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''Lajja'' is a 2001 UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}} film directed by Rakjumar Santoshi. The film depicts several women, and their struggles, as they meet TheProtagonist, Vaidehi (ManishaKoirala).
!!Tropes used in ''Lajja'':

%%* AllAbusersAreMale
* AllStarCast: Some of the biggest names in UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}} are in this one, including Creator/MadhuriDixit, Creator/AnilKapoor, and ManishaKoirala
%%* {{Angrish}}: Raghu
%%* {{Badass}}: Bulwa. All the way.
%%** Also, Ramdulaari
* BedlamHouse: [[spoiler: Janki is taken to an asylum after some drama, and she miscarries her illegitimate child there.]]
%%* BewareTheNiceOnes: Oh, yes...
* BigApplesauce: Vaidehi and Raghu live here
* BollywoodNerd: Ramdulaari's son Prakash, who is trying to improve life in his village by bringing computers and knowledge.
%%* ButtMonkey: Fakhru
%%** IronButtMonkey
* CharacterFilibuster: All of the main female characters get one.
%%* CurbStompBattle: Oh, yes...
* DefiledForever: Janki is considered this for getting pregnant outside of wedlock, and even considered insane.
** Also, Sushma is considered this, even though Prakash only kissed her. (Her family actually mourns her as though she's dead.)
** Maithili, too, because she rejected a marriage to her wimpy college sweetheart (from old money), because of her fiance's father's greed. [[spoiler: Offscreen, Raju marries her, so she won't have to be [[ChristmasCake alone forever]] or have to kill herself to save her family's honor.]]
%%* DomesticAbuse
* DoubleStandard: Explored many times, particularly during the sequences about Janki and Ramdulaari.
%%* DucksInARow
%%* GiveGeeksAChance: Gajendra's daughter
%%* GoodSamaritan: Both Raju and Bulwa
%%* GratuitousEnglish
* HappyEnding: [[spoiler: Raghu starts treating Vaidehi properly, and she gives birth to a healthy baby girl in New York City whom she names Ramdulaari. Meanwhile, Raju is HappilyMarried to Maithili, and makes a living as a New York City cab driver rather than stealing. And Janki is no longer held in the BedlamHouse, but performs in a theatre in N.Y.C, doing charity shows to raise money that support women's organizations back in India.]]
* HeelFaceTurn: Eventually, Vaidehi's husband sees that he's been a real JerkAss, and mends his ways.
%%* HeelRealization: See above.
* HonorBeforeReason: The root cause of all the women's troubles.
* HonorRelatedAbuse: [[spoiler: Ramdulaari is raped and murdered because her son is in love with the daughter of two very traditionalist village elders]]
** And the whole thing with Janki...
%%* TheItemNumber
%%* LaserGuidedKarma
* LargeHam: Janki. Justified, as she works in theatre.
%%* LifetimeMovieOfTheWeek
* MeaningfulName: The four main characters are named for different aspects of the goddess Sita.
* TheMedic: Ramdulaari, a midwife
%%* MyGirlIsNotASlut
* NiceGuy: Raju (not to be confused with Vaidehi's husband Raghu)
%%* OverprotectiveDad: Gajendra
* ParentalMarriageVeto: Gajendra and his brother do ''not'' like Ramdulaari's son.
* PinballProtagonist: The whole point of the story is Vaidehi observing how badly women are being treated.
%%* RapeAsDrama
* RapeAndRevenge: Bulwa avenges Ramdulaari. In fact, he takes issue with ill-treatment of women in general (whether rape is involved or not), because [[spoiler: Gajendra tried to rape Bulwa's mother when she begged him for a small pot of water during a drought.]]
%%* RebelliousSpirit: Janki
%%* ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections: Both Gajendra and Raghu
%%** In fact, [[LampshadeHanging Gajendra says so himself]].
* ShowWithinAShow: Janki gives a WhatTheHellHero to her boyfriend (who has accused her of cheating), during a theatrical performance (which, incidentally, is about the goddess Sita, who has been forced to undergo a FidelityTest). The MoralGuardians and MediaWatchdogs take this as blasphemy and write her off as a HystericalWoman.
%%* ShrinkingViolet: Lata
* SleazyPolitician: Gajendra. [[spoiler: He is exposed and later killed by Bhulwa]]
* SoapboxSadie: Both Janki and Ramdulaari are considered this, as is Vaidehi.
* TheUnfairSex:
** With a few exceptions, such as [[NiceGuy Bhulwa and Raju]], most of the male characters in this film are just terrible people.
** And even Bhulwa, as nice as he may be, is still a thief. (Same with Raju)
%%* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech
* ThoseTwoGuys: Raghu's YesMan and his [[TheDitz idiotic]] sidekick chasing after Vaidehi.
%%* TookALevelInBadass: Lata
%%** Also Maithili
* TypeCaste: The main reason Gajendra doesn't approve of Prakash.
* WhipSword: Bulwa's weapon of choice. It contributes to his swashbuckling image.
* WorldOfCardboardSpeech: Vaidehi's speech at the end, as well as Janki's.
** Don't forget the speech given by Maithili
%%* YesMan
* YouCantGoHomeAgain: Vaidehi tries to go back home to her parents' house to escape her abusive husband, but since [[ValuesDissonance that would shame the family]], they won't let her back.
* YourCheatingHeart: Vaidehi's husband, as well as Anita, the wife of his business associate, whom he is sleeping with.