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aka: Nihon Falcom

Nihon Falcom has always been known by their awesome work in music. They were one of the first companies to have a dedicated sound team (Falcom Sound Team jdk) and even a band, named JDK Band, that plays the songs live. They have released TONS of albums and arranges and each one has been very well received by fans.

Series with their own pages:

Gagharv Trilogy
  • From Cagesong of the Ocean (because the game itself is about music, this was bound to happen): Unforgivable Troublemaker. If you've been wondering where Silver Will got its awesomeness, then this song will surely answer it.

Zero no Kiseki
  • From Ao: Azure Arbitrator, tied with Ys Origin's "Termination" and Ys Felghana's "Strongest Foe" as "most epic final boss music".

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
  • From Trails of Cold Steel:
    • Tie A Link Of ARCUS! The field boss battle theme, with one of the best violins ever to be put in a video game.
    • Don't Be Defeated By A Friend! the normal boss battle theme, both the song and the fights that take place to it are always appropriately awesome, with the song having multiple amazing guitar solos.
    • The Decisive Collision, the theme of the final battle is fittingly epic for a fight taking place Between two Humongous Mecha.
Ys vs Sora no Kiseki
  • The new version of Ernst just kicks all sort of ass.
  • Blue Dragon, and it's used as a character select theme.

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