Awesome / Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged

  • Hiei's fight with Seiryuu.
    Seiryuu: Seems you're pretty fast, but not not fast enough.
    Hiei: Oh really? You have no idea how fast I am.
    Seiryuu: Oh yeah smartass? Then how fast are you?
    Hiei: You really want to know?
    Seiryuu: Enlighten me.
    Hiei: You sure you want to know?
    Seiryuu: Yes I'm sure.
    Hiei: Positive?
    Seiryuu: Positive.
    Hiei: Absolutely sure?
    Seiryuu: Yes goddammit!
    [Seiryuu screams and explodes]
  • "Deus Ex Go F*ck Yourself!"