

-->Voiced by: Creator/NobuoTobita (JP), Creator/MichaelMcConnohie (EN), Raúl Anaya (LA)
%% * ButtMonkey
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: He's usually the most klutzy and dizty of the Mod Souls, but he's shown that he can hold his own in a fight.
%% * DopplegangerSpin
%% * MulticoloredHair
* NiceHat: A very stylish tophat.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Kurodo or Claude? Kurodo is the official translation, but the characters used in writing his name aren't usually read that way. Some fansubs even rendered it ''Cloud''.

[[folder: Noba]]
[[caption-width-right:290:[[labelnote:Click here to see hisdoll form]][[quoteright:290:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Noba_mod_soul_3650.gif]][[/labelnote]]]]

The last of the three modified souls created by Urahara, and a close friend of Chad. He has power over space, and his stuffed animal form is a mouthless turtle.

-->Voiced by: Creator/TomokazuSugita (JP), Creator/RogerCraigSmith (EN), Salvador Reyes (LA, eps 64-109), Víctor Hugo Aguilar (LA, eps 109+)
%% * BarrierWarrior
%% * {{Bishonen}}
%% * CoolMask
%% CovertPervert: Briefly in the Zanpaktou filler arc.
* HatesBeingTouched: He's embarrassed when women touch him. He doesn't mind sitting on Chad's shoulder, yet he hides his face when Rukia or Rangiku touch him and he changes into his plushie form when he has to touch Rangiku's arm to combine his powers with hers.
%% * MrFanservice
%% * {{Ninja}}
* TheQuietOne: Only ever speaks a word or short sentence at a time. Says less than even Chad, if that's even possible. When Kurodo asks Orihime what she thinks they talk about, the scene cuts to them failing to start a conversation entirely.
%% * RealityWarper
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Nova or Noba?

!! The Bounts
The Bount are a group of humans that gain immortality by feasting on human souls. They have weapons known as "dolls", a similar equivalent to Zanpakuto.

[[folder: Jin Kariya]]

The leader of the Bounts, and BigBad of the Bount arc. While at first it seems like his goal is to create a portal to Hueco Mundo and join Aizen, his real objective is to create a portal to Soul Society in order to take revenge for the mass slaughter of Bounts centuries ago. His Doll is Messer.

-->Voiced by: Creator/ToruOkawa, Creator/HitomiNabatame (Child) (JP), Creator/TroyBaker, Creator/WendeeLee (Child) (EN), Leonardo García, Jahel Morga (Child) (LA)
%% * AffablyEvil
* ArcVillain: The main villain of the Bount Arc.
%% * BadassLongcoat
* BadBoss: He displays more caring for the Bounts than anyone else, but they still tend to get easily sacrificed.
* BlowYouAway: Uses Messer to throw blasts of wind.
* CallBack: Unusually for a FillerVillain, he receives one during Ichigo's training to control his Arrancar side.
* TheCoatsAreOff: During his final battle with Ichigo, though mainly because Ichigo's attacks shredded it.
%% * DeathSeeker
* EvilAlbino: He looks like one, but he wasn't born with his white hair and red eyes; their color changed when he first merged with Messer.
* FillerVillain: Along with the rest of the Bounts.
%% * FingerPokeOfDoom
%% * GoodScarsEvilScars
* InterimVillain: FillerVillain or no, the anime actually tied him into the Arrancar storyline by having him return as a vision to Ichigo, indirectly assisting in getting Ichigo himself to defeat his Inner Hollow.
* KilledMidSentence: "Kurosaki, I... *poof*"
* ManipulativeBastard: If you're not a Bount, you're either an enemy or just a pawn to him. And even the other Bounts, whom he ''does'' display some signs of genuinely caring for, tend to get sacrificed with alarming regularity.
* MeaningfulName: His Doll's, Messer means "knife", and is probably one of the few Doll names which makes a little sense.
* OmnicidalManiac: His ultimate goal is to destroy the Soul Reapers, the human souls, and even himself.
* PetTheDog: Despite his cruelty, he genuinely cares for his fellow Bounts, as evidenced by his mourning over a Bounts' grave.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: One of his ultimate goals, to get back at the Soul Society for all the abuse they've given to him since his creation. The other is to [[DeathSeeker just end his existence]]. He honestly doesn't care which comes first
* ShockAndAwe: Messer's true form utilizes lightning.
%% SuicidalCosmicTemperTantrum: One way to look at his goals.
* UsedToBeASweetKid: He got turned into a Bount by accident, was forced to flee the Soul Society and lived his life on the run watching his fellow Bounts get hunted down and killed by both Soul Reapers and hollows. Then his remaining friends abandoned him out of fear of his power which he just wanted to use to protect them.
%% * LaserBlade: Messer's true form.

[[folder: Gou Koga]]

Jin's right hand man. Besides Yoshino, he's the most sympathetic of the Bounts. His Doll is Dalk.

-->Voiced by: Creator/ToruFurusawa (JP), Creator/RichardEpcar (EN), Gerardo Vázquez (LA)
-->Dalk voiced by: Creator/TakakoHonda (JP), Creator/KarenStrassman (EN)
%% * AntiVillain
* AnAxeToGrind: Dalk's "core form".
%% * BadassBeard
* DisneyDeath: He appears to die after losing to Hitsugaya, but Yoruichi saves him.
%% * TheDragon
* GiantSpider: Dalk resembles a spider-woman hybrid.
* HeelFaceTurn: Ultimately turns on Jin when he sees he's willing to sacrifice his own kind for his revenge.
* LastOfHisKind: He's the sole remaining Bount by the end of the arc.
* SympatheticPOV: You have to feel sorry for him when you learn about his past.
* TokenGoodTeammate: Aside from Yoshino Soma, let's say it's pretty obvious that he's this to the Bounts. He's the only one who is portrayed sympathetically and isn't a JerkAss.
%% * TheVamp: Dalk.
%% * WorthyOpponent: To Hitsugaya.

[[folder: Yoshino Soma]]

Jin's former lover. She despises how Jin has changed the Bounts to fuel his ambitions, and wants nothing less than to destroy him. Her Doll is Goethe.

-->Voiced by: Creator/MasakoKatsuki (JP), Creator/DorothyEliasFahn (EN), Gaby Willer (LA)
-->Goethe voiced by: Creator/RichardEpcar (EN)
%% * AloofAlly
* CloningBlues: She's actually a Bount clone of Ran Tao whose piece of soul created of her during the accident that made the Bounts.
%% * DeathActivatedSuperpower: How the below mentioned power is achieved.
* DefectorFromDecadence: Never believed in Jin's goal and only wanted to continue existing, but alas she was the key to activating the Reshi draining dolls via her death and Jin succeeds in killing her.
%% * DiedInYourArmsTonight: With Uryu.
%% * GoOutWithASmile
* OneWingedAngel: Has the ability to fuse with Goethe. Doesn't change the fact that she gets the shit beaten out of her by Jin.
* PlayingWithFire: Her Doll is made of and controls fire.
%% * TokenGoodTeammate: However, she tries to distance herself from the Bounts as much as possible.
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: She's survived countless centuries and been on the move constantly in the living world as people would notice that she never ages. As such, she feels lonely in the world because the people she tried to get close to would grow older.

[[folder: Mabashi]]

One of the Bounts. Like Yoshino, he initially hated how Bount society has changed under Jin's rule. However, after getting a taste of the power Jin offers, he quickly changes his mind. His Doll is Ritz.

-->Voiced by: Creator/DaisukeOno (JP), Creator/KeithSilverstein (EN), Eduardo Curiel (LA)
-->Ritz voiced by: Creator/AsamiSanada (JP), Creator/SandyFox (EN)
* AxCrazy: After being forced to consume souls.
* DrunkOnTheDarkSide: Initially, he was opposed to the Bounts absorbing living souls to increase their power until he had some shoved down his throat and found out that the power gained felt ''very'' nice.
%% * HoistByHisOwnPetard
%% * PeekABangs
* PeoplePuppets: His Doll's ability.

[[folder: Yoshi]]
One of the Bounts. She is easily the most violent and unhinged of the tribe. Has no relation to a [[VideoGame/YoshisIsland certain green dinosaur]]. Her Doll is Nieder.

-->Voiced by: Creator/YokoSoumi (JP), Creator/StephanieSheh (EN), Creator/MariaFernandaMorales (LA)
-->Nieder (Jian) voiced by: Taro Yamaguchi (JP), Joe J. Thomas (EN)
-->Nieder (Fan) voiced by: Mariko Koda (JP), Creator/WendeeLee (EN)
%% * AxCrazy
* BloodKnight: More than the other Bounts, she ''really'' enjoys a good fight.
%% * DarkActionGirl
* DualWielding: A jian and a Tessen connected with a chain.
* ForTheEvulz: She admits during her fight with Ishida that she's only going along with Jin's plan for the fun of it.
* GracefulLoser: Admits that she had fun, even though she lost, before succumbing to her wound inflicted by Uryu.
* SwissArmyWeapon: Nieder is a claymore and a CombatHandFan connected by a chain.
%% * YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Green hair.

[[folder: Ryo Utagawa]]

The first truly villainous Bount introduced. He is smug, arrogant and a general snob. His Doll is Fried.

-->Voiced by: Shusuke Sakino (JP), Creator/TonyOliver (EN), Arturo Mercado Jr. (LA)
-->Fried voiced by: Creator/WendeeLee (EN)
%% * CatchPhrase: "No Comment."
%% * DisneyVillainDeath
* SmugSnake: Very much thinks he's above everyone else, including Jin. Fitting, considering his Doll's ability is to ''create'' snakes.
* TheStarscream: His main goal was to usurp Jin and take over the Bounts himself. But his plans get stymied thanks to Ichigo and his friend invading their hideout early. He tries to take the opportunity to attack Jin but is quickly overwhelmed and killed by Maki.
%% * WhipItGood

[[folder: Sawatari]]

The oldest of the Bounts, at least judging by his appearance. It's implied by Mabashi that he looks so old due to having consumed too many living souls. His Doll is Baura.

-->Voiced by: Yuzuru Fujimoto (JP), Joe J. Thomas (EN), Alfonso Ramírez (LA)
-->Baura voiced by: Creator/TakayaKuroda (JP), Creator/RichardEpcar (EN)
%% * AffablyEvil
* BadassGrandpa: Subverted. The man himself is nothing remarkable. It's his Doll that makes him so dangerous.
* ElderlyImmortal: By virtue of being a Bount, he's prety much immortal, but somehow looks much older than the others. As revealed in his fight with Mayuri, this is apparently due to the fact that he consumed too many souls, which made him age rapidly.
* NightmareFace: Busts out a pretty impressive one during his first fight.
* RealityWarper: His Doll can create tears in the space time continuum that he'll use to travel and hide himself so he can ambush people.
* RightHandAttackDog: His Doll, Baura, looks like a giant whale-like fish made of stone.
* TheStarscream: During his fight with Mayuri, he reveals that his dream is to replace Kariya as leader of the Bounts.
* YearsTooEarly: Sawatari to Chad, Noba and Rangiku Matsumoto in episode 86.

[[folder: Ugaki]]

A Bount who helped Jin perfect the Bitto. He is smug, but prefers to stay back and let his Doll and allies do the fighting. His Doll is Gesell.

-->Voiced by: Creator/KatsumiSuzuki (JP), Creator/KirkThornton (EN), Ernesto Lezama (LA)
-->Gesell voiced by: Creator/NeilKaplan (EN)
%% * EvilGenius
* DeathDealer: Uses a deck of cards to control Gesell's body parts.
%% * FourEyesZeroSoul
%% * HoistByHisOwnPetard
%% * LivingShadow: Gesell
%% * NonActionGuy
%% * ScaryShinyGlasses: As seen in his pic.
* VillainousBreakdown: He really loses his cool when Ichigo and Renji defeat Gesell. Jin abandoning him did ''not'' help.

[[folder: Ho and Ban]]

Two twin Bounts who look like children or young teenagers. They share the control of their Dolls, Guhl and Günther.

-->Ho voiced by: Creator/DaisukeSakaguchi (JP), Creator/RogerCraigSmith (EN), Héctor Emmanuel Gómez (LA)
-->Ban voiced by: Creator/DaisukeSakaguchi (JP), Creator/BrianBeacock (EN), Héctor Emmanuel Gómez (LA)
%% * CreepyChild
%% * CreepyTwins
* MakingASplash: Can activate their doll via water sources, from bottled water, sinks or rain (which it unfortunately did when Ichigo and his friends tried to rescue Uryuu from the hospital).
* NotAllowedToGrowUp: Since Bounts are immortal, they never grew beyond childhood.
%% * ReallySevenHundredYearsOld
* WonderTwinPowers: More effective when closer together.

!! Other Characters Related to the Bount Arc
[[folder: Maki Ichinose]]

A traitor Soul Reaper that serves as Jin's bodyguard. He was originally part of Squad 11, under the captain before Kenpachi. When Kenpachi killed the old captain and took up the mantle, Ichinose was unable to accept him as a replacement for his (much) nobler captain, and left Soul Society in despair. Soon afterwards, he is saved from a Hollow by Jin, who offers him employment. Feeling he had regained a purpose, he joined Jin and quickly became his most fanatical servant. His Zanpakuto is Nijigasumi.

-->Voiced by: Creator/SusumuChiba (JP), Creator/SamRiegel (EN), Noé Velázquez (LA)
* CurbStompBattle: [[spoiler:He easily defeates Utagawa when he tries to turn on Jin.]]
* DespairEventHorizon: Seeing his Captain killed and replaced by Kenpachi brought him to the edge.
* EverythingsBetterWithRainbows: His zanpakuto, Nijigasumi.
* FreudianExcuse: The reason he joined Kariya was because he was saved by the guy from a Hollow.
%% * LaserBlade: His Shikai.
%% * LightEmUp
* LightIsNotGood: His Zanpakuto utilizes light as a weapon.
%% * LeeroyJenkins
%% * PsychoSupporter
* SpannerInTheWorks: The remnants of his sword protect Ichigo from an otherwise fatal attack.
* NotSoStoic: He completely loses his shit during his fight against Kenpachi.
* ThatManIsDead: "I am no longer a Soul Reaper."

[[folder: Ran Tao]]

A beautiful and mysterious woman who hides a secret about the Bounts.

-->Voiced by: Creator/MasakoKatsuki (JP), Kirsten Potter (EN), Alejandra de la Rosa (LA)
* TheAtoner: She's not happy about her past actions that lead to the how the bouts and especially Kariya turned out and tries her best to appease them. Or, at the very least, give up her own life if that's what it takes to end the Bout threat.
%% * TheGunslinger: Her weapon is a kido gun.
* GlassCannon: Extremely skilled kido user. Her extreme age seriously limits her stamina in fights.
* HiddenWeapons: Her hairpin conceals a small knife. [[spoiler: Which she can use to [[PowerNullifier seal up the Bounts's abilities]].]]
%% * HotScientist: Her beauty is constantly notice and she is a scientist to boot.
* OlderThanTheyLook: She looks '''much''' younger than she truly is, but has to rest up more than the average Soul Reaper to keep her looks ''and'' her health. [[spoiler: In fact, during the final fight Ran uses up all of her powers and almost kicks it. Given how long-lived Soul Reapers are, this could very well make her comparable in age to the most senior Captains]].
%% * {{Meganekko}}
* YouLookFamiliar: In-universe, many note she looks a lot like Yoshino, Uryuu especially. This isn't coincidence as some of her soul ended up accidentally creating Yoshino in the accident that created the Bounts.

!!! '''Arrancar Rebellion Filler Arc'''
[[folder: Patros]]

A rebellious Arrancar who plans to take over the Hueco Mundo by stealing the Hogyoku, but is stopped by Renji. His Resurrecion is Gerifalte.
* ArmCannon: In his true form he can shoot powerful energy blasts from his arms/wings.
%% * ArrogantKungFuGuy: Seriously, he even attacked a (fake) Ulquiorra!!!
%% * BadBoss: He doesn't give a shit about his subordinates.
* NonIndicativeName: "Gerifalte" is Spanish for "gyrfalcon". His true form barely looks like one.
* TheStarscream: Want to steal the Hogyoku from Aizen and become the ruler of Hueco Mundo.
%% * VillainousFashionSense: Seriously, what's up with his [[BareYourMidriff outfit]]?
%% * YouGottaHaveBlueHair

[[folder: Menis]]

One of Patros' henchmen, follows him in the Real World but gets offed by Hitsugaya and Matsumoto. His Resurrecion is Erizo.
%% * ArrogantKungFuGuy
%% * CoDragons; He and Aldegor are this to Patros.
%% * CombatTentacles: His true form gives him three, long spike-like tentacles.
%% * EvilRedHead

[[folder: Aldegor]]

Another low-level Arrancar working for Patros. His Resurrecion is Jabalì.
%% * MultiArmedAndDangerous: His Resurrecion gives him six tentacle-like appendages.
* NonIndicativeName: Jabalì supposedly means "boar". He's anything but boar-like.
%% * SphereOfDestruction: He can turn himself in one while transformed, but it's not that impressive.

!!! '''New Captain Arc'''
[[folder: Shusuke Amagai]]

The new captain of Squad 3 in the New Captain arc, who hopes to increase cooperation between the squads and reduce reliance on the captains and lieutenants. His Zanpakuto is Raika.

-->Voiced by: Creator/KenyuHoriuchi (JP), Joey Lotsko (EN), Miguel Ángel Ruíz (LA)
* AntagonistAbilities: See PowerNullifier below. He uses it to seal [[spoiler:Yamamoto's bankai]] and create a reason why [[spoiler:Ichigo]] has to battle him instead.
%% * ArcVillain: He's the BigBad of the eponymous "New Captain Shusuke" arc.
* AffablyEvil: He sincerely cared about his friends and squad mates, and valued Ichigo as a friend and ally. Unfortunately, he was willing to throw it away in the name of vengeance, and he died regretting it.
* AntiVillain: His primary aim is revenge, but he's sincerely interested in improving cooperation and team-work within and between squads, qualities which [[CrapsackWorld in all honesty were frankly shit before he came around]].
%% * BackToBackBadasses: With Ichigo in the second version of the Season 8 opening. [[spoiler:While he and Ichigo work together for some time, he later turns out to be Ichigo's final enemy in the arc]].
* {{BFS}}: His Bankai is part giant hook-sword and part [[PlayingWithFire flame cannon]].
* CantHoldHisLiquor: Even alcohol-flavored pickles can get him drunk. When he drinks with Kyouraku, Kyouraku reveals to Ukitake that Amagai hasn't touched a single drop yet - he's drunk from the fumes alone.
* DidntSeeThatComing: Bakkoto brings with it a GameBreaker ability to [[PowerNullifier seal ALL Soul Reaper abilities]]. Unfortunately for him, Ichigo's Hollow corruption gives him just enough power to defeat on skill.
* DragonInChief: [[spoiler: He certainly orchestrated much of the events that kept the Soul Society pre-occupied, and he's far more competant as a fighter, but he was officially working as TheMole for Kumoi, simultaneously protecting Kumoi from investigations by the Soul Reapers. Ultimately, as he planned from the start, [[DragonAscendant killed Kumoi, took upgrades for his Bakkoto and confronted Yamamoto personally]].]]
* DramaticIrony: [[spoiler: His father had to be put down due to the power of Bakkoto forcefully implanted in him, which he was trying to stop. In the present, Amagai uses said Bakkoto to help him take revenge against whom he thinks were responsible for his death.]]
* FlamingSword: Raiga is a hooksword that is capable of manipulating flames. His Bankai takes that to a BFS with an afterburner for a hilt.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: He started out in one of the more unassuming positions in Soul Society, being a plainclothesman tasked with surveying rebel forces. The very nature of his position would make any sort of merit or positive reputation difficult to build up. Nevertheless, he learns Bankai, impresses superiors, their superiors, and all the captains, and makes it up all the way to {{Physical God}}hood as a Captain. [[spoiler: The fact that he becomes, for a while, the most powerful being in Soul Society, is only the cherry on top.]]
%% * GreenLanternRing: His Bankai has a multitude of techniques with which to shape fire. [[StuffBlowingUp Lots of fire.]]
* GoOutWithASmile: [[spoiler:Dies after telling Izuru that he enjoyed his time with him and the rest of the division]].
%% HotbloodedSideburns
* TheMole: Before being made Captain his job was to go undercover and keep track of rebel elements, thought it's implied that he was discovered and [[SoMuchForStealth had to fight his way out]] on at least one occasion. In the present day, [[EvilAllAlong he's the second one for]] [[BigBad Kumoi]], and by far the more competent one.
* MixAndMatchWeapon: UpToEleven, since we're talking a Hook-bladed {{BFS}}+ a afterburner {{BFG}} with massive amounts of fire as ammunition. There's even a massive Conch-shell hand-guard that acts as a very good shield.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: [[spoiler: After Ichigo defeats him and Yamamaoto finally comes forward with the truth about his father's death. Amagai realizes that he has indeed been consumed by his revenge and almost got innocent people killed with his plot. He ultimately decides to takes his own life as atonement for his actions (since he figures he would be executed anyway), but not before apologizing to Ichigo, Izuru, Rurichiyo and Yammamoto for his actions.]]
* NiceGuy: He's sincere and compassionate about wanting to unify the various factions in the Soul Society military hierarchy, and he's an approachable and even-handed captain, hanging out with his men to get to know them better. [[spoiler: His desire for revenge just happens to be far greater than his good intentions and that wound up targeting innocent people who had no hand in his father's death.]]
%% * NoSell: [[His Bakkoto negates other Zanpakutos' abilities]]
%% PlayingWithFire: His Zanpakuto.
* PoorCommunicationKills: [[spoiler: He only saw the aftermath of the fight between Yamamoto and his father and didn't bother to get the full details about it. Only scraping bits and pieces of the truth and assuming the worst. It doesn't help that Yamamoto doesn't bother to ''say anything'' about this. It's revealed because Amagai's father had volunteered for a covert mission to infiltrate the Kasumioji clan and find out about the Bakkoto. When he failed and had the Bakkoto forcefully implanted on him, driving him into a berserker state. Yamamoto was forced to mercy kill him and couldn't say anything, both wanting to protect Amagai and from discrediting the Gotei 13. But by this point in the story there was no need to do so since Amagai had pretty much found out about everything ''except'' the part about his father's involvement.]]
* PowerNullifier: His Bakkoto allows him to seal Zanpakuto abilities (but not completely seal Hollowified Zanpakuto abilities).
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He looks out for the welfare of his troops and later was willing to believe Ichigo and let himself be branded a criminal in order to help him find the truth. [[spoiler: Sadly however, he was in on most of the plot all along so he could get close to Yamamoto, Rurichiyo and Kumoi and take his revenge.]]
* RedRightHand: [[spoiler: His fully-released Bakkoto takes the form of a black dragon covering all his right hand, with a LaserBlade coming out the mouth to boot.]]
%% * RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler: Commits [[{{seppuku}} suicide]] to atone for his crimes]].
* RevengeBeforeReason: [[spoiler:While trying to get revenge on Yamamoto, he throws Rurichiyo on his hit list because the Bakkoto were developed by her clan. Despite the fact that it was Kumoi alone who was developing them and she didn't even know about them, let alone had a hand in it.]]
* ShaggyDogStory: [[spoiler: All the hard work put towards the rather revolutionary concept of interdepartmental cooperation is totally undercut by his betrayal and death.]]
%% * TragicVillain: He's a nice guy, a very capable captain, but his [[spoiler: drive to kill Yamamoto overrides it all.]]

[[folder: Makoto Kibune]]


The third seat of the third division, who cares little for those he deems too weak.

-->Voiced by: Creator/HikaruMidorikawa (JP), Creator/ChristopherCoreySmith (EN), Marco Guerrero (LA)
* BigFancySword: His Zanpakuto, Reppu, takes the form of a huge, oddly shaped glaive with three main blades.
%% * TheDragon: Or at least one after Hanza dies.
%% * FourEyesZeroSoul: To almost Aizen-level, he just doesn't have the whole capacity for planning ahead.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler: Consumed by his Bakkoto. Izuru uses his ability to make it too heavy to fly, forcing him to use more and more of his power to compensate]].
* {{Hypocrite}}: For all his talk about power and how weak the third division is. [[spoiler: It's revealed that he never even relied on his own power. But rather the Bakkoto as his strength and thinking he could control it. In the end, Izuru turned out to be more then a match for him that he had to pour in more power to fight him and ultimately was consumed by the Bakkoto when he was defeated.]]
* PrecisionGuidedBoomerang: His zanpakuto, Reppu can be thrown and controlled in mid-flight. [[spoiler:It's later revealed that it is his Bakkoto that controls Reppu''s flight. What Reppu itself is actually capable of (besides being a really big, weirdly shaped blade) is never actually revealed.]]]
%% * SmugSnake: Extremely haughty and arrogant with no regards for his teammates.

[[folder: Gyokaku Kumoi]]

The steward of the Kasumioji clan, who wants to kill Rurichiyo and take control of the clan with a variety of plans. He has a force of assassins armed with the special weapons known as the Bakkoto.

-->Voiced by: Creator/MasaharuSato (JP), Creator/KirkThornton (EN), Eduardo Fonseca (LA)
%% * ArcVillain
* BigBadWannabe: He's certainly good at covering his tracks, and he's got plenty of resources, Bakkoto and assassins at his disposal, but he's little more than a flea compared to [[spoiler:Shusuke Amagai]], who was TheMole under his wing.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: He kickstarted the conflict, but is finished off three episodes before the ending of the New Captain arc.
%% * VillainousBreakdown: As things start going wrong with his plans, he begins to panic.
%% * YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Declares this on one of his own assassins, whom he has executed. [[spoiler: And ironically pulled on him by Amagai.]]

[[folder: Hanza Nukui]]


An assassin hired by Kumoi and Ichigo's main rival for most of the early arc. His Bakkoto, Saiga, can create illusions and fire energy blasts.

-->Voiced by: Creator/YoshikazuNagano (JP), Creator/TonyOliver (EN), Ricardo Méndez (LA)
%% * BladeBelowTheShoulder
%% * TheDragon
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: He becomes so determined to kill Ichigo during their battle that he draws out more and more of his Bakkoto's power regardless of the fact that it's starting to overtake him in order to counter Ichigo's own growing power courtesy of his Hollow mask. Eventually, it completely devours him.
* LotusEaterMachine: His Bakkoto's ultimate ability allows him to trap an opponent in an illusionary world made from their memories.
%% * {{Ninja}}
* NobleDemon: Assassin he may be, but Hanza does possess a warrior's sense of honor. Despite being hired by Kamoi he saw him as his master and followed his commands, and during his battle with Ichigo he refused to surrender and fought him head-on even as his opponent's power only increased and his own soul was being devoured by his very weapon.
%% * QuirkyMinibossSquad: Is the leader of one with several other assassins.
* SwordBeam: At full power his Bakkoto can unleash these, similar to Getsuga Tenshou.
* TinTyrant: As Saiga reaches full power, Hanza can clad himself in a suit of armor for extra protection.

[[folder: Jinnai Doko]]

One of Hanza's subordinates, who attacks Rukia.

-->Voiced by: Creator/JinDomon (JP), Creator/SpikeSpencer (EN), Eduardo Ramírez (LA)
%% * HoistByHisOwnPetard: Devoured by his Bakkoto
%% * OneWingedAngel: Transforms into a monster by eating his Bakkoto, Retsurai.
%% * ReverseShrapnel: Can shoot blades with his Bakkoto
%% * SinisterScythe
%% * SpikesOfVillainy: His skin is all jagged.

[[folder: Genga]]

One Hanza's subordinates, who attacks Chad.

-->Voiced by: Creator/DaisukeMatsuoka (JP), Creator/JBBlanc (EN), Roberto Molina (LA)
%% * BladeOnAStick: His Bakkoto is a naginata.
%% * {{BFS}}: Is also one BIG ass glaive.
%% * DishingOutDirt: His Bakkoto can create walls.
%% * OnlyOneName
%% * WarriorMonk: Looks a little like one, and he has even a BladeOnAStick!

[[folder: Ryu Kuzu]]


One of Hanza's subordinates, who attacks Uryu.

-->Voiced by: Creator/HikaruHanada (JP), Joe Ochman (EN)
%% * ImprobableWeaponUser: His Bakkoto looks a bit like a segmented, eyeless fish-thing.
* MasterOfIllusion: His Bakkoto surrounds himself with mist and enables him to create illusionary shadows of himself to deceive his opponent.
%% * YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Manages to escape from Uryu, but is killed by [[spoiler:Kibune]].

[[folder: Rurichiyo Kasumiouji]]

A young girl from a ''very'' noble Soul Society family, caught in many power struggles once her father dies.

-->Voiced by: Creator/ReikoTakagi (JP), Creator/EdenRiegel (EN), Erika Ugalde (LA)
* ArrangedMarriage: with Shu Kannogi. It's a happy match as they both like each other a lot.
* DamselInDistress: In the latter half of the Captain Amagai arc when she willingly gives herself up to Kumoi to keep her friends from being in danger. Which forces Ichigo and his friends to come to Soul Society, invade the Kasumiouji Castle and fight against the Gotei 13 (who're unaware of Kumoi's deception and under orders to keep anyone from seeing the princess) to save her.
* NiceHat: Which is also a PowerLimiter of sorts
%%* TheOjou: Type 2
* ParentalAbandonment: Her mother succumbed to DeathByChildbirth. Her father's death kickstarts the conflict she gets caught in.
%% * PrincessesPreferPink
%% * {{Tsundere}}: Gives Ichigo a lot of grief when they first meet but eventually warms up to him.

[[folder: Shu Kannogi]]

Rurichiyo's fiancé.

-->Voiced by: Creator/TsubasaYonaga (JP), Creator/BrianneSiddall (EN)
* ArrangedMarriage: To Rurichiyo, though it's a happy match as the two do like each other.
* CowardlyLion: Very skittish and not one to leap into danger but when he hears that Rurichiyo is in trouble, he helps Ichigo and his friends save her.
%% * DistressedDude: Get kidnapped at one point in the story but is saved by Ichigo.
* GoThroughMe: Pulls this to protect Ichigo from the Gotei 13 when they believe he's trying to kill Rurichiyo. [[spoiler: It's a duplicate in her image controlled by Kumoi]].
* ShelteredAristocrat: Hasn't been out of his castle much and as such he's very awkward around people.

[[folder: Ryusei "Kenryu" Kenzaki]]

A Soul Reaper and Rurichiyo's bodyguard. His Zanpakuto is Benishidare.

-->Voiced by: Creator/HirokiTakahashi (JP), Creator/RogerCraigSmith (EN), Nacho Rodríguez (LA)
* GreenThumb: His Zanpakuto manifests as a plant.
%% * InSeriesNickname: Kenryuu (Dragon Dog), contrasting Rusaburo
* PetalPower: His power consist in covering his opponents in flowers, paralyzing them. [[spoiler: He can also skewer them with petals.]]
%% * YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Bordering on black.
%% * WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: His shikai is so useless it was used more for comedy relief than genuine fights.

[[folder: Rusaburo "Enryu" Engokawa]]


A Soul Reaper and Rurichiyo's bodyguard. His Zanpakuto is Daichimaru.

-->Voiced by: Creator/RyotaroOkiayu (JP), Creator/NeilKaplan (EN)
%% * BarrierWarrior: His Zanpakuto.
%% * CoolShades: He wears a pair.
* DishingOutDirt: Daichimaru means "The Earth" and can make hand-shaped walls of stone from the ground.
%% * EpicFlail: His shikai.
%% * InSeriesNickname: Enryuu (Dragon Monkey), contrasting Ryusei.
%% * {{Powerfist}}
%% * VocalDissonance: Has a very squeaky like voice (think Mickey Mouse) so he's mute most of the time.

!!! '''Zanpakuto Rebellion Arc'''

''For most of the Zanpakutos, whose character designs are mostly exclusive to the anime, see [[Characters/BleachZanpakuto Bleach: Zanpakuto]]''.

[[folder: Muramasa]]


The spirit of an unknown Soul Reaper's sword. He takes the form of a flamboyantly dressed man with long fingernails. His special power is to "free" other ''zanpakuto'' spirits from their owners and make them follow their [[BrainwashedAndCrazy "inner instincts"]], which is usually to kill their wielders. He informs Ichigo that he [[SelfMadeOrphan killed his own Soul Reaper master]].

-->Voiced by: Creator/YuuichiNakamura (JP), Creator/JamiesonPrice (EN)
%% * AlasPoorVillain: Ichigo feels that way about him. [[invoked]]
* AntagonistAbilities: He can turn a zanpakutou, the source of a Soul Reaper's power, against their owners and make them [[MindManipulation fight for him]]. The only way to deal with this is for the zanpakutou's owner to defeat the brainwashed zanpakutou in combat, leaving Muramasa free to go about his own business.
%% * BadassLongcoat: A rather flamboyant version, but still badass, considering he took down the Soul Society in ''one'' night for crying out loud!
%% * BigBad: Of the Zanpakuto Rebellion arc.
* DragonAscendant: [[FillerVillain Muramasa]] spends most of the [[{{filler}} Zanpakutou Unknown Tales Arc]] orchestrating the [[EmpathicWeapon Zanpakuto]] Rebellion before it's revealed to be a distraction that allows Muramasa to achieve his real goal: freeing his master, Kouga. Kouga betrays Muramasa before being defeated by his own nemesis, leaving Muramasa as the main villain to be defeated by Ichigo.
%% * MrFanservice
%% * EvilPlan: Overthrow Soul Reaper rule of the Soul Society A lie to cover up his true goal of freeing his wielder.
* FillerVillain: He's this the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc, having orchestrated the Zanpakuto Rebellion and indirectly causing the emergence of the Toju in the Beast Swords mini-arc.
* KansasCityShuffle: Yamamoto sealed himself away, so he lied to the protagonists to get them to break the barrier for him so he could get at Yamamoto's memories. Also, the whole rebellion was one of these, so he could unseal his wielder, Kouga.
* LifeDrinker: He was forced to absorb Hollows in order to keep himself going despite his wielder being dead, as shown when he visits the Forest of Menos. It also fits in with his MindControl abilities being described as "tapeworm-like" in nature.
* LoveMartyr: He remained loyal to Kouga even as he was mistreated and brutalized by him. ''Many'' years later, he's completely obsessed with freeing Kouga and reuniting with him. The expression of pure happiness when he succeeds only makes Kouga's [[YouHaveFailedMe reaction more cringe-worthy]].
* MasterOfIllusion: By feeding his reiryoku into his opponent's soul, Muramasa can cast a spell that distorts their senses in a variety of ways (i.e. [[DoppelgangerSpin creating realistic holographic illusions]], [[InterfaceScrew screwing with their sense of perception]], [[MindRape dredging up painful memories for a distraction]], ect.).
* MeaningfulName: Named after a real life Muramasa who was famous both for being an extremely skilled swordsmith and a mentally unbalanced one. As a result, his swords were believed to be cursed with an insatiable bloodlust, crying out for blood at night and refusing to be sheathed until they had tasted blood, even resorting to killing their owner (which is what Muramasa claimed he originally did to his master), and that anyone who owned a Muramasa sword would be driven insane by a need to kill indiscriminately (which is why his master Koga was originally sealed in the first place. Also, the first part in his name ("mura" = "village") is a homonym for the kanji for "unbalanced" or "unstable". Taken together, his name can be translated as either "justice of the village" which is what Koga thought he was to Soul Society or "unbalanced justice" which is what Ginrei accused Koga of doing as retaliation for having been framed.
* MindControl: His primary ability disrupts the balance between a Soul Reaper and their Zanpakuto, causing the latter to behave erratically and even attack its master. He can take this even by breaking into a Soul Reaper's inner world, forcibly manifesting their Zanpakuto spirit, [[BrainwashedAndCrazy exaggerating said spirit's "inner instincts", and turning it against its master.]]
* MoreThanMindControl: His ability isn't so much mind control, but rather amplifying any existing resentment the zanpakuto is feeling towards its master to the point that they'll turn against them for it. It's not completely perfect however as Hitsuguya's zanpakuto only suffered amnesia from it and Rejiu's fight against his brought his zanpakuto back under control.
* OneWingedAngel: 'When Koga abandons him, Muramasa's DespairEventHorizon causes him to Hollowfy, and he later transforms into a dome-shaped construct containing a replica of Koga's inner world, wherein he fights Ichigo in his normal appearance, but begins to Hollowfy there as well before Ichigo defeats him.
* PeoplePuppets: One of his secondary powers is to manifest invisible indestructible strings with which he can control or restrain people, as well as shield himself. The drawback? They only manifest in reflective surfaces (i.e. ice, clear water, building windows, ect.) and will be destroyed if said surface is distorted/destroyed, or if an attack's reflection hits the string's reflection (as Senbonzakura did to free Byakuya).
* SelfMadeOrphan: States that he doesn't have an owner due to killing them himself. Turns out, he's lying, his owner is still alive, if locked away, and Muramasa saying as much to get the zanpaktuo to cause disarry for his plans.
%% * TearsOfBlood: Plenty of them, possibly a side effect of him being a LifeDrinker. They come out when he actually cries, too.
* TurnedAgainstTheirMasters: Claims he killed his master and encouraged the other zanpakutos to rebel. Turns out the rebellion was an EvilPlan to distract all of the Soul Reaper while he goes to free his master. Also inverted in that his master actually ''turned against him'' once unsealed due to his own perception of Muramasa refusing to obey his call.
* UndyingLoyalty: His entire plot with the zanpakutos rebelling was nothing more then a distraction so he could find the location where his owner, Koga, was sealed and use Yamammoto's power to free him and be reunited. Sadly however, Koga, driven mad by the circumstances that imprisoned him, can't even trust his own weapon anymore and destroys him when Muramasa tries to help him fight Bayakuya.

[[folder: Koga]]


The owner of the ''zanpakuto'' Muramasa. He was very powerful and a great aid to the loyalists in a Soul Reaper rebellion, but some of the captains were afraid of him, so they framed him for murdering his own allies in order to get rid of Muramasa. He got back at them, eliminating any chance to prove his innocence. He went on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge before eventually being defeated.

-->Voiced by: Creator/IsshinChiba (JP), Creator/DavidVincent (EN)
* CursedWithAwesome: Being able to control other people's swords isn't so great when your job description doesn't include fighting people with swords. [[spoiler:Then there's a civil war and you become so overtly powerful that some of the higher ups on the same side as you become scared of your power and frame you for attacking your own side.]]
* DeathByIrony: As he dies, Kouga calls out for his Zanpakuto, just after betraying him and casting him aside like a tool. Frustrated with Muramasa's unresponsive predicament, Koga calls out to him again, before losing his balance and drowning into a river. Meanwhile, the tired Byakuya is caught by his own zanpakutou before he can fall, contrasting Kouga's complete abandonment of Soul Reaper ideals of partnership between Soul Reapers and zanpakutou.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: His mind shattered when he realized he had committed a crime out of revenge for being framed, at which point he started honestly believing that everyone was out to get him.
* GenerationXerox: The way Koga seeks Ginrei's approval is ''exactly'' the same as Rukia's seeking for Byakuya's approval. The scene of Kouga reporting to Ginrei is even made uncannily similar to a flashback of Rukia reporting to Byakuya during the Soul Society arc.
%% * IJustWantToBeSpecial: Continuously felt this way regarding [[spoiler:Ginrei Kuchiki's acceptance of him.]]
%% * KickThemWhileTheyAreDown: [[spoiler:His biggest KickTheDog moment was when he literally kicked Muramasa. Repeatedly.]]
%% * MasterOfIllusion: This is Koga's own personal ability, he doesn't need Muramasa to use it.
* MiscarriageOfJustice: Koga pretty much slammed the door on this trope, as he didn't even give them a chance to prove him innocent or guilty, he took revenge on the accusing captains, and then when informed that this had pretty much annihilated any chance he would have been found innocent, he went nuts, which lead to his eventual sealing.
%% * PeoplePuppets: Both Koga and Muramasa have this ability.
* SanitySlippage: He was once a pretty well-adjusted shinigamai who was true to his duties and not malicious in the slightest. But then some resentful shinigami, who were fearful of his power, framed him for a crime he didn't commit. Rather then try to prove his innocence, he murdered those responsible in cold blood, but that just incriminated him even further. When told of this, he went mad and was ultimately sealed away to stop him. [[spoiler: When Muramasa freed him years later, Koga has virtually no sanity left in him and he can't even recognize his own zanpakutou anymore. To the point he destroys Muramasa without a hint of remorse while fighting Bayakuya just for wanting to help.]]
* SealedEvilInACan: He's the real point of Muramasa's enmity towards Soul Society, but spends most of the storyline trapped in prison. [[spoiler:His criminal behaviour only ended when he was sealed by Yamamoto and Ginrei (his adoptive father). Muramasa's invasion distracts the shinigami while he frees Kouga and Byakuya [[FakeDefector helps]] Muramasa because he plans on killing Kouga to restore his family's honour.]]
%% SuperpowerLottery: See the Blessed/Cursed entry, and [[ComboPlatterPowers that's just the beginning]].
%% * TurnedAgainstTheirMasters: Why a lot of people feared Muramasa's powers, and thus Koga.
* UngratefulBastard: [[spoiler:After everything Muramasa did for him to free him from his seal, he responds to this devotion by destroying him when he wishes to help in his fight against Baykuya. The irony is that once Kouga's defeated, he calls out for Muramasa to help him.]]
%% * YouHaveFailedMe: [[spoiler:Does this to Muramasa when he is unsealed, unaware and uncaring that Muramasa was not at fault in the least.]]

!!! '''Beast Swords Arc'''
[[folder: Narunosuke]]

A blue-haired, masterless Zanpakuto that meets Haineko.

-->Voiced by: Creator/NobuhikoOkamoto (JP), Creator/BenDiskin (EN)
%% * BandageBabe: After Haineko heals him, that is.
%% * {{Bishonen}}: The whole reason Haineko fell in love with him, at first.
* MrFanservice: He has a rather lean, muscly physique.
%% * WalkingShirtlessScene: He only has a towel over his shoulder.
%% * YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Spikey blue hair, too.

!!! '''Menos Forest Arc'''
[[folder: Ashido Kano]]

A mysterious, lone Soul Reaper who lives in the Forest of Menos. He's the only survivor of his original team.
* BolivianArmyEnding: Ashido was last seen holding off a group of Gillians and Adjuchas to allow Rukia and her friends to get back to the surface of Hueco Mundo with his faith left unknown if he survived.
* GodCreatedCanonForeigner: Ashido was designed by Tite Kubo and his Forest of Menos mini-arc was intended to be in the manga, but [[ExecutiveMeddling his editor wanted the heroes to actually reach Las Noches faster]] and thus the arc was cut, but it was restored for the anime.
%% * MrFanservice
* MaskOfPower: He wears an assortment of Hollow masks on his body, mostly to serve as armor or Cero-deflecting shields.
%% * NemeanSkinning: The fur pelt slung over his shoulders. That leaves the question of where he got it, considering [[FridgeLogic Hollows disintegrate when killed]].
%% * TheStoic: A result of losing his friends five hundred years ago.

!!! '''Gotei 13 Invasion Arc'''
[[folder: Nozomi Kujo]]

-->Voiced by: Creator/HisakoKanemoto (JP), Creator/JulieAnnTaylor (EN)

A Soul Reaper that was found in the Dangai, fleeing from the Soul Society with a rag to cover her figure. Inaba was after her for mysterious reasons.
%% * ActionGirl: Why is Nozomi so powerful? [[spoiler:She's one-half of Yushima's soul, who had something of a low self-esteem because of his weaker fighting style]].
* AttackReflector: Nozomi's zanpakuto can absorb spiritual pressure attacks (such as those from other zanpakutos and Uryu's Quincy attacks) and strike back at her attacker(s) with that energy.
%% * BeautyEqualsGoodness: Compare her looks to Inaba. No surprise that he's the villain, and she's the heroine for the Invading Army arc.
%% Moved Creators Pet trope. Please don't add back here.
%% * CustomUniformOfSexy: She wears a ''really'' short shihakusho with over-knee boots as her Soul Reaper uniform, which looks very similiar to Lisa's in [[WholeEpisodeFlashback Turn Back the Pendulum]].
%% * DangerouslyShortSkirt: Wears one as part of her uniform, and she's evidently ''the most powerful female fighter'' in the series.
* DamselInDistress: In the latter half of the arc, she's captured [[spoiler: and forcefully merged with Inaba to reform Okuo, the true form of both of them. Unlike most examples however, she isn't really "saved" as in trying to free her from Okuo, it ends her existence. She's content with it however as long as her friends are safe.]]
* EnergyAbsorption: [[spoiler: Her Zanpakuto can absorb Reishi, allowing her to take down even powerful opponents easily. No wonder that Inaba wants her out of his way.]]
* FusionDance: He is determined to fuse with Nozomi to gain her power. [[spoiler:They both only exist separately for a temporary purpose, having both originally been part of the same being.]]
* GoOutWithASmile: [[spoiler: She dies happy that her friends are safe, thanking them for showing her compassion and friendship, something that her original form, Ouko, refused to accept. Nozomi is especially appreciative toward Kon whom she bonded with throughout the ordeal and is happy to see him one last time before she fades away.]]
%% * HealingHands: How she healed Ichigo.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: In the last moments when she in control of Ouko's body, she forces him to stab himself with a reishi blade to give Ichigo a fighting chance at beating him.]]
* NoOntologicalInertia: [[spoiler:She fades away once Ouko is beaten and the fusion breaks as she had forced Ouko to stabbed himself and weaken him enough for Ichigo to deal with him. This wound up draining the power keeping her and Inaba in existence.]]
%% * MagicKnight: Can use Kido, actually a similar ability, quite well, and quickly gets a Zanpakuto too.
* OppositeSexClone: [[spoiler:Nozumi is a female half Ouko Yushima, the man who created her and Inaba when he split himself back in the past.]]
* SetBonus: The method she used to defeat all those Reigai was to drain the reiatsu of about six or seven lieutenant-class Soul Reapers and four lieutenant-class humans all at once and throw it at the Reigai captains. Apparently, those lieutenant and humans didn't have enough power to defeat those four super-powered reigai captains, so AllYourPowersCombined quickly turned "not enough power" into "more than enough power".
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Is ''the'' most important female character in the Invading Army filler arc, completely replacing Rukia and Orihime so that they often ended up with almost no lines in episodes.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: Defensive and cold towards Kon, but less so around Ichigo. Her initial cold shoulder was explained indirectly by her [[spoiler:connection to Yushima. He may have been a ShrinkingViolet, but he held a low opinion on forming bonds, believing that that relying on others will only have them get in the way. Nozomi inherited that from him, if only for a while]].
* ZettaiRyouiki: She usually wears a school uniform with a pleated mini-skirt and black thigh-high socks. In Soul Reaper form, her uniform is a mini-dress coupled with thigh-high white boots.

[[folder: Kageroza Inaba]]

A Soul Reaper from the Department of Research and Development studying the Precipice World, and creator of the Reigai. His zanpakuto is Raiku.

-->Voiced by: Creator/ToshioFurukawa (JP), Creator/CamClarke (EN)
* AntagonistAbilities: He can open a portal at [[ThinkingUpPortals any time]] to deflect or avoid any attacks or move freely and then use the information those portals record to use an opponent's powers [[AttackReflector against them]] at a later date. He can also move without his opponent's [[TimeStandsStill being aware]] of how he's moved or [[VillainTeleportation where to]]. Not even Yamamoto can fight him.
* BadassBookworm: Was able to beat an ([[WorfHadTheFlu admittedly weakened]]) Ichigo in a straight fight [[labelnote:*]]which includes blocking a Hollowfied Getsuga Tensho unscathed[[/labelnote]], even [[LampshadeHanging lampshading]] the fact that he's not relying on any cheap tricks (unlike a certain ''other'' MadScientist Soul Reaper). [[spoiler: He's the darker, unrestrained half of Yushima's soul, who was far weaker than either of his classmates at the Shino Academy]].
%% * BadBoss
%% * BigBad: For the Invading Army arc.
%% * BladeOnAStick: His Zanpakuto, Raiku.
%% * DepravedBisexual: He was a ''little'' close to Kon for comfort, and his interest in Nozomi brings up quite a few eyebrows. [[spoiler: Crosses over into ScrewYourself since him and Nozomi were created and based on their creator Ouko Yushima.]]
* DragonInChief: [[spoiler:He represents Yushima's unrestrained potential, so he's far more powerful than Yushima himself, and he personally instigated the Reigai uprising, but he's still loyal to Yushima, since part of the latters' soul makes up Inaba's personality.]]
%% * EvilLaugh: Does them from time to time.
* EvilPlan: Kageroza is determined to fuse with Nozomi to gain her power. [[spoiler:His plan is to carry out the will of the original shinigami who split himself into two beings, Kageroza and Nozomi, to gain greater power.]]
%% * EvilSoundsDeep: Pretty much obligatory for villains in Bleach.
%% * FillerVillain
* FirstNameBasis: Aside from Akon, everyone else calls him by his first name for some reason.
* FusionDance: Kageroza is determined to fuse with Nozomi to gain her power. [[spoiler:They both only exist separately for a temporary purpose, having both originally been part of the same being.]]
* HiddenAgendaVillain: His goals were revealed fairly early on ([[HalfTruth created the Modsouls]]; created Reigai as payback for getting his Modsoul research shafted; and wanted to fuse with Nozomi to get her power), but his motivation was kept a secret until the last few episodes. In particular, [[spoiler:he's one-half of Yushima's soul, the real creator of the Modsouls, and he needed to fuse with Nozomi - the other half - in order to restore Yushima's sanity and boost the latters' power exponentially.]]
* IronicEcho: During his fight with Ichigo he states that he's not using "cheap tricks". [[spoiler: Then is revealed that his Zanpakuto can manipulate space, and Kenpachi calls him out for using "a cheap trick".]]
%% * MadScientist: Somewhat more overt about it than Aizen, though.
* MeaningfulName: "Kage" means "shadow", which fits really well when you consider he is [[spoiler: the dark half of Ouko's soul.]]
* MirrorMatch: [[spoiler: His zanpakuto powers allow him to create space portals, allowing him to absorb incoming attacks and send them back at will.]]
%% * MultiColoredHair: Green and blonde.
* NoOntologicalInertia: [[spoiler: Once defeated and split back into two, both Nozomi and he start to fade havng used up all their energy fighting Ichigo]]
%% * OhCrap: When [[spoiler: Mayuri (disguised as his own Reigai)]] backstabs him.
* OmnidisciplinaryScientist: He's specifically said to specialize in the Precipice World, but he also has quite a talent in creating Reigais. [[spoiler: But he has been revealed to be the one who created the Mod Souls and learned about the Precipice World afterwards in order to retrieve the data on Mod Souls that he hid there.]]
* PsychoRangers: The Reigai are copies of their Soul Reaper originals, with the same memories and abilities, but their personality differences are subtle, yet easy to spot out. [[spoiler: The bracelets the Reigai wore made it easy to spot them, but after losing them in 329 they [[PowerGlows glowed for a episode]]. Now the only way to tell the difference is their glowing purple eyes.]]
* SelfDuplication: [[spoiler: His zanpakuto can also create a decoy of himself.]]
%% * SortingAlgorithmOfEvil: You wouldn't believe it at first glance, but he gives '''Aizen''' a run for his money.
%% * StoryBreakerPower: The Reigai are rather overpowered, more so than their originals, and he's able to control time [[spoiler: and space]] itself. It worsens.
* NotSoStoic: When he realize that Mayuri swapped places with his own Reigai and has just stabbed his back with Ashisogi Jizo. After getting hit with a drug that stops all thoughts he was still able to attack Reigai Isane by acting on nothing but his own anger.
* SmugSnake: Has a rather petty motive (see HiddenAgendaVillain), values himself (far) over his subordinates, treats poor Nozomi (who's essentially his sister) like ''shit'', and would have lost his fight with Mayuri (pretty badly) were it not for a contingency plan that [[spoiler:Mayuri basically ALLOWED him to implement out of curiosity]]. He's a serious threat, alright, but it certainly doesn't justify his God complex. [[spoiler:Inaba is the vengeful and megalomaniacal portion of Yushima. It's the equivalent to a child imagining that he Curb-Stomped a few bullies, since he wasn't able to do so himself in reality. [[FridgeBrilliance Now, what if that child had the power to make that a reality, by splitting his soul into pieces that embody different aspects of his personality?]]. ]]
%% * SwordCane: Similar to the Zanpakto wielded by Yamamoto and Urahara, his takes the form of a silver cane while sealed.
%% * UpToEleven: [[spoiler: There's a ''stronger'' version of Unohana in his army.]]
%% * WouldHitAGirl: Poor Nozomi.

[[folder: Ouko Yushima]]

Ex-member of the 12th divison and founder of the project Spearhead. His zanpakuto was Sumitsuki Gasa.

-->Voiced by: Creator/HiroakiMiura (original), Creator/ToshioFurukawa (resurrected) (JP), Creator/CamClarke (EN)
* AdaptationInducedPlotHole: In the anime, he's [[spoiler: the creator of the Mod Souls]], however it was later explained in the manga that [[spoiler: Kirio Hikifune created the research that allowed the creation of both Soul Candy and Mod Souls]].
* AntagonistAbilities: He obtains all of [[ThinkingUpPortals Inaba]] and [[EnergyAbsorption Nozomi's]] abilities to take the abilities from any spiritual attack. His ultimate attack allows him to take any absorbed or produced energy and fire it as a [[AreaOfEffect massive wave]] of destruction. He can also [[PowerNullifier steal and reduce]] the power of any person he fights by making contact with either them or their zanpakutou.
%% {{Bishonen}}
* BladeOnAStick: [[spoiler: His Zanpakutou is a mix between Inaba's and Nozomi's Zanpakutou, making it a double headed glaive with straight blades and golden handle.]]
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: He can't grasp how having friends can make Ichigo stronger then him.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler: His own Reigai turn against him and stop his doomsday weapon from destroying Soul Society. Nozomi then manages to temporarily take control of his body and forces him stab himself with a reishi blade. Weakening him enough for Ichigo to finish off.]]
%% * MadScientist
* ManBehindTheMan: [[spoiler:Since Inaba represents his darker side, it's ultimately Yushima that (indirectly) kickstarted the conflict in the Invading Army arc, and now that he's fused together with his counterparts, he's served as the FinalBoss.]]
* OutGambitted: [[spoiler: Believe it or not, its ''Kon'' who ultimately throws a wrench into his plans. Granted Kisuke did most of the science work but Kon the one that carries it out. Stopping Ouko from drinking the medicine that would make the fusion permanent and giving Ichigo the soul candy with reishi that temporarily restores his power. Never underestimate the comic relief.]]
%% * ShapingYourAttacks: His most powerful techniques takes this UpToEleven, forming a ''giant palace'' made of energy.
%% * StoryBreakerPower: Remember the space-manipulating powers displayed by Inaba and the energy-sucking powers of Nozomi? Yushima can do both things to a greater extent, and that's his ''Shikai''!
* TooManyBelts: His new outfit at the end of episode 338 features a belt in the waist area and a smaller one in diagonal position under it. It's used to hold the sword sheathe, but the effect is the same.
* VillainousBreakdown: During his final battle with a fully powered Ichigo when he realizes that Ichigo was indeed much stronger then him all along. Once his doomsday plan is thwarted, he completely loses it, ranting that his philosophy of "friends making you weak" can't be wrong before Ichigo finishes him off.
%% * YouGottaHaveBlueHair: He has naturally green hair.

!!! '''Karakura-Raizer Fillers'''
[[folder: Unnamed Female Arrancar]]

A nameless Arrancar woman who attacked Karakura town with a giant flying fortress made of Hollows, but was defeated by Chizuru Honsho in a .... [[TakeOurWordForIt comedic way.]] She appeared in another filler episode where she sends her minion Michel in Karakura Town.
* AnimalMotif: Her mask resembles a rabbit's head.
* BladeOnAStick: Her sealed Zanpakuto takes the form of a sort of bladed staff.
%% * ButtMonkey: When your downfall is caused by ''[[LovableSexManiac Chizuru]]'' you know you're a Butt Monkey. Not only that, but you appear in ''two'' filler episodes, the second which focuses on your revenge, and you're ''still'' never given a name!
%% * CombatPragmatist: As soon as she runs into Tatsuki, she tries to spear her in the head instead of introducing herself. She introduces herself after Tatsuki dodges her attack.
%% * FillerVillain
* IneffectualSympatheticVillain: She desperately wants to be considered a threat, but her powers match nowhere near the Espada and she's constantly defeated in comical fashion.
%% * MsFanservice: She's quite a beautiful woman, but this worked '''against''' her.
* NoNameGiven: As stated, she was never given a name in the anime nor supplamentary material.
%% * OminousFloatingCastle: Her fortress, which is composed by thousands of Hollows.
%% * BlackComedyRape: She suffers an embarassing and humiliating defeat at the hands of Chizuru's "Razier Doggy Style" attack, though offscreen.
%% * SmallNameBigEgo: She appears stating that lord Aizen himself gifted her with amazing powers. Then....
%% * YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Light violet.

[[folder: Michel]]


A charming and well dressed boy who appeared in Karakura Town and befriended anyone much to Kon's dismay, but later revealed to be a energy-sucking arrancar sent here to drain the reiatsu from the people of Karakura.

-->Voiced by: Creator/NobuoTobita (JP), Creator/MatthewMercer (EN)
%% * BitchInSheepsClothing: Seems nice, kind and adorable but is actually a dangerous bastard.
%% * TheCharmer: Everyone loves him or finds him cool and nice.
%% * TheDragon: To the unnamed female Arrancar. Despite being in only one episode, he's the one who acts on her plans and is her most active minion.
%% MoreThanMindControl: You know he's doing that when his friendship turns [[PsychoLesbian Chizuru]] hetero.
%% NiceHat: In his human guise
* OneWingedAngel: His true form resembles a massive, furry demon with an energy trident.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: The capes he gives to his "friends" actually suck their Reiatsu. He's also very charming.
* ProngsOfPoseidon: Can create a trident made of energy.
* SomethingAboutARose: One of his powers summons a wave of red roses.
%% * SuperHeroesWearCapes: And gives them to his friends too. But they're actually reiatsu-draining devices.

!! Movie Characters
!!! '''[[Anime/BleachMemoriesOfNobody Memories of a Nobody]]'''
[[folder: Senna]]

->Voiced by: Creator/ChiwaSaito (JP), Gina K. Bowes (EN)
A character from the first film, ''Memories of Nobody'', Senna is a mysterious girl with Soul Reaper powers whom Ichigo and Rukia encounter in the world of the living. Her zanpakuto is Mirokumaru.
%% * BlowYouAway: Her zanpakuto's ability, [[spoiler:that's not really "hers" to begin with]].
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Seems to have little sense about how the real world works, possibly the result of [[spoiler:having many lost souls' memories inside her]].
* DangerouslyShortSkirt: Wears one in her school uniform, and mopped the floor with those Blanks early in the movie, but she never fights in it.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Inverted. ''Years'' after appearing in TheMovie, she's seen sitting behind Ichigo in a restaurant during a filler episode, but with her ribbon colored yellow (just as it was in her debut) instead of her trademark red.
* GenkiGirl: Very spunky, upbeat, fun-loving and carefree; a good counter to the normally scowling, HotBlooded Ichigo.
* GirlOfTheWeek: She's the main female protagonist for the first film, Memories of Nobody.
* HairColorDissonance: Hers is apparently black with a purple sheen. Similar to Yoruichi's manga hair colour.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:In the end, Senna throws herself back into the disintegrating realm to SaveBothWorlds.]]
* IHaveTheHighGround: Likes high places, especially Ferris Wheels.
* LivingMacGuffin: [[spoiler: She's a Shinenju, which is memories of various Blanks all combined into a single person. The Dark Ones are after her as she is the key to combining the living and the spirit worlds together. But in doing so, will destroy both dimensions. The Gotei 13 are trying to capture her to prevent it from happening.]]
* MagicSkirt: She goes to [[IHaveTheHighGround high places]] and swirls her skirt around a lot, yet avoids having a PantyShot.
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Averted; Ichigo's more of a scowling pseudo-delinquent than a brooding sulker, the romance aspect is far more subtle, and Senna herself is less of an airhead and more along the lines of a carefree fun-lover.
* MultipleChoicePast: She goes through several flashbacks to completely conflicting childhoods. [[spoiler:None of these memories belong to her.]]
* NotQuiteDead: [[spoiler:A girl that looks and behaves ''exactly'' like her runs by Ichigo at the end, even making a cameo in episode 204]].
%% * OddCouple: With Ichigo, throughout most of the first film.
* ParadoxPerson: [[spoiler: Not so much a real person but rather the memories of blanks given a human form. As such whenever she remembers something, it's one of the past lives of the blanks inhabiting her, not her own. This news she doesn't take well but Ichigo assures her, regardless how she was conceived, she's still her own person.]]
%% * SimpleStaff: Her Zanpakuto release.
* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Which hint at her magical, non-natural origins.
%% * TomatoInTheMirror

[[folder: Ganryu Ryodoji]]

->Voiced by Creator/MasashiEbara (JP), Creator/TroyBaker (EN)
The main antagonist in ''Memories of Nobody'', Ganryu is the leader of the Dark Ones, a group of Soul Reapers exiled to the Valley of the Screams.
%% * BigBad of the first movie, ''Memories of Nobody''.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: Big scar at his forehead, traced diagonally down his left eye to the corner of his jaw.
* {{Revenge}}: Wants revenge on the Soul Society for exiling his people.
* ShapedLikeItself: "We are the clan of darkness, the Dark Ones." [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] because "Dark Ones" is in English while the rest of the sentence is in Japanese, but it sounds funny when you translate it all into English.

[[folder: The Dark Ones]]

The other members following Ganryu's orders. They're named Jai, Benin, Mue, Bao, Riyan.
* ArrogantKungFuGuy: Almost all of them.
* ButterFace: Bao who covers his face with a sheet. The only time we see it is when Renji's attack closes in on him.
* {{BFS}}: Mue, which actually owns a BifurcatedWeapon: he can draw a thinner sword from it, then use it like an exploding WhipSword.
%% * DarkActionGirl: Benin.
* DesignatedGirlFight: Benin ends up fighting Sui Feng.
* EvilCounterpart: Benin is basically an evil Matsumoto with a crossbow.
* {{Flat Character}}s: We don't really learn much about them, they're just there to give some of the Gotei 13 members a fight in the finale.
* PaperFanOfDoom: Riyan's fan, which is used to repeal Hitsugaya's ice.
* OhCrap:
** Mue, after finding out that his opponent was Kenpachi Zaraki.
** Riyan as he realizes Hitsugya froze his missile launcher leaving him wide open for his final attack.
** Likewise Bao as Renji's Bankai goes to finish him.
%% MacrossMissileMassacre: Riyan.
* MesACrowd: Jai who can use his weapon to make multiple copies of himself.
%% * ScaryBlackMan: Jai
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: Ganryu's main force and the ones the Gotei 13 have to get through to rescue Senna in the climax of the movie.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Purple in Benin's case.

!!! '''[[Anime/BleachTheDiamondDustRebellion The DiamondDust Rebellion]]'''
[[folder: Sojiro Kusaka]]

->Voiced by: Creator/AkiraIshida (JP), Creator/KeithSilverstein (EN).
The main antagonist in the second film, ''The Diamond Dust Rebellion'', Sojiro is an old friend and rival of Hitsugaya's, who attended the academy with him. It turned out that both of them had the zanpakuto Hyorinmaru, so in accordance with Soul Society laws, the two fought and Hitsugaya won [[labelnote:*]]Due to the fact that the higher ups ordered for him to be killed[[/labelnote]] [[spoiler: though partly because he was willing to attack Hitsuguya first to keep his zanpakuto. The "duel" was really a SecretTestOfCharacter which he failed]]. Kusaka, bitter about this, sought to destroy Soul Society with the Royal Seal.
* AnIcePerson: Like Hitsugaya, he possesses Hyōrinmaru as a Zanpakuto, although his version of it is darker and resembles a Western dragon.
* BigBad: He is the main antagonist of the second film, ''The [=DiamondDust=] Rebellion''.
%% {{Bishonen}}: He is voiced by Creator/AkiraIshida after all.
* BlessedWithSuck: [[spoiler: He possesses the same zampakuto as his friend Hitsugaya. A pity Soul Society forbides two Shinigami from having the same zampakuto.]]
* EvilCounterpart: Of Hitsugaya, they even have [[spoiler: the same zanpakuto]] and similar-sounding given names.
%% FireIceLightning: He has the Ice.
* ForgottenFallenFriend: He and Hitsugaya were friends and classmates in the academy. His fate ensured he was wiped from all record as ever having existed and those that had known about him, including Hitsugaya, kept their mouths shut until his reappearance.
%% * GoodScarsEvilScars
%% * MaskPower
* PowerIncontinence: Knows Bankai but couldn't control it well.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: He is the main villain of the film and looks the part, too.
* {{Revenge}}: Against Soul Society for their unfair laws against him just for owning a similar zanpakuto.
%% RivalTurnedEvil (Hitsugaya's)

[[folder: Ying and Yang]]

->Ying voiced by: Creator/AyaHisakawa (JP), Creator/KateHiggins (EN)\\
Yang voiced by: Creator/{{Yukana}} (JP), Creator/TaraPlatt (EN)
Two young, teenaged, twin-like Arrancar girls that serve as Kusaka's joint-lieutenants during his bid to wipe out the Seireitei. Ying's the one with blue hair, Yan has red hair.
%% * ActionGirl
* ClothingDamage: Never shown ''receiving'' it on-screen, but last they show up as humans, pieces of their clothes are ripped and torn, revealing a generous amount of skin and bruises to the camera.
* CoDragons: To Kusaka, who himself becomes a giant ice dragon at the climax of the film.
* DangerouslyShortSkirt: Both have one, modeled in a schoolgirl-like fashion, and apart from their OneWingedAngel forms, they always fight in 'em.
* ElementalPowers: Yang has PlayingWithFire, Ying has ShockAndAwe; Yang can turn into a fireball, Ying can turn into a blue disk-like projectile. They even use their attacks in combination against Ichigo late into the second film, without much success.
* FacialMarkings: Similar to Apacci, Yang has two red circles over her red eyes, and Ying has two blue circles over her blue eyes.
* FireIceLightning: Yang (fire) and Ying (lightning) to Kosaka's Ice.
* GirlishPigtails: Unlike Loly, Ying has her pigtails descending downwards, instead of up.
* PintsizedPowerhouse: They're ''even shorter than Rukia'', and can still pack a punch.
* ShowSomeLeg: If you look at the picture-link to Yan's outfit from above, you can see that the inner-side portion of her legs are exposed, as well as the upper half of her thighs; same applies for her sister.
%% ThemeNaming
* WhipItGood: Ying's got a whip that jolts out electricity. [[{{Squick}} Owch]], [[PowerPerversionPotential yet]] yummy.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: ''Ying'' has blue hair, Yang has red hair.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: After Kusaka fused with the Ouin and became a giant ice dragon, a battered, beaten Yang and Ying return to him, kneeling before him in slight embarrassment, before Kusaka nonchalantly froze them both. ''Subverted'', however, once we see two identical female-looking Hollows with the same abilities as Yang (fire) and Ying (electricity); by freezing them with the same ice that made up his dragon form, Kusaka essentially fused Yang and Ying together with him, allowing the energy from the Ouin to fully transform them into their Hollow forms and take on the Soul Reapers at the last act of the second film.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Very short schoolgirl-like skirts (red for Yang, blue for Ying), backed up by thigh-high sock-like stockings (red for Yang, blue for Ying) and knee-high boots (black-colored with white outlines).

!!! '''[[Anime/BleachFadeToBlack Fade To Black]]'''
[[folder: Homura]]
->Voiced by: Creator/AyaHirano (JP), Creator/LauraBailey (EN)
Homura is Rukia's (adopted) younger sister and Shizuku's older sister, and one of the main antagonists in the third movie. She's highly possessive of Rukia, and wants to kill anyone who might come between the two of them.
* AffablyEvil: Yes, she has issues, but at her core, she's a sweet, playful young girl, even if it's only towards Rukia.
* AlasPoorVillain: Rukia '''[[TearJerker certainly]]''' felt this way about her and Shizuku, as did Ichigo, Renji, Urahara ''and Byakuya''. [[invoked]]
* BarefootPoverty: She comes from a very impoverished background. Her tattered clothing and barefooted appearance reflect that history.
* BattleAura: When angry, she emits black Hollow reiatsu with a purple outline.
* BigBadDuumvirate: Shares the role of [[BigBadDuumvirate joint-antagonist]] with her younger brother in the third movie ''Fade to Black'', but usually doesn't participate in a fight, instead acting as backseat support in that regard. To compensate, she has the most screen time and dialogue out of the two siblings, mainly because of her interactions with Rukia throughout the movie. She caused ''quite'' a finale by fusing Shizuku and Rukia with herself and unleashing that GiantMook of a Mayuri experiment on the captains and lieutenants. Bonus points for her being the very first female BigBad in the series.
* BigNo: When Rukia regains her memories, Homura snaps and lets out a scream of denial while unleashing a blast of Hollow reiatsu.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Not nearly as psychotic or extreme as Loly, but she had potential there, and a good excuse for it.
* CreepyChild: Her hair and unnatural skin tone are pretty creepy.
* DangerouslyShortSkirt: Always wore one, but never fights in it, though her MassTeleportation is used to help ''Shizuku'' fight instead.
* DeadAllAlong: She and her brother were killed and possessed by a memory-stealing parasitic Hollow while protecting Rukia.
* ForgottenChildhoodFriend: Rukia took her and her brother in and looked after them, but due to being hit by the memory-stealing Hollow's scythe she forgot all about them.
* FusionDance: With Shizuku and Rukia, making Dark Rukia.
* TheGlomp: Fond of doing this with Rukia.
* HappilyAdopted: When they were small children, she and her brother were taken in by Rukia.
* HellishPupils: When her Hollow reiatsu acts up her pupils turn into vertical slits.
* HeroicSacrifice: She and her brother took a Hollow into their bodies to save Rukia from a possessed Soul Reaper.
* LivingOnBorrowedTime: She and her brother were mortally wounded by the parasitic Hollow, but managed to take it into themselves. Once it was purged, they died.
* MagicSkirt: She wears a ''really'' short skirt, but avoids any sort of PantyShot from the camera.
* MassTeleportation: Can not only teleport herself and other people, but can even teleport ''buildings''.
* MeaningfulName: Her name put together with Shizuku's means "a strong shine".
%% * MsFanservice: Milder compared to some of the other girls, but she's still ''pre~tty'' attractive.
%% * PsychopathicManchildWomanchild: Justified, she was killed as a child and her mind never developed mentally when she and her brother ended up in Hueco Mundo. So her actions are still that of a child.
* PowerEchoes: When she's angry and starts succumbing to the Hollow, her voice gains a reverberating undertone.
* SanitySlippage: The parasitic Hollow infesting her slowly ate away at her sanity until she was completely consumed by their mutual hatred of Soul Reapers and desire to be together with Rukia forever. Once it was purged, her sanity was restored for the few moments before she succumbed to her injuries.
* SayingTooMuch: When pleading with Rukai not to listen to Ichigo, Homura accidentally lets slip that she and her brother were the ones who took Rukia's memories and lied to her about her past. Rukia subsequently regaining her memories caused Homura to snap.
* ThemeTwinNaming: In addition to the already-noted MeaningfulName, "''Homura''" means "flame" while "''Shizuku''" means "drop".
* {{Yandere}}: Homura wants Rukia to herself, and is more-than willing to go through any Soul Reaper that gets in her way. This is due to the parasitic Hollow eating away at her sanity as it tries to completely take her over.

[[folder: Shizuku]]


->Voiced by: Creator/HiroshiKamiya (JP), Creator/RichardCansino (EN)
Shizuku is Rukia's (adopted) and Homura's younger brother and one of the two main antagonists in the third movie. He erases people's memories of Rukia, as well as many of her own, in order to stay together with her forever, although he appears to be more emotionally stable than his sister.
* BarefootPoverty: He comes from a very impoverished background. His tattered clothing and barefooted appearance reflect that history.
* BigBadDuumvirate: Shares it with Homura in the third movie ''Fade to Black'', being the one that personally erased almost everyones' memories of Rukia.
* TheConscience: While he hates Soul Reapers, he questions whether he and his sister are going too far, if only because they might completely erase Rukia's memories and never get their names. He also tries to calm Homura down during her rages. However, when his back is to the wall he threatens to decapitate Rukia if Ichigo and Renji don't back off, and while he makes a final, unsuccessful attempt to calm Homura down, he ultimately fuses with her and Rukia to become Dark Rukia.
%% * CreepyChild
* TheDragon: While he [[BigBadDuumvirate shares the role of main antagonist]] with his older sister, he has relatively less screen-time and lines than his sister, whom he seems to be fairly loyal and obedient to most of the time.
* DeadAllAlong: He and his sister were killed and possessed by a memory-stealing parasitic Hollow while protecting Rukia.
%% MrFanservice: Okay, deathly white skin notwithstanding, he's still rather nice-looking.
* ForgottenChildhoodFriend: To Rukia, as the Hollow erased her memories of him and his sister.
* FusionDance: With Homura and Rukia, making Dark Rukia.
* HappilyAdopted: For a time, he and his sister were taken in by Rukia, who they came to consider their big sister.
* HeroicSacrifice: He and his sister took a Hollow into their bodies to save Rukia from a possessed Soul Reaper.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Can erase people's memories with his weapon of choice.
* LivingOnBorrowedTime: He and his sister were mortally wounded by the parasitic Hollow, but managed to take it into themselves. Once it was purged, they died.
%% * LooksLikeCesare
* MeaningfulName: His name put together with Homura's means "a strong shine".
* SinisterScythe: He wields a crimson-bladed white scythe that is a manifestation of the Hollow, which can erase memories.
* ThemeTwinNaming: In addition to the already-noted MeaningfulName, "''Shizuku''" means "drop" while "''Homura''" means "flame".

[[folder: Hollow Parasite]]
A unique Hollow possessing the ability to parasitize others and erase memories via the scythe-like blade on its tail.
* BattleAura: It can form an aura of black and purple reiatsu.
* BigBad: It's the true villain of the third film, subtly manipulating the two siblings in order to take Rukia as a host.
* BlackEyesOfEvil: The Hollow's eyes are jet black, as are the eyes of its host when it fully takes over.
* DemonicPossession: Its special ability is to take over a host, though it slowly corrodes their body if they can't contain it. It slowly eats away at Homura's sanity, inflaming her hatred against Soul Reapers and her obsession with Rukia so that it can obtain her as a host.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Anyone it cuts with its tail-blade will not only get amnesia, but everyone's memories of that person will be erased as well.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: Aside from being a Hollow, when possessing a host it can manifest as a spectral version of itself.
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: It closely resembles a snake.
* SinisterScythe: It possesses a retractable scythe-like blade on the tip of its tail that can erase memories, and can also manifest as an actual scythe.

[[folder: Dark Rukia]]

-> Voiced by Creator/AyaHirano & Creator/HiroshiKamiya (JP), Creator/LauraBailey & Creator/RichardCansino (EN)
An evil, Hollowfied version of Rukia possessed by Homura and Shizuku.
* BadassCape: Wears a tattered red cape with a HighCollarOfDoom.
* BattleAura: Has one formed of black and purple reiatsu, which Byakuya and Renji state is increasingly reminiscent of a Hollow's.
* BlackEyesOfEvil: As her Hollowfication progresses during her fight against Ichigo, her eyes turn solid black.
* BreakoutVillain: Has been featured as a playable character in ''Bleach: Heat the Soul 6'' and ''Heat the Soul 7''.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: When Rukia transforms into Dark Rukia, her entire appearance changes, transforming her into a uniquely powerful, barefooted scythe-wielder. Once the evil transformation is broken, she returns to her full Soul Reaper uniform, including shoes.
* DemonicPossession: Is possessed by Shizuku and Homura, who in turn are possessed by the memory-stealing parasitic Hollow. [[{{Yandere}} Homura]]'s personality seems to be dominant, though.
* EyeColorChange: As her Hollowfication advances she goes from having purple irises with slitted pupils to having solid black eyes.
* FangsAreEvil: As her Hollowfication progresses her teeth become jagged.
* FusionDance: Was created when Homura and Shizuku merged with Rukia.
* HellishPupils: Her pupils are vertical slits.
* IllKillYou: Pretty much the only thing she says during her fight with Ichigo.
* LightningBruiser: While Ichigo was holding back due to her being his friend and all, she managed to easily overpower him and would have killed him if Byakuya hadn't intervened.
* PurpleIsPowerful: Her hair and irises are purple, and she's a deadly opponent.
* SinisterScythe: Wields the same red-bladed memory-erasing scythe Shizuku does, only with two full blades.
* SlasherSmile: When she was about to decapitate Ichigo she breaks out in a maniacal grin.
* SwordBeam: More like Scythe Beam, but she can fire black-and-purple reiatsu from her scythe.
* TeleportSpam: She frequently teleports during her fight with Ichigo to catch him off guard.
* VoiceOfTheLegion: She speaks with Homura's and Shizuku's voices, sometimes layered over each other and at other times separately.
* WomanInWhite: Wears a tattered white kimono.

!!! '''[[Anime/BleachHellVerse Hell Verse]]'''
[[folder: Kokuto]]


->Voiced by: Creator/KazuyaNakai (JP), Creator/TravisWillingham (EN)
A Togabito of Hell, damned due to commiting henous crimes for the sake of his dying sister that allies himself with Ichigo and his gang.
* AxCrazy: After he reveals he was EvilAllAlong, he [[LargeHam rants]] about how [[RageAgainstTheHeavens unfair it was that he was damned]] for avenging his sister's murder, that he wants everyone to suffer like he has, and that he will escape Hell even if it means dragging it into the World of the Living.
* BadassBaritone: He has a very deep voice and is very badass. In a departure for ''Bleach'' characters in general, he almost completely lacks powers, magic, gimmicks, or power ups of any kind. He has only three tricks: He can whip around the NighInvulnerable chains connecting him to hell to defend from attacks, has a generic sword beam that he rarely uses and never does anything significant with, and can conjure a blue energy barrier. Despite this, he's able to simultaneously take out three villains who gave Ichigo and co. a hard time and [[spoiler: beat the shit out of Ichigo fairly easily]] using nothing but strength, skill, and quick thinking.
* BarrierWarrior: He can activates a shield which withstands Hollow Ichigo's Cero.
* BatmanGambit: Upon witnessing Ichigo fighting Ulquiorra in his second Hollow form, he quickly spread rumours about it in Hell, saying that it had the power to break open the gates of Hell, hoping that someone would take advantage of that information and lure Ichigo to Hell. Guess what Shuren decides to do?
* BigBad: In ''Anime/BleachHellVerse'', he's ultimately the one responsible for tricking Shuren into kidnapping Yuzu, but it isn't until the final act that we learn of it.
* BigNo: When Ichigo is pulled out of Hell before his chains are broken. Subverted in the dub, when he just lets out a scream. Also ''reversed'' in dub when Kokuto [[spoiler:is dragged back down to the deepest pits of hell]]. In the original, he just screams but in the dub he activates this trope.
%% * {{Bishounen}}: A nice-looking dude in his own right, [[spoiler:until he takes off his bandages]].
* BlackSwordsAreBetter: Is the trope image. Fittingly, his name means literally "black sword".
* BullyingADragon: Kokuto deliberately provokes Ichigo into Hollowfying by killing his friends and showing him his sister's corpse, and further goads him into spamming Ceros to destroy the cursed chains binding him to Hell.
* ChewingTheScenery: How Kazuya Nakai didn't need lung surgery after all the screaming he did in this film is anyone's guess.
* CoolSword: Wields a jagged black katana-like sword.
* TheCorrupter: He tries to serve as this to Ichigo after his villainous nature is revealed, trying to goad and antagonize him into Hollowfying.
* CurbstompBattle: Kokuto mortally wounds Rukia, Renji, and Uryu with zero effort, in under thirty seconds.
* CursedWithAwesome: The chains that keep him in Hell prevent him getting free, but he uses them as effective weapons, especially defensely.
%% * CynicismCatalyst: [[spoiler:His little sister's murder was his StartOfDarkness]].
* DeathByIrony: His true objective is to [[spoiler:break open the gates of Hell and break the chains connected to his body that keep him down there. The only thing strong enough to do both of these is the Cero of Ichigo's second Hollow form. Once Skullclad Ichigo destroys the rest of Kokuto's chains, a bunch more chains to sprout out of the crater left by Ichigo, which then literally drag Kokuto down into the deepest pits of Hell.]]
* EscapedFromHell: His goal was to get Ichigo to Hollowfy and use his Cero to destroy the chains binding him to Hell so that he could escape, and he almost succeeded.
* EvilAllAlong: Kokuto pretends to be an ally to lure Ichigo into Hell, but it turns out he was the skeleton seen at the beginning of the movie, and was the one who manipulated Shuren and co. into attacking Ichigo in the first place.
%% * EvilIsHammy: [[spoiler:He becomes really hammy after he's revealed himself to be EvilAllAlong.]]
%% * EvilSoundsDeep: [[spoiler:Not only he's the true mastermind of the movie and is more evil than Shuren, his voice is much deeper, too.]]
* FacialHorror: His scar, which is normally covered up by his clothes and wrappings. It covers not just [[TwoFaced half his face]] but [[BodyHorror the entire left side of his]] ''[[BodyHorror body]]''.
%% * FateWorseThanDeath: [[spoiler:Honestly getting a bit tired of typing ''dragged into the deepest pits of Hell'' over here.]]
* ForTheEvulz: Kokuto kills Renji, Uryu, Rukia and Yuzu to piss Ichigo off enough to transform into his Hollow form, as a Cero from that would destroy his chains and release him from Hell.
%% * GoodScarsEvilScars: [[spoiler:Evil. The right side of his body is horribly scarred.]]
%% * HeroKiller: [[spoiler:It's only really shown by the time it's revealed he was EvilAllAlong, where he demolishes Ichigo's entire group ''single-handed''. He even takes it literally; he's got ''the'' highest body count of named characters within the series: slices Garogai in half, dumps Gunjo and Taikon into lava, slashes (what's left of) Shuren apart and stabs straight through Rukia, Ishida and Renji without a problem.]]
* IWasJustPassingThrough: When he rescues Karin from Shuren's gang and chases them off, he tells Ichigo and co. that he didn't intend to help them, just mess with Shuren's plans out of personal dislike.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: A number of Gunjo's tentacles impale him during their fight, which Kokuto uses to drag him into a lava pool. [[spoiler:At the end of the film, Ichigo summons thousands of chains, several of which impale Kokuto as they bind him.]]
* ImplacableMan: Crosses over to NighInvulnerability. He gets dumped into a pool of lava and his clothes don't even get charred; he [[IsThatTheBestYouCanDo laughs off a Cero from Ichigo's Hollow form]] (granted he had a shield up), and survives a point blank ''[[PlayingWithFire Flaming Getsuga Tensho]]''. [[spoiler:In the end, he's not even killed -- just sealed away.]]
* {{Irony}}: He wants to remove the chains from his body so he can get free from Hell, but he uses them as powerful combat weapons. [[spoiler:Becomes DramaticIrony and when he finally succeeds to break them, only to get even more chains all over his body and being dragged even deeper to Hell.]]
%% * LargeHam: [[spoiler:After revealing his real personality.]]
* LateArrivalSpoiler: Played ''Bleach: Soul Resurrección''? Then you already know everything about him without having to watch the movie. For a comparison, Resurrección came out in September 2011, while ''[[Anime/BleachHellVerse Hell Verse]]'' came out in 2010 in Japan but wasn't dubbed until ''November 2012''.
* LavaIsBoilingKoolAid: He can keep going even after being dumped in a pool of boiling lava.
* LightningBruiser: Extremely fast, strong and tough. Even more than Ichigo's Bankai form.
* LoveMakesYouEvil: Humans go to Hell if they commit a sin while alive. His sin was to avenge his little's sister's death.
%% * MagicPants: [[spoiler: He gets dunked in a pool of lava and emerges from it completely unharmed; his clothes aren't even charred, let alone burned.]]
* ManBehindTheMan: To Shuren and his gang, being the one who planned that Ichigo have to come to Hell. Shuren never knew it.
* MeaningfulName: "Kokuto" means "black sword". Guess his WeaponOfChoice?
* MulticoloredHair: The hair we can see is white, the hair underneath his bandages is grey.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: According to [[ExactWords himself]], he's on a ''permanent'' one of these in order to avenge his sister's murder.
* SwordBeam: He can fire arcs of reiatsu from his sword, but he doesn't use them often.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The last trailer for ''[[Anime/BleachHellVerse Hell Verse]]'', which was it was released after the movie came out in Japan, had no problem in establishing that Kokuto was EvilAllAlong despite it being a [[ShockingSwerve major twist]]. The trailer even opened up with the scene of Kokuto taunting Ichigo with Yuzu's corpse.
* VillainousBreakdown: He wasn't sane to begin with, but he goes into extreme rage upon seeing the Kushanāda helping Ichigo, it continues as he is dragged deeper into Hell when's he finally beaten.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Opens his shirt towards the end of the film, Played straight towards the end where [[ClothingDamage his shirt is destoyed]].
* WalkingSpoiler: It's very difficult to trope him without revealing too much about his role in the film.

[[folder: Shuren]]

->Voiced by: Creator/ToruFuruya (JP), Creator/BenjaminDiskin (EN),
The ringleader of a Togabito (Denizens of Hell) band that wants to break their chains keeping them inside Hell. He himself is the most normal-looking one of the bunch.

* AdaptationDyeJob: Variation. The shackle around his neck is grey in the anime but red in the manga and the actual movie.
* BigBadWannabe: He thinks that he's the one to push Ichigo to his breaking point and force him to break open the gates of Hell. However, there are things afoot that even he doesn't know about it. [[spoiler:He was just playing into Kokuto's handst.]]
%% * {{Bishounen}}: By ''far'' the most attractive Togabito amongst his team.
* DeaderThanDead: He's killed by Ichigo and resurrects less than a minute later, but Kokuto destroys his body before it can fully reform.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: He's the villain for the first hour or so of the movie but ends up replaced by another villain.
%% LargeHam: Not as much as [[ChewingTheScenery Kokuto]] but he has his moments.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Had he actually gone all-out from the start in that instance, he would've killed Ichigo. Since Shuren chose to dick around, Ichigo managed to outmaneuver him by their last bout.
* MissingTrailerScene: Pretty much ''every'' trailer for the movie had him say "Welcome to Hell" as Ichigo and co. arrive. Despite that, he never says it in the movie, Kokuto does.
* NoBodyLeftBehind: While he starts to reform seconds after being killed by Ichigo, Kokuto has a VillainousBreakdown and stamps him out of existence.
* NoKillLikeOverkill: Ichigo takes him out by Hollowfying, slashing through his chest, and then while he's doing that, unleashing an absolutely massive Getsuga Tensho (it reaches from the ground up the top of Hell, i.e. ''the sky'') that essentially drags him along as it goes. A minute or so later, it hits the ''edge of Hell'' [[FunnyBackgroundEvent in the background, where it detonates and causes an explosion the size of a nuke]].
* OnlyMostlyDead: He, along with all the other Togabito, ramp this UpToEleven. Killing him means squat as he'll just be reborn in a pool of lava in the bottom level of hell. The only way to kill him for good is to destroy his regenerating body before it's fully reformed, [[DeaderThanDead which Kokuto proceeded to do.]]
* PeekABangs: His hair hides his left eye.
* PlayingWithFire: He can control and create fire in different forms.
* SmugSnake: Boasts for the most part of the movie and thinks that he has almost succeeded his plan, [[spoiler:but has a brief five minute long fight with Ichigo, and gets defeated right after]].
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Recent pieces merchandise in Japan (Trading Cards, Posters, etc) have spelled his name as ''Syuren''.
* UnwittingPawn: Ended up being this to Kokuto, who manipulated him from the shadows to lure Ichigo into Hell for his own purposes.

[[folder: Gunjo]]


-> Voiced by: Masaki Aizawa (JP), Creator/JamiesonPrice[[labelnote:*]]using the alias "Taylor Henry"[[/labelnote]] {EN)
A Togabito with ''long'' tentacle-like arms and blue-ish bandages wrapped around his face, similar to a mummy.

* CombatTentacles: His arms are tentacles and he uses them to attack people.
* TheDragon: Seems to function as Shuren's lieutenant.
%% EyeScream: Tentacles ''do not'' belong there...
%% * GoodScarsEvilScars
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: [[spoiler:Courtesy of Rukia's ''San no Mai: Shirafune'' in the chest]].
* KillItWithFire: [[spoiler:Kokuto ultimately does him and Taikon in by throwing them into a pool of lava, Doubles as HoistByHisOwnPetard as Kokuto uses Gunjo's own tentacles to do it.]]
* KillItWithIce: [[spoiler:By Rukia with ''Shirafune''. He comes back, though.]]

[[folder: Garogai]]

->Voiced by: Keikō Sakai (JP), Jamie Simone (EN)
A giant, extremely muscular Togabito with brown skin and a detachable arm.

%% * AmbiguouslyBrown
%% * BraidsOfBarbarism
* HumanPincushion: Renji uses his bankai to impale him dozens of times with the segments of Hihiō Zabimaru.
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: [[spoiler:He is cut in half by Kokuto.]]
%% * YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Green, actually.

[[folder: Taikon]]

->Voiced by: Creator/KozoShioya, Joe Ochman (EN)
A short, fat Togabito with banana-like hair.

* AmbiguouslyGay: Taikon's flamboyant, effeminate poising and mannerisms, and his powers - which include sprouting lips on his body to absorb attacks and blowing kisses to fire energy blasts that leave heart-shaped craters - make him come across as stereotypically CampGay.
* BodyHorror: According to the other Wiki, his hell-chains are connected to ''his nipples''. He can also form full-lipped mouths anywhere on his body to absorb energy attacks.
%% CampGay: His fight with Uryu displays some of this.
%% * TheWackyGuy
* EnergyAbsorption: Can eat energy attacks with his mouths.
* FatBastard: Taikon is grossly obese and, as a Togabito, committed sins in life worthy of condemning him to Hell, where he serves as one of Shuren's lackeys.
* KiAttacks: He can fire energy blasts strong enough to push back [[spoiler: Aaroniero Arrururie]].
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler:Ishida and Kokuto both use his own EnergyAbsorption against him.]]
* KillItWithFire: [[spoiler:Kokuto drags him and Gonjo into a pit of lava.]]
* NonStandardCharacterDesign: He has the same smile as Nnoitra.
%% * PerpetualSmiler
* ShapingYourAttacks: He absorbs incoming energy blasts with mouths that appear on his body. Then he can send the blasts back with a kiss-shaped attack that leaves a heart-shaped crater.
* UnderwearOfPower: The only think Taikon wears on his lower body is a short, tattered loin cloth.

[[folder: Murakumo]]


-> Voiced by: Binbin Takaoka (JP), Creator/SteveKramer (EN)
A Togabito with a giant black sword that assists in fighting Ichigo for the first part of the film, before losing his mask and getting forced back into Hell.

* BladeOnAStick: Fights Ichigo with a [[{{BFS}} massive halbeard with a rectangular blade]].
* DraggedOffToHell: Once his mask is broken, the Gates of Hell appear and the chains binding him ratchet him in. He's summarily impaled by a massive sword blade that disintegrates him and returns him to the lowest depths of Hell.
* MaskOfPower: Like the other Togabito, he wears a black and white mask that somehow allows him to move outside Hell and prevents the Kushanāda from finding him. Once it's broken, he's immediately recaptured.
* WeHardlyKnewYe: Is killed very early in the movie. To add salt in the injury, he's not done in by a hero and it's stated that due to the manner in which he was killed, he won't resurrect for a long time and thus doesn't reappear in the movie.

!! Video Game Characters

!!! '''Bleach Shattered Blade'''
[[folder: Arturo Plateado]]

Villain of the Wii fighting game ''Bleach: Shattered Blade''. Sealed away within his sword due to his power, the shards of the titular shattered blade are inevitably collected over the course of the main story, and he must be defeated to end the chaos. In the DS strategy RPG ''Bleach: The 3rd Phantom'', the battle in which he is sealed is shown in full, and it's revealed that the Kudo twins and Suzunami siblings played vital roles in his defeat.
--> Voiced by: Creator/TomokazuSeki (JP), Creator/JBBlanc (EN)
%% * TheBadGuyWins: Only in his own story, playable after beating everyone else's.
%% * BigBad: Of ''Shattered Blade''.
%% * DemotedToDragon: Appears to be the main villain again in ''The 3rd Phantom'', but this doesn't hold up after Aizen unseals him.
%% * PowerGivesYouWings: Has green energy wings, which turn red when he releases his Zanpakuto.

!!! '''Bleach: Hanatareshi Yabou'''

[[folder: Bansui Amatsuki]]

Villain of the [[NoExportForYou Japanese-only game]] ''Bleach: Hanatareshi Yabou'', used to work for the Soul Society as a researcher before turning into an Arrancar. Rumored to be Urahara's mentor. His Resurrecion is "Segador Severo" ([[TheGrimReaper Grim Reaper]]).
%% * BigBad
* CloningBlues: Can make copies of himself and others from any material.
%% HornedHumanoid: His OneWingedAngel form.
%% * EvilGenius
* ExtraEyes: On his cane and also when turned.
%% * PointyEars
* SimpleStaff: Despite the name his Zanpakuto is a skull-tipped cane rather than a scythe.
%% * SkunkStripe

!!! '''Bleach: The 3rd Phantom'''
[[folder: Seigen Suzunami]]

A Soul Reaper from the DS game ''Bleach: The 3rd Phantom''. Captain of the 5th division before Urahara was kicked out of Soul Society, Seigen is convinced by his sister to adopt twin souls after he, Urahara, and Aizen save them from Hollows. However, after he and the Kudo twins try to stop Arturo from invading Soul Society, they mysteriously disappear and are not seen again for hundreds of years.

--> Voiced by: Creator/KazuhikoInoue (JP), ''Dave Mallow'' (EN)

%%* {{BFS}}
%% * BreathWeapon: [[spoiler:In his strongest Hollow form.]]
%% * FaceHeelTurn: [[spoiler:Works for Aizen after finding out that his sister Konoka died because of the Shisui Mirror used to stop Arturo.]]
%% * InformedAbility: Despite being a Captain (former), we still don't get to see his Bankai.
%% * OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler:Get merged with some Menos to increase his power.]]
%% * SerratedBladeOfPain: His Zanpakuto Shiden is also this.
%% * ShockAndAwe: Has lightning powers.
%% * TorsoWithAView: [[spoiler:After becoming a hollow.]]

[[folder: Matsuri Kudo]]


The main female protagonist of the DS game ''Bleach: The 3rd Phantom''. After she and her twin brother were targeted by a gang of Hollows due to the rarity of twin souls, the kids were adopted by Seigen. Taking Urahara's advice, the twins decided to repay Seigen's kindness by becoming Soul Reapers and joining his unit. However, after trying to defeat Arturo, the Kudo twins and Seigen are sent into the future.

If Matsuri is the main character, she awakens in Karakura town just in time to help Ichigo save Shiyo's life. Afterwards, she takes Shiyo to Soul Society, and soon discovers that Seigen and Fujimaru have also awoken.
--> Voiced by: Creator/MasumiAsano (JP), Erin Fitzgerald (EN)

%% * BladeOnAStick: The main form of Kotomaru.
%% * CordonBleughChef: Has similar tastes to Rangiku and Orihime.
%% * LaserBlade: Her Bankai.
%% * {{BFS}}
%% * PluckyGirl
* ShapeshifterWeapon: In its basic form, Kotomaru looks like some sort of Chinese halberd. It can also take the form of a chakram and the one of a giant falchion, depending on your choice.
%% * {{SiblingYinYang}}: Matsuri is more serious and a Tsundere compared to Fujimaru who is more laid back.
%% * TigerVersusDragon: Her zanpakuto has a tiger related name while her brother has the dragon motif, so is a friendlier example.
%% * {{Tsundere}}

[[folder: Fujimaru Kudo]]

The main male protagonist of the DS game ''Bleach: The 3rd Phantom''. If he's chosen as the star instead of his sister, he'll be the one that sides with Ichigo and the rest of Soul Society against Aizen.

--> Voiced by: Creator/KenjiNojima (JP), Creator/TonyOliver (EN)

* BladeBelowTheShoulder: His Zanpakuto takes the form of a blue metal gauntlet with a katana blade and two axe-like blades on the arm.
%% * {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: In the ending of the game, he also had the English Alphabet messed up.
* JackOfAllStats: He's well versed in swordmastery, hand-to-hand combat and kido, unlike his sister who is better with a weapon.
%% * LaserBlade: His Bankai.
%% * {{BFS}}
* ShapeshifterWeapon: Like his sister, he can have a different Zanpakuto depending on your choice. The other two forms include a SinisterScimitar and an EpicFlail.
%% * {{SiblingYinYang}}: Fujimaru is much more laid back in comparison to Matsuri who is serious and a Tsundere.
%% * TigerVersusDragon: He's the dragon.

[[folder: Konoka Suzunami]]

Seigen Suzunami's older sister, who has mysterious healing abilities. After convincing Seigen to adopt the Kudo twins, she acts like a mother towards them. Unfortunately, she is also the only person in Soul Society capable of using an artifact that weakens Arturo's power, and it puts her life in grave danger.

--> Voiced by: Creator/SayakaOhara (JP), Creator/CindyRobinson (EN)

* AntiMagic: The Shisui Mirror can suck spiritual energy, including the one of Arturo.
* HeroicSacrifice: Died when the Shisui Mirror absorbed her soul along with Arturo's powers. [[spoiler: Her spirit is actually sealed inside Shiyo.]]

[[folder: Shiyo]]

A spirit from ''Bleach: The 3rd Phantom''. After Ichigo, Don Kanonji, and one of the Kudo twins save her from Hollows, it's revealed that she has amnesia. Additionally, unlike other spirits, she cannot be affected by Kanso, and must be escorted to Soul Society.

--> Voiced by: Creator/SayakaOhara (JP), Creator/KateHiggins (EN)

%% * CordonBleughChef: Her taste in food is similar to Orihime's...
%% * TheDitz: Almost choked Bonnie-chan to death with boar food when asked to feed her.