Awesome Music / Dept. Heaven

When Hayashi Shigeki and Adachi Minako get together for soundtracks, awesome things happen:
Riviera: The Promised Land
  • "Grim Angels" is the first battle song you hear, and gets reused when you fight Ledah and Malice.
  • "Battle Against Demons", the generic battle theme. Especially the version used in the GBA PV.
  • "Inescapable!", has a catchy melody and is fast paced inducing the feeling of actually being cornered by enemies.
  • The Final Boss song was actually brand new in the GBA version, and it was so awesome that, for the PSP version, they had to make a remastered version.
  • "Dark Gate" is actually an arrangement of Heaven's Gate theme, made awesome and fitting for the final chapter.
  • "Decisive Battle with Hector" is used for a single battle, and in any other battle, it wouldn't have achieved the same effect of surging your anger.

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