Awesome / Wyrmwick Campaign

  • Session 8. After rescuing Timmy, the party has just returned to Wyrmwick and heads to meet Alpert... only to find that Owayne has attacked and nearly killed Alpert. Dhother promptly uses Zelilah's staff on the Death Knight - a creature at a far higher level than the party - and crits on the roll. It weakens Owayne enough that a single Smite Undead from Denora forces him to retreat.
    Owayne: Dare you use Zelilah's staff?
    Dhother: I do.
  • While traveling on their ship, the party is attacked by pirates. Before the pirates can begin boarding their ship, Caitlin reveals her full dragon form to them and screams furiously at them to run away. She succeeds in both intimidating the pirates and alerting her sleeping comrades.
    "You face Bahamut's firstborn!"