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Awesome Music: Current 93
  • Live shows tend to be a source of this:
    • The live version of "They Return To Their Earth" from As The World Disappears and the expanded version of Thunder-Perfect Mind. The applause at the end was well-warranted.
    • "Good Morning, Great Moloch," as it appeared on Halo.
  • "Not Because The Fox Barks", the climax to "Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain". A masterful build gives way to searing, hard driving rock music with loads of noise, maintaining its intensity to the end.
  • From Black Ships Ate The Sky:
    • Antony proves himself to be the album's Ensemble Darkhorse—in both of his moments alone, he is an expert Self-Backing Vocalist, and "The Beautiful Dancing Dust" gives us a brief example of his evocative piano work.
    • Shirley Collins is nothing to sneeze at herself. Her plainly sung, yet stately rewrite of "Idumaea" succinctly summarizes the album's themes without stating them outright.
  • "Tamlin" off the eponymous EP. It builds slowly and subtly to an utterly intense climax—with the only major change in the music being a steady drone in the background.

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