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Awesome: Witch Craft Works
  • Early on, any time that Ayaka turned herself into fire resulted in a Curb-Stomp Battle against the Tower Witches. Even the older, more experienced witches approach her carefully. It also helps that she has effective immortality and a living, nigh inexhaustible pool of magic power in Takamiya Honoka.
    • Episode 2 in particular. During the battle at the shopping centre. Ayaka, after shielding Honoka from bullets, she drops the bullets, points her finger and says "Bang!". It is both awesome and sexy.
  • If you think that Ayaka is badassed, wait until her mother, Kazane gets going. Since she is a BarrierMaiden, she doesn't get to use much of her magic in a fight. Instead, she settles for using her fists.
  • The Kaiju-sized battle between a giant bear and a giant bunny.
  • Evermillion's first seal is undone and we get to see just why the Tower Witches want Honoka so badly. Evermillion's first act is to knock Medusa out with a mere hand swipe! The resulting release of power completely annihilated the Kagari mansion and even a portion of the school.
    • Small one for Medusa as well for getting right back up, pissed off and raring to go again.
  • A villainous example: Weekend. The woman takes Kazane, the strongest known Workshop Witch in the series, out of the picture within ten minutes of her on-screen debut. How did she do it? She blew up the city. Her plan to acquire Takamiya Honoka is a massive combination of Batman Gambit upon Batman Gambit with healthy does of Crazy-Prepared and Stuff Blowing Up.
  • Two giant teddy bears engaged in a pummel duel - it's Crazy Awesome.
  • Ayaka vs Weekend.

Manga awesome-ness follows:

  • Even as a young child, Kagari proves more than enough to handle 4 Tower Witches by herself when she blows them away in her own classical style.
  • Kasumi grows her familiar so large, she's in the lower stratosphere and takes out the rampaging penguin, Tanpapoo and a random Tower Witch with a blow that can be described as 'Meteor Fall'.
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