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  • Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch, known to most as simply Cap'n Crunch.
  • A Fed-Ex ad features a Witness Protection man who is given the name Eric Gustafson. Unfortunately he gets it taken away and becomes Paul Matheson
  • Isaiah Mustafa, aka The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
  • There is a real tutor named Never Wong in Hong Kong. Just google it.


  • In Lone Wolf, all the Kai have names along the lines of "Adjective Animal", given upon their initiation. Many of them follow this trope. For instance, the main character started out as "Silent Wolf", but after the rest of the order was killed in the prologue to the first book, he took on the book-naming appellation Lone Wolf.
  • In the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, most of the main villains. Notable examples include: Mortis the Lich-Lord, Balthus Dire, Malbordus the Storm Child, Zanbar Bone, Razaak the Undying, Baron Sukumvit, Zagor, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and Zharradan Marr (he changed it... from the marginally less cool Zharradan Dree). The good guys, meanwhile, have Vermithrax Moonchaser and Gereth Yaztromo.

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  • Played with in the soundtrack for Great America's Demon roller coasters, in one dialogue-segment of which a U.S. Army captain called "Bucky McMacho" tries to eliminate the ride-possessing demon by bombing it.

  • One famous Brazilian association football\soccer player is known as 'Hulk' since childhood, because he was a fan of the character and his parents felt he looked similar to Lou Ferrigno. His birth name, Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, is nowhere near as awesome.
  • Most football (soccer) stadiums are named for their location or their sponsors. Sunderland FC defied this convention by, when building a new stadium, naming theirs the 'Stadium of Light'.
    • Manchester United's home stadium of Old Trafford, meanwhile, is nicknamed 'The Theatre of Dreams', which even opposing fans grudgingly admit is pretty cool.
    • In American football, the home stadium of Clemson college is known as "Death Valley."
  • Former U.S. NCAA basketball players Scientific and Majestic Mapp.
  • Former NBA guard God Shammgod (his real name), who was high school teammates with Metta World Peace back when they were known as Shammgod Wells and Ron Artest.
  • NASCAR is full of them.
    • Scott Speed, formerly a Formula 1 driver, who was unrelated to the Lake Speed of the 1980's.
    • Buckshot Jones, a competitor in the second-tier series circa 2000.
    • Early competitor Speedy Thompson, who won many races in the 1950's.
    • Perhaps the most famous, and successful, Fireball Roberts, who earned his name from his blazing-fast baseball pitch long before his fiery death in 1964.
  • Indy Car champion Will Power is a notable example of a pride-worthy given name.
  • College football coach Bronco Mendenhall.
  • Hockey writer Sean McIndoe likes to point out such names in NHL history, some pretty obscure. These include Butch Goring, Tony Twist, Bruce Shoebottom, and Mikko Makela.
  • One of Wigan Athletic's midfielders is called Max Power.