Awesome / Yojimbo

  • Sanjuro tells the naive Inokichi that the six men guarding Kohei's wife are dead and that he needs to get help. Inokichi runs off and Sanjuro goes into the house where the wife is being kept, and kills all the guards in about 30 seconds without taking a scratch.
  • In the climax, Sanjuro manipulates one of the dirty gangs to destroy the other. He gets beaten up and leaves the town for a while. But then the gang kidnaps the old resident who helped him out and it is fucking on. He walks into town in plain view (now let's keep in mind that one of the men has a revolver, the only firearm in the entire town), he and the gang both start moving slowly toward each other with the wind blowing dust everywhere. He dices up a couple, throws a knife right at the gun wielder's hand and kills the rest in less than two minutes.