Funny / Witch Craft Works

  • In Episode 2, when Ayaka has the Tower Witches tied up, she asks Takamiya if she can burn them. His response of "No" is hilarious.
  • Chapter 8: Honoka's mother tries to dissuade Kasumi's affections for her brother, unfortunately, it doesn't work, leading to this:
    Kasumi: Huuuuh!? And just what's wrong with any of that!? I can do that because I'm his sister!
    Komachi (Wrestles Kasumi): This girl has lost her mind! I'm going to have to force her down, and while I'm doing that, get your things together and leave!
  • The quick scene of the Tower Witches singing karaoke. Bonus points on the song's lyrics.
  • Honoka attempting to use a spell near the end of episode 10. The scene is serious, with appropriate music to match. Then Ayaka headbutts him out of nowhere, complete with a funny sound effect and Honoka with Circling Birdies.
  • In episode 12, Tanpopo ends up helping Kasumi. When the latter wakes up, she assumes that she's being kidnapped by the former, and orders her bear, who had asked Tanpopo for help in the first place, to beat her up. The bear is understandably reluctant, but Tanpopo's rabbit tells it that it's okay and to obey it's master. So the bear reluctantly knocks both the rabbit and Tanpopo into the air.
  • In a next episode preview, Kazane introduces herself by mentioning her hobbies are making kokeshi (a type of wooden doll) and torture. Later, we see her happily carry Medusa for some enhanced interrogation when a couple of Witches from the Witch Association show up to take Medusa away, Kazane begs them to give her just an hour alone with Medusa.
  • In Chapter 66, Honoka is told to summon something in order to defeat a giant monster. He ends up making an adorable giant penguin Ayaka for the job.