Awesome / X-Force

2008 Series Examples

  • Deadpool's Big Damn Heroes moment during Messiah War, coming to the aid of Cable, Wolverine and Warpath in the final battle against Stryfe.
    • And Apocalypse being a Big Damn Hero at the end of the battle. When you find yourself rooting for Apocalypse, you know just how bad the situation has gotten.
  • After that, Angel demanding Apocalypse turn over Hope after Stryfe is defeated. And he complies.
  • Agent Morales, having been duped by a Facility plant into helping them recapture X-23, is able to slow Kimura down enough to help Laura escape. It should be remembered Morales has no superpowers whatsoever, and Kimura is someone that even X-23 and Wolverine are incapable of killing.
  • X-23 slaughters the entire garrison at the Facility installation holding her. (Mostly) by herself. With one arm. That she weaponized the trigger scent for the purpose despite hating what it does to her just amps up the awesome.

2014 Series Examples