Funny / Yojimbo

  • Sanjuro watching the two gangs face off against each other in a cowardly manner. Even Sanjuro himself is amused.
  • During the hostage exchange, Yoichiro runs back to his family... and his mother promptly and repeatedly bitchslaps him, yelling about the trouble he's caused.
  • Also during the hostage exchange, Nui is being brought to Ushitora by Tazaemon, and has her hands tied behind her back on a rope so he can pull her along. However, when she recognizes her son and runs towards him, Tazaemon is dragged along the ground after her.
  • Inokichi accidentally helping Sanjuro escape while he's meant to be looking for him.
  • Inokichi tries counting.
  • The scene with the two drunken thugs fired by Ushitora. One hits the other on the head and the other starts whining in pain. It's so pathetic it's funny.
  • Unosuke's introductory scene:
    Unosuke: Want to see something interesting?
    (He casually pulls a gun out from his kimono and points it at the town sheriff)
  • The "Yay!" that Ushitora does when Sanjuro tells him the inspector is leaving.
  • Gonji's perfectly timed Big "SHUT UP!" to the cooper making so much noise next door.
  • Inokichi and Orin's comically desperate cajoling and bribing to make Sanjuro come and work for them.