Awesome Music: Electronic

Artists with their own pages:


  • Tangerine Dream, anyone?
    • Klaus Schulze had a massive solo career, but the organic, soaring, otherworldly Moondawn takes the cake. The sound and flowing rhythms from the original master still hold up today.
  • Fuck Buttons. They have the ability to make music that is amazingly catchy, while being polyphonic AND quite often polyrhythmic. And they do it on fucked up kids toys.
  • Ferry Corsten. Exhibit A: "Fire".
    • L.E.F., that and the album art.
    • Ferry's remix of Moby's "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?". And his remix of William Orbit's cover of "Barber's Adagio For Strings".
    • And when Dutch artists combine, the result is exponentially more awesome. Ferry + Tiesto => "Gouryella." Ferry + Armin van Buuren => "Exhale". Ferry + Vincent de Moor => "Carte Blanche".
  • Give it up for Industrial Music:
    • :WUMPSCUT:. Their sound molds Industrial with house music. It worked well! Examples: "We Believe We Believe", "Jesus Antichristus", "Mother","Wolf", "Fuckit".
    • Combichrist. Don't let their Nightmare Fuel thematics fool you. Their music WILL raise your blood pressure. Examples: "I Want Your Blood", "What the Fuck is Wrong with You", "Sent to Destroy", "Shut Up and Bleed" and "This is My Rifle".
    • Laibach. They have an incredibly distinctive sound, mixing booming industrial beats with folk music. Examples: "Yisrael", a mashup of the Palestinian and Israeli national anthems.
    • VNV Nation. The Trope Makers of the beautiful genre called Futurepop. Listen to them right NOW!!! Examples: "Industrial Love", "Arclight"
    • Covenant. Their music ranges from lovely tear-jerking futurepop songs, all the way to fistpump-friendly industrial dance. Examples: "Bullet", "We Stand Alone", "20 Hz", "Wir Sind Die Nacht"
    • mind.in.a.box. Want a journey in an amazing alternate reality? Go ahead and listen to them. Examples: "Identity", "Walking", "What Used To Be", "Change"
    • Centhron. Viking metal meets industrial music. Yes, it's awesome. Examples: "Tanz im Sternefeuer", "Asgard", "Einheit C"
    • Skinny Puppy. If you don't love them... You don't like industrial music in general. Examples: "Useless", "Worlok", "Testure", "Pro-Test"
    • Neuroticfish. Another awesome futurepop act, which crosses industrial with progressive trance. Examples: "The Bomb"
    • Assemblage 23. Their sound is incredibly cryptic, and will really enter in your mind in no time. Examples: "Damaged"
    • Xotox. Their sound is raw, aggressive, and no holds barred. Examples: "[Xo]toxic" and "Mechanische Unruhe"
    • Emika. Dark and eerie, just the way gothic industrial should be. Examples: "Double Edge (GeRM remix)"
  • Industrial Metal is no slouch either.
    • Nine Inch Nails. Bypass their way too over-the-top thematics, and ANYTHING made by them becomes this. Examples: "The Hand That Feeds", "Discipline", "We're In This Together", "Head Like a Hole", "Closer"
    • Ministry. The Trope Maker of industrial metal. They have to be awesome! Examples: "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
    • Marilyn Manson. Examples: "This Is The New Shit"
    • Rammstein. Americans love them for a reason that should be obvious. Their industrial metal is truly overwhelming. Examples: "Du Hast", "Ohne Dich", "Feuer Frei!", "Ich Tu Dir Weh", "Mein Land"
    • Rob Zombie. A long career and he still makes the great industrial metal he's known for. Examples: "Dragula", "Never Gonna Stop"
    • Fear Factory. Easily the most hardhitting, relentless and pounding industrial metal band in the scene. Their music is amazing, but can be pretty inaccessible at first. Examples: "Shock", "Powershifter", "Cars", "Demanufacture", "The Industrialist"
  • Classic industrial...
  • The Birthday Massacre, one of the best bands ever, write incredibly catchy and well done music. Their style could be described as synthpop-industrial-alternative rock-metal. Also, they're Canadian.
  • The Knife. "Heartbeats", "Marble House", and "Pass This On" are examples of how awesome the Dreijer siblings are.
    • And Karin is Crazy Awesome in her own merit, each relisten to the Fever Ray album yields new quirks in the songs.
  • "Score (Original mix)" by Slyder. Especially the buildup at 3:42. Definitely a Moment Of Awesome. Even more awesome when driving to it in Grand Theft Auto 3.
  • "High" by Peter Moesser and Harold Faltermeyer. Just an upbeat electronic song from The Seventies that's somewhat ahead of its time.
  • "Biocandy" by Chi-A.D.. Merely listening to it will get you high without drugs.
  • UNKLE's "Burn My Shadow" is just... epic.
  • Renard Queenston: One of his best tracks is "The Castle".